Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Quick Change!

After running around in lingerie all of yesterday i changed into a smart casual combo, ran into a pigeon with a Lil Kim wig (you can find all sorts of things in SL there days! Cool eh?) and a NEW release from Indyra's Originals. Oh and of course new hair releases from EXILE!
A combo i whipped up straight after i completed yesterday's posting. Firstly i must comment on the blazer... It is amazingly fabulous!!! The textures are very sharp and detailed, the prim part textures follow the actual clothing seamlessly and if you have not noticed... its figure flattering! For people like me, skin and bones, figure flattering is 'mua importante'. The blazer jacket is smart, feminine, sexy and stylish all in one. An item of clothing that can be dressed up and dressed down. REMEMBER: - Rule 1# in the fashionista code book is to buy clothing with a keen eye for detail, style and versatility. The combo also features my favourite sheer shirt from Pink Outfitters, shorts from the legendary brand MYTH and the N-Core Chic heels posted yesterday (Link to posty on N-core Chic and its features).
Then... located this lovely outfit from Indyra's Originals. Its name has slipped my mind (typing posty whilst out of SL and munching on oreos lol) but the lovely outfit is available in various different colours and accessory/accent options (gold or silver?). Indyra has also made matching heels for those two versions, silver and gold, as well as matching clutch bags! I am sporting the outfit with gold accents and the gold coloured snake skin clutch. I want to appologise for the REALLY bad attempt in fitting the top. It it not supposed to have the white undershirt coming out from the bottom but i could not edit it entirely to fit myself so... This is an example of when i am terrible at editing clothing LOL
NEW Aura heels at N-Core!!! Excitement for all of us that have waited patiently for the girls there to build us something uber kawaii. For those who have only just heard of the newness at N-Core now i URGE you to take a look at my previous posting (Link <---). I have been talking about the new shoes at N-Core for a long time since i got them, my friend's ears are probably blocked with ear plugs. The new heels have a new concept about them, new feet sculpts and textures where the shape and look is very elegant. You can make the heels look just as sexy as the old pairs and classy at the same time. Its fantastic!
These N-core Aura's come in two versions so you get 2 heels for the price of 1. Now that is bargainus! I have the options of the HUD posted here.
Now onto hairrrrr. My favourites from the new releases are Paris, in the above pic and Pandora in the picture below. Paris is a very seductive style for me. Reminds me of some of the sexy advertisments from Yves Saint Laurent like the one for the YSL Cinema fragrance. I have seen this style created before, the first of its kind perhaps two years back and it was executed terribly. This style on the other hand is spot on. If you are going for the gothic glamor look or model or even just want something to add to your wardrobe... This hairstyle is a must!
This is Pandora, also a new release from Exile's Kavar Cleanslate. Its very trendy but also sexy. This style can be dressed up and down *notices a group of angry people running after her telling her to stop repeating herself* @_@  A style like this is one all girls should have. Most people impulse buy and that is really bad... just becuase something is fresh out of photoshop or "everyone has it" does not make it an item for YOU! Think about your personal style and think about the versitality of the clothing item/accessory/hairstyle before commiting yourself. That is the key to reducing your inventory and getting a good collection of items you can mix and match for a perfect look :)

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aevana pale in M9 (each makeup is 500L and comes with 11 tattoo layer lipcolours!)
Hair: Exile - Pandora and Paris (250L per colour pack and 1000L for the fatpack)
Shoes: N-core - Aura (795L per colour or 5995L for the fatpack)
Blazer Jacket: COCO -Tuxedo Jacket (350L per colour, black and grey colours available. Each jacket comes with belt, ribbon belt or no belt options!!!)
Indyra's Original's Outfit: Catalan in milk (375L per colour)
Bag: Indyra's Originals - Gold Snakeskin clutch (150L per colour with either gold or silver to choose from. There are also the matching heels and necklaces. Heels priced at 1050L per colour and Necklaces priced at 300L per colour...)
Shirt: Pink Outfitters - Poppy Sheer Blouse in white (No longer instore however there are some good alternatives available! Check around...)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Shiney and **NEW**

