Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Friday, 28 May 2010

CUPCAKE BAKE SALE... nom nom nom

The cupcake bake sale is STILL ON but refreshed with newer goodies for all you sexy people. It acctually started on monday but as usual i am as slow as a snail BUT i made some amazing skins for you guys to stick your teeth into. I want to say THANK YOU once again, one can never say it enough! I have got over 1000 viewers todate (couted a couple days ago and came to a total of 1035...) from 800 viewers/readers to a huge 1035!!! Thanks for all the support you have given me in reading my posts i really eppreciate it! Now check out the new skins:

These are the NEW additions to the bake sale skins, on sale for ONLY 50l... yes i am crazy LOOOOL

Link to Fhang Candy @ Cupcake Bakesale <-----

Michi xxx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Murderous Passions... Ever wanted to kill with style?

Simple question... ever found someone, knew someone that you wanted to kill? They enrage you to the point you want to rip their hair out, throw them off a cliff and show them whos boss. But maybe you were worried of coming off as a psycho freak? well if you do it with style and poise im sure even your victim will applaud you LOL I am sorta inspired by this new song by Christina Aguilera called not myself tonight... its in the IPOD player on the right of this post, second to last song. YES the buttons on the ipod are fully functioning lol and you can pause the music XD
This is my process of making an outfit to kill these bitches with... This Lace bra from Attitudes was a must, i love the detail on it. the designer doesnt make the same colours for ALL the undies which can be a positive note or negative but personally if i could get all the sets in black i know ide be over the moon lol Her designs have quality that i would put close beside black lace which is one of the major underwear brands. If you are looking for inexpensive, daily wearable lingerie in MANY styles then deffinately pop over to that store and check it out!
This uber ute hair is from YunA hair... it looks like a cuter version of the typical gaga hairstyle, hardly psycho bitch but its cuuuuuuuuuuuute lol. The hair is scripted for ease of resizing, my head is 70 or 75 so most styles dont fit unless i resize which suckz D: Hairstyles with resize scripts are awsome and the hair is mod so you can easily delete the script inside to reduce lagg :D
SKIRTZZZZ are from deetalez, clothing MEGAstore. They are fairly new high wasit skrts in so many materials but these are animal skins.
These are nice, easy to modify look fabulous and in many more colours than i have shown above. I like these mainly becuase they have utilised sculpted prims well (you guys know from my last posts if someone uses sculpted prims well i get happy LOL) and the fact that NOW i can wear a jacket layer with the skirt going crazy. Pure genius.
CORSET TIME... i got these lovely wale bone corset in maroon (no dont worry its not wale bone is plastic, no animals were hurt in the production of this corset ^_^) at a phoenix rising sale hunt thingy... not only was the sim packed, everyone there wearing full attire and ao, and all these selfish bitches acting like they will acctually get through the lagg with stiletto moodies, hair packed with at least 300 prims... i was trying to be a good simaritan once again and walked round in lingerie from Attitudes, bald, no ao... i looked sexy but still. No fair!!! I swear i saw this one woman wearing a gown it has so many prims... even a prim stole, then her hair was from analog dog and you know those hairs are crazy with prims for their realistic look. Shamefull. but i managed to get this corset and two gowns so i guess it wasnt too bad lol But next time someone do that i will use my emerald tools and eject that ho off the island LMFAO just kidding ofcourse ;P
The corset comes in multiple colours and styles but more importantly they are inexpensive and i believe they are modify.
Now for the cherry ontop for this whole look... i know for a fact you cant see these shows so first ima show you the ad pic of the shoes WITH price ofcourse then my pictures :D
Now these shoes are FULLY modifiable so check this next picture for an example...
These shoes come with this awsome free knife how COOL is that... and a knife in the shoes as a heel... if that isnt cool you must be mad LOL i havent seen anyone make shoes like this before!!! You can change the metals (you dont have to have it all silver or all gold either lol), change shoe colours, belt colour, knife handle colour, sole colour, trim colour THE WORKS!!! Only thing that makes me sad and made me taking pictures of these shoes so long was the fact both shoes arent linked in scripts. What edits you do on one you have to do to the other... so its VERY time consuming but i guess its worth it if you are getting shoes for that price in all colours and in a designer nobdy in sl has made yet lol.
This outfit i had to make shortly after becuase i missed that white leather highwaist skirt way too much lol. Paper DOLLL frilled top or something like that lol, the top isnt very new but its cute... you can be as flat as a pancake and still look alluring!!! The inner lining of the skirt (cleavage area) is rimmed with a little bit of lace... cute touch. Its like the suicidal unborn design in a way but ofcourse paper doll have made it go all round. Its a nice touch and very different.and see what i mean about wearing the skirt with jacket layers? the top is in jacket layer but the skirt looks fab : )
This hair is ALSO from YunA hair, this one is one of her newer styles and is called YOU2 haha. This hair was made AGES ago and is amazing so... if this is uber cute think about her others!!!!
Boots that arent as violent as the MB boots but look just as fab by Gos. The screen shots in the above pic are closeups of where detail has been applied to make these boots look darling!!!
The boots are available in ALL these colours... but not only can you do that but in each pack you can change the shoe laces to the following colours to match...
The detail on gos boots is astounding... breath taking even. I remember speaking to the owner of gos and asking him "how do you manage to make all your designs look so amazingly realistic?" and he informed me of multiple baking procedures on EVERYTHING. Now how you bake prims... i think you pop em onto a baking tray, into a preheated oven for 20 minutes should do the trick but do check instructions ;P
"I’m out of character, I’m in rare form
And if you really knew me, you’d know its not the norm
Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
the old me’s gone I feel brand new
and if you don’t like it f**k you"

