Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Miss Stoopid Bitch Face XD

First song in my playlist... just found it and thought its a great song lol The words relate to a few people i know... If you guys know anyone that fits the description DEFFINATLY make them hear that song lol it will make their day XD Now on to clothing before i get carried away talking about... *look down sewly!*
I popped over to one of my MOST favourite stores in sl... Aoharu Anex... My favourite becuase the owner not only has been making clothes of fantastic quality since she opened but she always has a new idea out, a new design that is really cute. If you are looking for a diverse collection of clothing (their shoes are my FAVOURITEEEE Anex I <3 YOU lolz) Then Aoharu is where to go... There are plenty of other stores in sl that are amazing like FK and ofcourse Myth (found them at the clothing fair hawt stuff i will post very soon) but this one ive known about for aeons :3 
 NEW DENIM  LINE AT AOHARU!!! Denim Boots, denim shirts, denim shorts, jeans you name it... Click the picture to see a larger version! You can see the impecable detail on those boots so well... you will understand why i like their footwear haha. Oh about the background on the picture... i ran out of poleroid pictures to take pics of myself with so i took a pair of aoharo jeans and tore them up, then started posing whilst lying ontop of the thing... i think its cute lol ITS CALLED RECYCLING im being green dun hate. Anywho... I always buy fatpacks you know me but this time i decided to only pop pictures of these three boots becuase i wanted to fit space of me holding my pepsi can (yes look carefully its in my hand rofl) regardless of me limiting your viewing... you can see clearly the details on the boots, the textures of the plastics, metals and denim used in the manufacture ^_^ The denim shirt also, same thing, fantastic design to flatter even the flattest female XD You aint in need of implants when you gots yo-self one of these. Both shirts and boots come in an array of colours (denim colours but diff shades of blue/black etc).

I teamed all that shiz with this CUTE mini dress from Paper Doll which reads "Your boyfriend wants me"... Incase you DIDNT know... yes he does want me, after he saw me at Vixen hair posing bald he thought *dayum that gurl so fine ass* especially when i spit shined my britney baldness. 
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And their like
It's better than yours,
Damn right it's better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge..."
1000 lindens per lesson... each lesson will consist of weave removal, acrylic nail application, booty implanting and booty shaker lessons LOL
The dress comes in multiple colour combinations i am wearing the Teal and Black combo in the above picture. The dress has short sleeves and is a deffinate cutie to your wardrobe... Caption and print tops, dresses are totally hawt and i believe are in fashion too! kill two pigeons with one stone :D

My weavalicious hair is from Vixen ofcourse... The NEW Juniper in Coco. Its a pretty haircut with a fringe and long hair around it. The hair like others in her store come in MILLIONS of colours and come complete with resize script to make your life easier. Im unsure if i said this in a previous post but i used to stalk this store and their special offers... when i found out they got new designs i had to ditch my old hairs and buy everything with new textures... the best thing i ever did. Her new updated styles rawk and so do her BRAND NEW styles like Juniper, Anise and Jasmine : )

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Luciana in Asian Grace (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Remake Denim Boots in Black, Washed and Ripped (900l for fatpack and 420l per colour)
Shirt: Aoharu - Front Knot Shirt in Washed (280l per colour and 980l for colour pack A... thats the one i had gotten)
Hair: Vixen - Juniper in Coco (250l per colour pack or 2995l for the fatpack)
Dress: Paper.Doll - "Your boyfriend wants me" Mini dress in Teal/Black (210l per colour with 5 DIFFERENT colours... yess you will want all of them :3)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beauty & Brains

Making outfits can be hard work... Making colours match, making sure it flatters your SL curves
 (or no curves pencil type shape in most cases LOL seriously... being a stick with no breasts, calf muscles, abnormally long legs that are not in proportion to the upper body is NOT high fashion or sexy... please avoid this. You can be Curvy, Slim, Implanted in the right areas like me... BUT NEVER pencil oh god +_+); This all takes time. But when you have brand names like FK, Ncore, Posh, Ganked, Gos and Pink Outfitters working together you can make some hawtness to match anyones taste or style pretty much.  
I made this outfit two days ago but I felt it was missing something... Then i got my hands on a pair of the uber sexy Intuition glasses from Gos and felt like i was ready for the photoshoot lol. First on to the freebies... this hair im wearing i had gotten from the posh vendor at savoir hair. Savoir is a shopping mall dedicated to hair. ALL sorts of creators with something different to offer have come together and put a free gift for people to snag and the Posh gift is the one i decided to use with this outfit ^_^