Ok so now i am not talking about madonna or virgins today BUT i am going to talk about the NEW and pretty things over at Action! Not only action but also N-Core! So without further ado...
This is a new set of undies over at Action. They are mix and match with 6 different colours to choose from. OMG MY FEET!?!!?? Can you also see what i see??? They look REAL! Yes those are the NEW Ncore bare feet ;P They come wih sock options like all the new heels, loads more nail options, improved sculpts and textures for an even better N-Core experience :)   Back to the undies...
These are the Action undies available in the colours shown... They are mix and match so you can go crazy with the colours and be booring by putting black and black together *coughs* or be a little eventurous and mix your colours. I may have done the mixing a bit badly but you can see how you can imrpove! That means you are ready to explore with your panties and bras @_@
 Another pair of undies that match the bras are called"cheeky's". They are in complimentary colours to the bras and are the hotter version of the everyday pair in the above pic and look oh so cute! Both the everyday panties and the cheeky's have this cute little black bow on the front <3 And SORRY i forgot to take a snap of the back of these booty hugging panties D:  The shoes worn with the cheeky panties are another NEW pair of heels at N-Core called Chic. If you havent noticed already, they are ankle strap FREE! Thats right! No more hideous anke straps concealing the seam between your avatar and the feet skin \0/ The shoes have alphas and i believe you MUST have the latest viewer (or one that handles 2.0 layers - tatoos and alphas) for the shoes to look their best. ALWAYS TRY YOUR DEMOS!!!
Here are the shoe colours...
And the pedicures...
And some snaps i took of the HUD menu + sock/stocking options (they are really awsome!!!)
Now for the hair... my favourite part of almost every look ^_^

This is Penelope!
This is Josh...  male style for the sexy guys out there but i couldnt help but pop it on and see how it looked on me :3

And last but NOT least, Isabella. This hair comes with an option to add a tulip style flower into the hair and ofcourse you can recolour the flower so its awsome :D

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aevana pale M9 (500L per makeup, 2500L per skintone fatpack. Each skin comes with 11 tatoo lipcolours)

Hair: Action - Penelope/Isabella/Josh Essentials Pack (150L per single colour or 250-325L for multipack)
Undies: Action - Everyday Bra/Boi Shorts Panties/Cheeky Panties (250L per pack either the boi shorts or the cheeky's. Both packs COME WITH the bras and in 6 different colours :D BARGAINUSSSS!!!)
Bare Feet: N-core - Feet (495L for the feet, they come with all sock and nail options in a single pack)
Heels: N-core - Chic (595L per colour or 4995L for fatpack)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Valentines Chicas!

OK i know most are getting ready for the pinkest event with their special someone this year... Finally in 2011, brand new year! Lets try and make this year something to remember ^_^
Unlike most i haven't a valentine but that DEFINITELY does not stop me from gearing up my avatar with the hottest valentines wears OH NO WAY ha ha. Perfect excuse to wig out at shopping malls XD

Today's outfit is a rather showy compilation featuring New shirt and hair from Action, my signature white tube bra from OhMai!, New feet heels from HOC Industires and pre-release lingerie from Mushie! First off is the new Emily hair from Action. It comes with a hat you can recolour in the menu, 6 options:
Grey, Grey Plaid/Tartan, Black, Black Tartan, Brown, Brown Tartan.
The hair has two streak prims that you can tint to any colour even the hair colour that you are wearing. i am wearing nut so... yeah ha ha The streaks have a option where you can hide or show them. With TONES of colours for the streaks it is so much fun matching this hair to outfits. I have the Essentials pack which has the following colours:
Going onto the actual style of the hair. It reminds me of something a model MAY have worn in one of the issues of PopTeen or Vivi Japanese/Korean fashion magazines. That is one of the main reasons i really love this style! Its trendy but can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. I would wear this hair with the COCO blazer with the waist ribbon belt and my favourite Bermuda shorts from Pink Outfitters ^_^
Mushie is a store that has not opened YET but plans to very soon... they make some hawt and sexy undies and these "half stocking" style socks and those girly briefs are just SOME of the wears they will have on offer.