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Gatcha Skin Calista (150l per try... the skin pictured is the gatcha instore)
Ankle Boots: MB - switch blade ankle boots (675l for the pack of heels, comes in all colours)
Boots: Gos - Burlesque boots fatpack ( currently on a 50% off offer... cant remember how much it is though sorry)
Skirts: Deetalez - High waist skirts (250l per colour)
Corset: Phoenix Rising - Corset in red (40l per colour with 4 designs and MANY colours to choose from)
Tanktop: PaperDoll - Ruffle tank in white (130 per colour)
Bra: Attitudes - Sorbonne in red (125l per colour or 375l for fatpack)
Hair: YunA - You2 and Miko (60l per colour i believe and 350l for fatpack)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer Fashionz

I was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY board after finally getting my Project Tents ten ready for the event... I realised i looked really drab so i ripped open my "un christened" clothing and hooked myself into this cute combo!!!
The combo is really nice becuase the colours of the clothing compliment the makeup on my Eve skin from my tent at the Haiti expo. I went to the Dressing room before i made this outfit and got this pair of purple purls maybe by the brand YS&YS. These pearls are TO DIE FOR!!! I mean SL is congested with pearl necklaces thanks to an old trend we all had but these are cute and ONLY 70l i believe. you get these gold earings... i dont see how gold matches purple but eh you get it free so who cares LOL
Omg have you guys seen the NEWdefault avatars of second life??? if you havent you deffinately must... i mean they are great, 100 times better than what we had in the past with goodies we can wear daily to look uber sexy... I mean take a look at my boots! They come in the goth girl outfit combo, made by Adam & Eve beautifully crafted boots. NO scripts sadly but i am sure you could add them in yourself. The only thing that i feel bad about is the fact these shoes are really narrow from the front and wide across the side... large depth, small width. Sucks bad for anyone with a cuvy ish shape!
I recently did a post "angelic designs for the masses" or something like that lol i featured clothing from a brand called Ribbon... well they dont just make fab skirts but they also made the cute lace vest im wearing in 3 super cute colours. They work nicely with almost every outfit and they arent too solid looking which is a good thing... i hate it when they say something is lace and its either one of the extremes, VERY sheer or VERY solid it might as well have been normal material lol. These vests come with shoulder cuffs and the lower part ive worn. I was having a blonde moment when i took the pictures and didnt realise that i had shoulder parts worn and that they were sorta absorbed into my shoulders lmfao so do look at them properly instore in the vendor :3
The legginsg featured here were FIRST shown in the Lady Gaga post on this site, deffinately check that out whilst you are here. This lime coloured body suit is a 2 in 1. Can be worn the way i have or with the amazing skirt. Now i say amazing only because its a system skirt and it doesnt make my ass look like its 50 times larger than it is without LOL also the skirt doesnt even look like a system skirt it looks sculpted. The designer made a system skirt texture that makes the skirt look sculpted... you guys probably think i am crazy BUT its so true and the reason why this designer Anya from Oh Mai! is so amazing damn it!!!!