Gos is a high quality brand providing footwear and eyewear (even furniture) for its customers. Each part of the glasses have had its texture baked on for the highest quality of shading and shine to give these glasses the most realism you can possibly get in SL. These glasses are like my RL ones so i thought it was an absolute must to get them... I look cute ;P This brand works in a totally diff way to mostbrands so hear me out. They sell their glasses in packages with ALL colours and also just a simple package with the bare minimum. The owner of Gos has implimented a "don't need it? don't buy it" service where the customer need not purchase ALL the colours if they do not want them... You can buy them individually!!! Cool right? :D I buy all sorts of accessories and most of the time i get colours i dont want or i dont get the colours i do want. You can purchase colour add ons which cost ONLY 60l and 500l per fatpack of colours, which for me is a total bargain. No one should have to pay for things they wont use... so buy the colours you will use when you want them.

I had based my whole outfit around this gorgeous Hello Kitty tee from FK. It combines rich shades of blue and pink with pearl white for a lush tee. This tee looks like japanese street fashion to me personally so if you want the cool look of being japanese (im sure you do ;P) this tee is a must! FK is a fairly new clothing brand in sl... been open for about a month now and has amazing clothing... a mixture of casual and slightly formal clothing. The owner is a darling, she is always sending her group members gifts and they are really good :D

Ganked... I officially own the whole store lmao. I luve her stuff. I especially love this Pearlblossom necklace. Comes with a gold or black rose... im wearing the black one. Once again... beautiful work from ganked.

Heels? Where you think they are from? no no... do tell... Ncore? nooooooooooooooooo *michi's eye twitches like mad* no its not Ncore... whats Ncore? you mean apple core right? yes thats what you left in your kitchen sink GO CLEAN IT UP!!! *wipes sweat off of her forehead* Why would i want you to know about these SEXY as hell school girl inspired Ncore extreme heels... no way... too cute to tell XD Once again i was on a rampage and bought a couple fatpacks. I saw they made NEW designs. My favourite is Soul and Vintage. Vintage Ncore heels are basicly traditional stilettos. They look so beautifullllllll and like the pic above if you click to see it bigger... HIGH detail, GOOD workmanship and hawt as hell. I love these heels to bits and try to match them with anything i can haha Just as much as i do with my stiletto moodies. Both uber cute and both with diff designs. A girl can NEVER have enough shoes ;P
“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Bette Midler
Fisrt time im going to be blogging poses so dont scream at me if its not too good... just throw pie at me! (i will have my mouth open so when you throw ill eat yay... oh snap i think im thinking aloud again... damn it no pie for me -_-")

Please click the above picture... its massive so in here it looks terrible... i spent ages on it so you can see how cute these poses are so you better be clicking... i want to HEAR the click from where i am! *hears one click and begins sharpening her acrylic nails*
These poses are from a store called Posies which is fairly new and have ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) poses!!! First pose maker to make antm poses... so i went over to take alook and, what do i see? great stuff!!! These poses have been made to appear EXACTLY like the real life poses done by the models on the show so these are worth getting. The above picture is of her latest package on ANTM cycle 5. She does other poses as well including a DAILY 1L POSE! dollarbie poses everyday! How convenient :D Also im wearing the Ncore Vintage heels in the pose pictures so you can take an eyefull of that! lolz
Lingerie... does anyone EVER make daily wear ones? OFCOURSE! You can find it at Attitudes Undies... This store specialises in everyday wear bras and panties in an array of colours... Keep your eyes peeled as i will be doing a fullon post on it. The red silky lingerie in the poses picture is Grenelle from the store (one of her older designs).
OMG how did you like my hair? I love this new hair from AMG BOUDOIR its beautiful. Its quite anime styled hair with these lucious thick curls that drape down the sides of your face... the colour im using is walunt (i think thats supposed to be walnut i dunno rofl) and it looks so rich and delicious. There is extensive detail in the creation of this hair (it is visible with the way the prims have been put together) a deffinate beautiful piece for 250l per colour. THATS A BARGAIN!!

