Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

To be released...

4 (maybe more if im not too lazy ;P) NEW skins to be released... of which i have pictures for :D
Brandy Norwood aka Brandy. She had sung the 2004 hit track Afrodisiac and is now here in second life for you : )
YaY for the newness... there is sill more to come so stay tuned
Michi xxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy New Year

I would like to celebrate the new year with my new african skin, Monika. Beautiful face and skin tone to die for... If its not to die for its NOT fhang Candy ;P

Feel free to give me comments or message me inworld about anything that may concern you or if you just want to say hi!

Michi xxx

Monday, 4 January 2010


Newly released skin, Helaene joins the Fhang Candy family, Ad picture is displayed below...

Also i am reducing the Penelope skin instore for a limited time... ALL penelope single make ups are reduced from 500 lindens to 100. Fat pack of Penelope is reduced from 2500 lindens to 700. ALSO for every purchase of the Penelope FatPack there is an entry into a prize draw to win one of my latest fatpacks instore including Helaene, Aina and Carla. To enter the prize draw simply purchase the FatPack and send Michi Fhang your transactions history. Happy New Year to all my fhangalicious babes!!! :D

Michi xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Welcome to the family Lea!!!

Yesterday i had released a brand new skin called lea... it has become evident i am officially making skins as if i was giving birth popping them out one by one 0_o LOL just kidding. I recently made Carla and Aina as complete skin sets as well.

Im begining to adore my newer skins and make them with alot more thought than i ever did in the past. Working on several new skins aswell... One called Yuki and 3 more which will be decided by YOU!!! Every vote on the voting poll in the top right part of this blog counts and your votes will decide what type of skin i make next. The power is officially in your hands :D

Squishy Huggies and Happy New Year

Michi xxx

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Amazing pictures

I was surfing the internet when i found these blogs:






These blogs have my work showcased on them... when i first saw i was like... OMGGGGGGGG lolz. Check them out! NOT ONLY have they got my work on them but they have loads of other coolness... like on Xanthe's bloggie there is a pic of her modeling a wig called... *drum roll*... TYRA!!! Exile made a Tyra weave *jumps for joy* LOL

Michi xxx