The top 5 colours are part of the "royal highlight" pack and the bottom 5 are part of the "modern youth" package. Each pack comes with 5 amazing colours but only with gold buttons across the front, not a big deal if you ask me though. And yes each one of those beauties above have their own skirt...
This is what it looks like WITH the skirt... i told you its amazing!!! yes you can pick your jaw off of the floor now :P This particular colour (white encase you havent clocked on LOL) is FREEEEE *does a booty shaker then recites lyrics to pass the dutch* Its that 4 letter word (although i made it longer... its part of the dictionary i swear! @_@) that makes ALL Second Lifers, men and women become weak at the knees. LOL You can effectively get a "taster" of certain designs part of the basics range by purchasing the white colour. Personally i think the designer has lost her mind selling such a powerfull colour for 0l but she wants to so im not going to stop her... especially becuase im buying them all anyways LOLZ
The belt from fri was just a finishing touch to bring out the pink tones in my makeup... worked like a charm it did :D
Now onto hair becuase this is the part people like me can relax, show pictures, give notes and watch all your crazy pigeons buy. Its relaxing for sure but DEFFINATELY not as relaxing as a pair of heels from a shop like Stiletto moody, Maitreya or even 24 Shooshoes omg no way... anyways back to the topic LOLL The following are NEW styles i feel would or cool look cute with this or... just look cute in general lolz
 The above is Jason from Truth in a golden colour i think apricot.
This is Roselle from Exile in cinnamon... i thought it was cute although i forgot to resize >,<
 This is Anthea from Truth in Apricot.
 And lastly one of my personal favourites, Sylvia in Apricot. The reason i like jason and sylvia is for the same reason stated in my "acceptable in the 80s" post... it has a nice lively flow and bounce that most crappy wodden looking hair doesnt LOL

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Project Tents Haiti Expo skin Eve in fruitsalad (500l per makeup, also available in tan)
Hair: Truth - Anthea, Sylvia, Jason AND Exile Roselle (250l per colour)
Dress: Oh Mai! - Basics one piece in reshbright and modernyouth packages (50l per package i believe)
Lace Vest: Ribbon - lace vest in karashi (30l per colour with 3 darling colours to choose from)
Necklace: YS&YS - Purple Pearls from the dressing room (70l i think for these pearls)
Belt: Fri - waist belt in fruit punch size medium (180l per pack with 3 colours in each pack)
Shoes: Adam and Eve - FREEEEEE in Library of your inventory, its a pair made for newbies

Project Tents Haiti Expo

Just wanted to inform EVERYONE of this amazing event... i am truely gratefull of the people who began this and made it what it is right now. This 10 day expo features designers such as Fellini Couture, FK designs, Gabrielle and MEEEEEEEEEEEE lol I have made 12 brand new skins for all you pretty ladies to get. These are in special makeups SPECIALLY for this even. ALL money made goes to the chairty for help for the cause.
The skins:

These skins are ones ive been working on for a VERY long time some of these faces like torrie and angelina will be familiar faces. These are never to be sold every again. I am still so thankfull for this opporunity and i do hope lots of sales are made, every little helps : ) If you want some more info on the Project tents Haiti expo please look at the credit cruch post on my blog archives... there are websites to the main site and a few others that are VERY helpfull. Kisses to all my wonderfull readers xxx

Link to Fhang Candy at Project Tents Haiti expo <-----

Friday, 21 May 2010

Hit that Bi*** with a bottle!