My Outfit #1:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite in Crazed Fushia (500l per makeup)
Hair: Posh - Rosy Love in Sunflower (FREE at savoir hair comes in brown as well as blonde)
Shoes: Ncore - Highschool Extreme Heels in Pink (595l per colour and 2495l for fatpack)
Glasses: Gos - Intuition Basic Pack (600l for basic pack and 295L whilst exclusive to the Accessory Fair. Colour add ons are 60l per colour and 500l per fatpack of any colour package)
Necklace: Ganked - Pearlblossom (around 150l per colour... BARGAINUSSSSS)
Pants: Pink Outfitters - Bermuda Shorts in Graphite (i got these at their 50l sale so i have no clue how much they when not on sale lol)
Tee: FK -Wu-Kitty Tee (75l per colour and 799l for the fatpack!!! Bargainussss)
My Outfit #2:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite in Touche Eclat
Hair: AMG Boudoir - Fantasy in Walunt 02 (250l per colour... This is a new release and the NEW AMG hairs are worth every penny)
Shoes: Ncore - Vintage in Red (595l per colour and 2495l for fatpack)
Jewlery: Ganked -Rocklove valentines set (around 150l/200l for the package)
Lingerie: Attitudes - Grenelle in Red (95l per colour and 395l for fatpack!!! Bargainussss)
Poses: Posies - ANTM 5 (267l for fatpack or 35l per pose)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Gaga about le mode ;P

Hai yall!!!
 I was shopping (ooooooooooo surprise surprise! lmfao) and i found some GREAT things which you must check out... a dress that is or looks like it is inspired by the Lady herself, some heels that are based on the style of the Lady Gaga Bad Romance gold ballet style heels around the end and a hairstyle i made for no apparent reason rofl
I slaved away at 2am to make this damn hair so you guys better like it... NO... LOVE it... yes you better kiss my creepy wig and buy a free copy of it instore rofl I made it in blonde (when i wanted to make simple hair for my skins solely... i made only a blonde texture and recently deleted all of my textures from my computer so i cant make any new colours)but i tinted the hair to other colours and will have this hair instore for you guys to pick up... 
I watched the Bad Romance music video a million times and to make this hair and used these icy vampire eyes from Den Dou to make the look really POP. these eyes come in a veriaty of colours, each package with two colours sold at 130l per pack. Deffinatly a great buy.
I found this amazing dress at Oh!Mai just the other day... i looked at it in awe thinking its so beautiful and so lady gagaish... and now i i made it happen lol. Oh!Mai make alot of beautiful clothing... highfashion to casual dailywear clothing. When i shop i dont just buy one item so anticipate more of everything and anything you see on this blog... IF its on THIS blog is it officially fhangaliciously delcious!!! Btw click the image to see it bigger... all my images are massive but are scaled down in this blog... when you enlarge you see how detailed the clothing is and you will TOO love it all as much as i do. This dress is simply a work of art; simple yet elegant, colours muted but looks fabulous! If you like Lady Gaga this dress is deffinatly something you need in your wardrobe. DO NOT MISS THIS DRESS!!!!
I came across a new store called O! Bleak which specialises in Lady Gaga style accessories... My heels... from there ofcourse! The designer for O! Bleak has studied the heels in the Bad Romance video and brought us the style in SL. Impecable detail in the heels as well as the clothing making this outfit the perfect combination.
When i saw this outfit all together i thought INSTANTLY Lady Gaga Fame Monster lol

My Outfit:
Dress: Oh!Mai - Silhouettes Emerge (400l with one colour option... the one in the picture but its cute so deffinatly get it)
Shoes: O! Bleak - Gaga Black Snake Skin Heels (each pack is aproximatly 125l... They have glasses here and other things. Its worth a look)
Hair: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga Fame Monster in Original (currently a group gift... join the fhang candy update group and click the giftbox in the centre of the store. Valentines group gift skins also still avilable instore)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Sakura Evening Dew (Gatcha skin, 150l per round loads of different skins to be won and lots of different skin tones including one skin which is a surprise skin :D)
Eyes: Den-Dou - Vampire Eyes in Blue (each pack of eyes comes in two colours and each pack is 130l. I have used my eyeshine attachments i got with my Poetic Colours eyes with these to make them stand out more. You can get them with the free set of eyes instore called Aurora)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Muted Fashions