The briefs have, "valentines gift" printed inside a heart onto of our lady bits! LOL its cute because it definitely gets MY message across to some of the sexy characters in this weired and wonderful world of ours ;P The stockings are some of my favourites in sl because of the ribbed design across the top. Many designers have the ribs but not enough detailing is applied or the socks on a whole are blurred OR worse! The WHOLE DAMN THING is blurred and with seams. So these make tears of happiness roll down my cheeks! The racer back style top is a new release from Action. You can wear it with the various patterned tube bras created by the store but i wanted to use my all time favourite tube bra from OhMai so... Sacrifices had to be made I'm afraid. The shirt comes in many colours, the one worn at the moment is called Brilliant.

Whilst on my venture i located a new pair of heels from HOC industries called Noir Silettos. They are a pair of patent feet heels with a solid metal heel! Comes in 9 different colours, matching toenails and ofcourse a skin tinting HUD. Something i forgot to show was the additional shoe colours ONLY useable if the HOC grouptag is worn. That is a bit of a pain especially if we manage to fill our 40 group spaces with other things we just DO NOT want to let go of. You get additional heel textures and i believe a french tip nailpolish. I LOVE FRENCH TIP so i am going to need to add the group to get that option in my heels lol 

Becuase i was wearing socks and these shoes have toes i edited the toenails and popped on a "FullTransparent" texture onto them prior to editing the colour of the skin to match my socks. If you do this also PLEASE make a copy and PLEASE do not try on any nailpolishes with that version of heels becuase then you will just have to do the whole thing again x_x

I made some Valentines skins for yall to pick up...
My first ever male skin (it has no name yet sorry >,<) and a new female skin called Aubert. Both valentine exclusives. Also included in the pack are a pair of lashes i TRIED to make for valentines day and the Tattoo version of the Aubert lipstick ^_^

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aubert in ValentineSmoochies (the skin comes in a pack with other goodies for 50L. Its an exclusive package that will be removed at some point)
Hair: Action - Emily in Nut (250L Per multiple-colour pack, 325L for essentials pack and 150 for an individual colour...)
Shoes: HOC Industries - Noir Stiletto (around 150L for ALL colours. no individual colour packs available...)
Panties + Socks: Mushie - Red Socks and Valentines Panties (Currently unavailable... await the grand opening of the store then RUN and get the goodness :D)
Top: Action - Breezy Tank & Bandeaus (150L per tank and 80 per bandeu top)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

It is officially 2011 now... some say what you do on the first of January (i think its the 1st Jan, not entirely positive lol) you will do for the rest of the year! But i am sure most people simply look forward to the new year so they can make a new start on their old habits... Like eating deserts at 10pm and making the resolution to diet but then goes straight to KFC on the same day! And i wanted to start the year by not only waking up late with an Amy Whinehouse birdnest style hairstyle but to create and present a skin that is nothing like what i have done so far!

The creation process is complete and it may already be onsale but i want to formally introduce the skin I have been waiting a very long time to create. Its name is Precious...
This skin is MY new year message telling myself to try something new and fresh, be adventurous and enjoy myself. Because at the end of the day in RL and SL we are our own No#1 fan, best friend and worst enemy... A wise friend of mine in SL told me "the relationship you have with yourself is most important" (she said this was from sex in? the city... but eh its still true lolz).
The skin has this innocent look about it which can be either made more known or sexed up to look quite interesting. I put out christmas/newyear makeups as a free groupgift yesterday... I know christmas has gone a long time ago but its all good in the hood ;P First time i have done a style card so please dont scream if its just too messy and strange haha

I hope you all like this skin as much as i do. It comes in all 6 skintones that i make (there are 4 diferent styles of cleavages in the same skintones to match too!) and features a hairbase option. This skin is great for child avatars also so deffinately check out the skins :)