Somebody hit my avi with a bottle of courvoisier today T_T NOW i am back from the dead to tell you how the courvoisier was soooooooo tastey and give you some KILLER styling tips!
Make EVERY moment a fashion shoot gurls! I was in so much pain with all these damn cuts (i think she thought my boobs were too large to be real... she just be hating!!!) but with these gorgeous dresses from Suicidal Unborn, fairly new Mae heels from Stiletto Moody and this hair that simply spells out vogue from Tuty's/ Mrs hair. Firstly The hair from tuty's i saw at their store... never really noticed it THEN the girl we ALL know and love Gogolita wears the hair and makes it look very lush. The owner of that brand should have taken pictures of gogo for that vendor!!! LOL Anyways the hair looked really strange like a geisha who had been beaten up with a stick then put into a deep fryer so i gave it a haircut and a recolour job to give it this aged dusty grey look. I vaguely recall seeing hair like this, well the colour anyway worn by brittny from ANTM... the one Naima won!!!
So yeah... anyways lol the dress was a VERY big inspiration for that above picture. The blood splatters across the front and back of the dress are amazing, the whole dress is seamless, the matterial of the dress/ patters move smoothly from the top layer to the bottom layer. Its great work!!! This blood splattered dress comes in both the camo colour im wearing above and black...
These dresses are so far some of my faves becuase of the lacy bits over the breasts its cute... adds a bit of cuteness to a bloody dress youknow? its nice. They are sexy but not overly like a slutty dress which is deffinatly an upside. Ide rather look classy in a mini dress than look like some hooker tramp in a short dress with fishnet patters and shoes my ass crack 0_o LOL
This is a better picture of the crazy hair, mae heels (i photoshopped it to look like it was rezzed... sorry bout that trying to do something diff lol) and a closer view of the black blood splatter dress. Becuase i was going a bit crazy with the angle of my face light and the environment settings the dresses dont look as great which is a shame so you will NEED to see this pictures above and ofcouse go to the store to see this dress WITHOUT the blood and with :D These Mae heels dont MATCH exactly but i quite liked them with these dresses. Its highquality textures and strappy design was just too lugh to hold back lol... i could do it @_@ anyways back to my song...

"One heffa
two heffas
three heffas four
hit that bitch with a bottle watch that head hit the floor
cuz I ain't the type a bitch that wanna start alot of shit
askin for the bottle action yo thats what she gon get
don't start no shtit it won't be no shit
hypnotiq, henny,moet yo heffas take yo pick
attitude cause I'm wavy and you walkin around nappy
head bussin bussin bussin like my name was lil scrappy"

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla in Smokey Cherry (500l per makeup)
Dresses: Suicidal Unborn - Blood Splatter dresses in Camo and Black (ONLY 50l per colour)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Mae in celadon (about 1000l per colour)
Hair: Tuty's Hair - Venice (200l for this hair, only available in this one colour BIT its mod)