Who doesnt like black and white clothing or at least combo making an outfit with those colours... It can be retro at times but it can also be hawt as hell. I was at the clothing fair today, noticed a few stoes with good clothing, noticed others with great quality and realism but the style was all wrong (it made me cry... so sad she combined silk with velco straps... one fashion faux pas that SHOULD be reported to the fashion police!!! JK). I stumbled over a store called Myth which had a free gift instore of a "cute little dress"; a mixture of zebra print andfishnet... right now it may sound like tramperella but seriously it was cute and it was totally free :D
I combined the free dress with my new favourite Stiletto Moody Bette heels in white (One of the NEW heels made by Stiletto Moody as part of their 2010 collection. Take a look at "I Love Bette!!!" post to see the other colours it comes in and more) and ofcourse the NEW Anise hair from Vixen. When you click search, on the main page you see a tp link to Vixen hair and it says "newly updated textures" or something similar rofl. I own some older Vixen hairstyles and loved them to bits... these new textures make the hairstyles POP! This somewhat asymmetric style is really cute. Its cute emoish but minus the crazy "tokyo hotel" look. My head is massive and i always have to resize hair... if i get a package of hair and i have to resize the lot there is a chance all the hairs are different sizes or positioned in different places T_T BUT Verikai has really gone the extra mile by adding a scipt to hair styles with XXL size :D (yes i am xxl... my head is triple the size of yours -_- only becuase im a beauty with brainz so dun hate LOL).

After that awsomely laggy moment at the Clothing Fair I hopped over to one of the stores i used to go to religeously (some reason i didnt get time to pop by as much) called Zenith. They sell the most beautiful clothing (they come after aoharu... japanese designers have a thing for prims so Aoharu and Zenith both know how to work their magic for looks to KILL) in casual, formal or random designs. I picked up a couple outfits but the one i had to put on was a one called Crystal, one of the few NEW releases instore and i must say... its absolutly gorgeous.

Stupid blog post is spazzing out and the image above wont go in the centre *cries*
Anywho lol... LOOK AT IT!! aint it purty :3 The sleeves come with prim cuffs and shoulder parts (i <3 the shoulder parts lol) and the top has a prim for the bottom to make it more real looking. ALL prims come scripted so if you are belimic with implants in the right places, no matter how practicly deformed you are you can make it fit LOL The outfit came with a necklace which was uber pretty but i wanted to wear my Beauty Avatar (Beauty avatar or Glam Affair... its the same thing) neck collar. I want to embrace this emo look im developing lolz. I put on my waist belt from fri to give this outfit the WOW factor (ok maybe im not giving a wow factor rofl but the outfit came with a belt merged into the stop... i wanted a primmy one to cover it). This outfit already has "wowage" but to make it so cute it blinds you with one look i put on these Kalnins Boudoir heels on. Whats good about these is that they have toes and the textures are amazing (click the above pic to see it bigger... then really STARE at those shoes @_@) OH and they have a HUD so you can modify the whole shoe practicly... Nail colour, Skin colour, change the different parts of the shoes to whatever you want and ofcourse save them incase you want them later. Big feet? no worries these shoes have a resizer in the hud so you can make it fit perfectly.
Im wearing my Anise hair again in Warm Sand (before was charcoal) both equally cute. Btw seriously i suggest you pop over to Zenith and google search Tokyo Hotel... lol

My Outfit:
Dress: MYTH - Cute Little Dress (free gift at their shop at the clothing fair. Also click their subscribo for this amazing shirt for men and women that reads "hugs 25l but you can kiss my ass for free" LMAO its cute).
Shoes #1: Stiletto Moody - Bare Bette in White ( around 1700l per colour and 7000l for the fatpack).
Hair: Vixen - Anise in Warm Sand and Charcoal (i seriously cant remember how much the fatpack was and i didnt check individual package prices either. I know im sewly :3)
Pants+Top+Gloves: Zenith - Crystal in White (270l.... SO CHEAP you have to get it if you havent!!! It comes with a necklace too!)
Shoes #2: Kalnins - Boudoir (i got these ages ago so i cant remember this either lol... I had gotten it for 500l at the time when it was a new release... i believe its 800l or something around that price now)
Belt: Fri.day - Wide Waist Belt in Black (each package comes with 3 colours in 3 sizes i wear medium... these sell around 300l i think)
Necklace/Collar: Beauty Avatar Couture/Glam Affair - Susan (i had gotten it free as part of an outfit in the Cupids Affair hunt... im unsure if its onsale as a regular item)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Frees 4 U