Credit Crunch Crisis

Yes... even though we go shopping for new shapes, skins, shoes even the fact that there is a credit crunch kills us all... But why look ugly or be out of fashion JUST becuase of a credit crunch? That shouldnt let us fashion istas look like last seasons trash NO WAY!!! I got a notice from a store which i acctually like shopping at... you guys might laugh but this store not only helps the newbies but also helps people who simply can not afford to make a purchase. SO without further talking check these hawties out:
They are ALL brand new at Multiple Personality Designs (MPD), there isnt one owner or one designer but a few that work together to supply quality WITH quantity AT the best price possible... 1L :D and for those who are like me, must get those fatpacks. GURL! 5L a fatpack you cant go wrong!!! I found this store once by accident... the owners were temporarily moved into a friend's store untill they were able to find their own place. When i saw the prices and the designs i was completely confused. The work and effort put into the designs is 100% best quality stuff... ok maybe not best but its amazing like ive seen designers sell stuff like this at skanky prices like 200l per colour with 800l fatpacks. Hell, come here and save money LOL
This combo i made with these darling Lana heels from Stiletto Moody... if you remember not too long ago group members had the chance of getting a pair of these in red as a prerelease. Will stiletto worked hard on some more lushy colours for you people!!! I like this mint colour, the others are great but this celadon colour is nice a bright... i mean it looks amazing. I personally go for colours that match, styles that are classic but the newer Stiletto Moody's always make me go over my confort zone with these orgasmic colours and designs that ARE to die for in my perspective. Anyone owning a pair knows for sure if you arent familiar with Stiletto Moody's skin tinting method then you will find it a little hard to get the skin right first time round. But they added more preset skins. I tent to use tan for my light tone skins and tan2 for my darker skins... and if they arent just right then simply modify the preset skins to really finetune the colour to perfection!!!
FriDay... what do i say really. Great brand, love her hair always have. She has this "full of life" thing about her designs which is what i like about the brand. The clothes and hair arent very sultry or revealing... they look innocent and stylish which is great for all ages :D This hair is Tautem2 i believe. Its great with oriental skins!!!!
I recently (ok lies i joined yesterday) joined the Project Tents Haiti charity expo... and well ive taken part in the "wear grey for a day" and the RFL rose hunt before it went loco. I really wanted to take part in this becuase i feel obligated to. I mean these poor children suffer becuase of what happened, so thanks to Miaa, M4rk and MANY other helpfull people SLers like myself have the chance of helping as much as we can. ALOT of designers including FK designs (yes that designer that made that cute kitty tee from brains and beauty post and all the trendy hawtness from the chill down post), Fellini Couture (one of the best couture shops... i put them side by side Phoenix Rising, Vita's Boudoir and Morantique in quality and designs) and ofcourse... ME!!! I made 8 special skins so far. Mainly tan, im sorry for all those light skinned ladies but yeah mainly tan. And the skin ive got above is a skin i gave as a hunt gift quite a while back BUT remade with glittergloss :D
Another combo, same shoes becuase they matched the belt on the dress... same everything really i love this combo okai!!! sheesh lol This dress made me go "Oh Mai" i didnt know (becuase im blind as hell and dont look at vendor pictures properly) that my puppies would be showing... BUT at least my fishy isnt thank the lord LOL They addeda white pair of panties to every "sultry dreams" dress at MPD so dont worry :P

Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo (copied this from the FK nc i got cuz im a lazy ass lol... bite me XD)

Interested in more, please visit these websites:
 - Website URL:  http://sltents4haiti.wordpress.com/
 - Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/projecttents/

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Angelina in CottonCandyShimmer (500l per skin, money made from every skin sale goes to the help haiti charity! Sorry i dont have an lm to it... its becuase im a noobish bottled bwond @_@)
Dresses and Outfit: MPD - Sultry Dreams and Even i dare sets (5l per set, 1l per colour. The shop is at a temporary location untill further notice)
Hair: Fri - Tatum 2 in Cranky Brown (i believe 250l per colour...)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Lana in Celadon (about 1000l per colour)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Acceptable in the 80s

Listening to this song for ages lol, acceptable in the 80s and it inspired me to make this outfit... I want to thank the owner of SD clothing for the amazing gifts she sends out all the time!!!
This outfit is amazingly sexy and trendy... i mean... LOOK AT IT!!! originally i had my Lelutka Saab hair on with Kal Rau (the brand is called KR but the designer/owner is Kal Rau... whatever lol) sunglasses... they totally completed my look BUT i saw this hair and i was swept away! The hair is magnificent its one of my favourite styles ive seen in sl by far!!! But leme explain one reason why i adore it so much... and just as a note i am NOT a hater LOL
There is a hair brand in sl that we have all known of called detour... they made really nice styles, most of which are black and emo inspired. We have all seen that hair brand. It is bar none one of the MOST expensive hair shops, Detour in the list of expensiveness is closely followed by Cake. However, Cake has its HIGH quality textures and fluffy styles as a fall back so that brand is practicly untouchable by any bad comments. 300l per colour WITH modify perms... hell no its a great brand. But Detour... Bad customer service, NO perms on hair and the price is so high in comparison to the quality of the acctual hair. The owner of the brand Keri Klipp DID spend alot of time on her hair and her styles are good, i am not going to take that away from her and the fact she suffered from copybotters stealing practicly evey hair she had instore then either reselling for lower prices or worse giving it away free was a harsh thing for her to endure. However... 450l per colour? NO modify perms? Lack of realism as the hair has airbrushed looking textures? Thats doing a diservice to my wallet LOL
I have wanted for some time a brand to capture the good points of detour hair, and with that make something that is uber cute, uber shocking and basicly something brand new and sexy WITH mod perms, WITH better textures and IN BLONDE!!!!! Truth Hawkes did just that. The detour styles have prims around the sides so when your avi turns you get this flowy look. and the over all styles are quite tamed and sexy looking... Truth have been able to make a surf chick style with flexi prims that effectively flow when you move and im not talking crappy flexies under or wedged between the wooden prims im talking around the sides encasing that wooden crap giving an all round realistic sexy lush look for all people!!! I have been a Detour hair addict for a long time and this bliss style was one of my faves but now... haha Marcelle from truth is the top style in my MUST GET list :D
The above is Marcelle in swedish (LOOK AT THAT DETAIL OMG IT IS BREATH TAKING)
 This is Paula in swedish also
 And lastly BUT not least Shinji in swedish...
The new styles from most of these hair brands like Exile and Truth, even Cake (they rarely update their hair but when they do oh mai they blow people away!!!) with their new releases seem to be topping their own abilities. These hairs by truth are fabulous! I am excited to see what Truth Hawkes has up his sleeve for the next big release :3

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga in Telephone 2 (600l per makeup, each makeup coming with 3 eyebrows. I am currently wearing the skin with dark brows)
Shirt: SD wears - Group gift top (FREE in the subscribo board)
Leggings: FishyStrawberry - Sequin leggings (i got these in a pack of 3 for 50l on one of the fridays past... but they are on sale too lol)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Lucile in Aubergine (around 1000l per colour)
Hair: Truth - Marcelle, Paula and Shinji (250l per colour pack, each pack with about 5 colours)

Chill out/down/up/whateva lol

Heyyyyy yall... ok firstly please please please watch this video for me... ill love you forever if you do and i will make you a sexy weave!!! I will do your tracks and stich the beyoncelicious weave myself too... so watch this ok? thankies lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap8uHms9BVY :D
Now onto the post... firstly i want to appologise for the REALLY brief post, i was trying to inform you guys on this ASAP so you guys get those sexy tops one way or another lol Always thinkin bout you dont worry ;P
I got these wonderfull Estetica poses... These are called "i smell like pineapple" LOL first thought... strange name, if i was smelling like pineapple ide maybe take a shower with some strawberries and make me a smoothie rofl But the poses are really cool like most of the poses made by the designer. They are not only dynamic but they are great for commerical use or group posing. I got my quite lush looking man friend to model in the OTHER pineapple poses and... it was sizzling @_@
The clothing i got from FK Virtues was the cherry ontop for this whole post in my oppinion. They make these quite laid back yet lively poses come to life. I model the SPECIAL EDITION dollarbie teal colour of the Jersey Polo shirt my male model Dev is wearing. The Jersey Polo shirts come in two options which are sold separately, striped and plain. Both Polo shirts come with turned up and normal colar options and ofcourse it is NOT a one size fits all thing, the designer happily made two versions. One for sexy bodacious lushicious long legged beauties like myself *hears Dev coughing and slaps him over the head* and the basic version meant for males... Unless your boyfriend, brother, man friend wants to look like he got man boobies ide stick with the shirt that is for your gender rofl These Jersey Polo shirts are FRESH from the FK factory so if you are looking for preppy clothing or something simple to wear on a daily basis that is BRAND NEW deffinatly get these. You can wear them with denim jeans like above, a denim skirt, jogging bottoms, booty shorts, normal shorts lol the list goes on. Very versitile clothing!!!
 Now onto these Jeans... Now for a brand that is not as experienced as power brands Coco and Aoharu... she has done one hella job in making these denim jeans look not only realistic BUT also stylish. This isnt some shiz you would find in a freebie store or something made with recoloured template textures. And like i mentioned before i love, love, loveeeee designers that utilise prims as part of their outfits and when i mean prims i mean the sculpted kind. I have seen some jeans i had gotten from a store called Decoy a while back at a massive sale they had... the sculpted prims used did not match exactly to the acctual jeans which was a shame becuase the acctual jeans were hot (btw this was a while back and she has updated... i think) So when i see work like this done its like an orgasmic feeling "ooooooo sculpted *drools* so sexy and realistic *strokes sculpt prims*... wher ma wine coooley at!?!!??" This lady has made other styles of sexy pants like bell bottom styles and stuff they are smokin so deffinatly check em out whilst you are there!!! these jeans are fairly new too :D Look how mama fhang be hookin you up with newness lolz
The shoes my Darling (LOOOOOOOOOOOOL) is wearing are made by the one and only HoorenBeek!!! These were acctually a VERY old group gift but the detail on the textures and the amount of styles one could possibly make was infinite. The designer of this brand caters for every look, one with open laces, half open, closed etc you can have any look. Now in my perspective sneakers arent really my thing... im a 30 inch stiletto heels type gal (stiletto as in the type of shoe... you know that one with the triangular toe part LOL Triange Toez XD) BUT Hoorenbeek make sneakers interesting and quite fun to tell you the truth!!! First time im liking basic trainers/sneakers/hightops/lowtops/whatever becuase this brand makes this style come alive. Its high quality shiz!!!
Accessories... who do YOU call? no not the ghost busters -_- you call Mons!!! remember mons? :D they made the lovely bracelets, necklaces i used in the Lady Gaga post. The designer is great @_@ she bejewels alot of things but makes everything look lush. Her April group gift was a pair of these boxy looking bangles in gold/silver (dont worry ill show you guys eventually lol) and as if she stopped there? hell no she made these bangles in three colours, Lime, Pink and Blue with matching jewels on the middle bangle. Mons jewelry is BONE cheap seriously!!! The kind of money ide be taking to a store like ShadeThrone, Coco or even Fri.Day i can take to Mons and get 30 times more in quantity.
 These are the lovely sneaker heels by Akatsuki!!! I wore the pointed toe version in the "Taste Like Candy" post and now i show you the rounded toe version :D These come in some nice colours i quite like them. Redgrave made their trainer heels, uber qute did a great job *gives emilia redgrave a squishy hug* but these are reinventing the whole trainer heels look. You get these canvas style sneakers with heels in the 4 colours above (and i think a third which is green but i cant remember what happeend to that one). There is however a slight issue with the heels where the sole of the shoe around the back goes invisible sometimes... i mean you can see it, it IS there but it goes a bit strange. This did not happen with all the other shoes sold by Akatsuki so dont worry. And i still love these shoes all the same, its the kind of kink you can let slide lol The detail on these are fantastic just hoping maybe we can get more colours of these and the other pointed toe version of these too (pointed toe version is my favouriteeeee!!!!!!).
These are pictures of my sexy man beast posing on a beach LOL *squishes Dev's cheeks like one of those old woman who want to rip your cheeks off lol* The stuff in the picture i got from this store called... erm... hang on *checks SL inventory* OOOoooooo its called BeforeSleep lol ok firstly im not going to lie and if the owner starts moaning at me like "bish shut ur face you aint right im hawt ok im sexy and perfect you stupid hoe bag..." i really dont give two sh**s lol Her clothing SUCKS ASS!!! it is shamefull... initially i intended on trying... i repeat TRYING to make a combo with her clothing and it was so painfull. Her clothing is bone cheap, not going to take that away from her. But there lacks style and quality in her designs. However, when it comes to furniture she rocks it so well... this thingy Dev is modeling on is a LazyLounge thing and i THINK multiple people can seat on it. It was free as p[art of some of the hunts the shop is doing. One of the other hunts had female clothing and i must say now the designer made a wonderfull shirt for women i loved it... but DAYUM gurl the rest made my eyes bleed damn it. anyways lol, yes i am a bitch, babe in total control of herself!!!! The lounger is great, MM board with textures GREAT, OTHER hunt gifts instore GREAT... clothes onsale not so great. Pop over, get all the hunt gifts, get on that MM board and perhaps show you are greatfull for the gifts she kindly put out for us by making a purchase or two. Every little helps my dearies : )

OH just before i leave you guys check out this picture... FK got some great goodies for all you Dudes and Chicas :D

Dev's Outfit:
Hair: UncleWeb - Free mens hair (cant remember what the hair is called but its free and there is only one free mens hair pack there lol enjoy)
Shirt: FK - Jersey poloshirt green striped and blue plain (149l per colour)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - purple used sneakers (OLD freebie not instore anymore)
Jeans: FK - Crush Jeans in Black and Grey (129 per colour, must pay separately for the option to wear boxers)
LazyLounge: BeforeSleep - look for ALL the hunt gifts to find this ok? (FREE)

MY Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Goli in Aegan Lust V2 (500l per makeup, each makeup coming with hairbase option)
Hair: Action - Jenni WITH beanie in Medium Brown (single pack is 150l and the fatpack of all the natural colours is 400l... You can also purchase the beanies separately for other hairs for 125l per hat)
Shirt: FK - Jersey poloshirt in teal striped (1L at the time i got it unsure if still instore)
Shoes: Akatsuki - trainer heels in all colours (not fatpack option,
Bracelets: Mons - NY in all colours (fatpack ONLY, 100l for this pack)
Jeans: FK - Union jeans in DirtWash (200l per jeans set OR 139 for the single option package) 
Poses: Estetica - I smell like pineapple (185l for ALL the poses 0_o now THATS a bargain :D)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wasting Feed space... for a good cause :D

HAIIIIIIIIIIII ok firstly want to thank anyone and everyone that have seen my Cupcake 50l Bake sale skins... and also want to celebrate the fact that *drum roll* ive had 800 viewers aproximately from when i started!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY this is like some crazy milestone thingy but im so happy. I want to thank all you guys for the continued support and reading my posts as well as taking an interest in my skins. I cant say thank you enough.

Love you all <3

Michi xxx

Cuppycake courtyard Fhang Candy 50l skins and link:
The Above two skins are in makeups SPECIALLY for this sale BUTTTTT you can find Sasha in a golden makeup, Milano in leopard print makeup instore (main store) gatcha machine. 150l per try with loads of skins in loads of different skin tones @_@
This is Coco... Specially made for the bake sale, will be on sale in other makeups soon but this is a special so get it whilst you can!!! These skins will be on sale untill tomorrow then be gone... FOREVERRRR muhahahahhaaaaa lol

Fhang Candy @ Cupcake's BakeSale Link <-----
Fhang Candy Mainstore Link <-----