Hey hey... Found some frees just now and thought you guys should know!!! GET EM WHILST THEYRE HAWT! hehe  I combined 3 group gifts, 1 general freebie and 2 full priced sexy items to make this lush outfit combo. ANYONE can look fab for hardly anything if you really look and read the small print. Ive found that most people (mainly women) HATE giving out info on frebies and food stores or stores with amazingly cheap items that rawk becuase they fear others would look just as cute or BETTER! Dont fear! Mama fhang will find you all your goodness and blog it here for you to show dem haters who da real boss is ;P
Lelutka recently put on sale hair pieces that come in dark and light packages selling at 350l per package. Originally ONLY sold with their skins, now being sold in their hair store for all to purchase. I wear the famous front falling poneytail which looks really high fashion. They dont match all hairbases mind you, if you are good at recolourizing your prim hair (like me... im the colourizing queen LOL) then deffinatly get a copy of these hairs. DONT FORGET TO TRY DEMOS!!!
Heels... feet heels... with bows... and patent leather... sounds lush :3 These arent new but are very cute and can match almost any skin with its HUD and Manual tinter... Like Stiletto Moody you are able to fine tune all skin colours you put on your feet and these shoes come with fullbright feet and normal feet. Eash pair of heels cost around 500l but are worth every penny as you can see :P
Now onto the frees which you all must get as soon as you have read my post. I got inspiration for my picture background from this awsome bodysuit thingy which looks like newspaper (i found an article about Beyonce having 58 weaves in her bedroom along with a life sized cutout of britney spears in Bvlgari jewelry printed on my left ass cheek :D) and is completely free. It is called Luciana like the Fhang Candy Luciana skin ive accompnied with this outfit in makeup Liner Gold. R.Icielli group is free to join at the moment so get in and look at the notices for this Luciana bodysuit freebie.
Second freebie is my awsomely frilly lace skirt which is from COCO (we all love coco here in fhang lady world... its almost as seductive as chocolate but better!), it is also a group gift and as far as i am aware group joining is completely free. I joined quite a while back and kept the group in my list as they have great freebies all the time and its nice to know when they have new buys for me to run and get lolz. Their freebies unlike R.Icielli are instore, in the womens clothing department; simply walk straight ahed when you have landed untill you see an opening on your right, turn in and turn right, walk all the way to the end (by this time you should see loads of smallish portrait orientated boxes along the wall), make your group tag visible and click like crazy!!!
Unless you guys havent a clue there is an accessory fair... LOADS of jewelry stores and much much MUUUUUUUCH to be found there including exclusive Ganked freebies!!! Which i got ofcourse rofl My sunny yellow stone jewelry if from the ganked store on the accessory fair sim. Ganked has 2 freebie packages one of them including 2 sets and the other only one!!! MUST HAVE for sure. My necklace is called Broadway Lights.

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Luciana in Liner Gold (500l per makeup)
Jewelry: Ganked - Broadway (FREE for a limited time at the accessory fair)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Ribbon Pumps (aproximatly 500l per pair)
Hair: Lelutka - Hairpiece in Dark (350l per colour pack and 2 packs available)
Skirt: COCO - Ruffle Skirt (FREE groupgift)
Top: R.Icielli - Luciana Bodysuit (FREE groupgift)
Prim Nails: Candy Nail - Zebra (current picks gift AND loads of other goodness instore including 2 lucky letter boards)


Clothing, Jewelry, Hair, Shapes and much MUCH more... sounds too good to be true! Lovely hairstyles can be found at this store including amazing looking swim suits. I have the swim suits in green, pink and blue and to my amazment... you can wear them with a skirt and pull it off as a top so its a 2 in 1 baby!!!
(click image to see a larger version)
Like Bauhaus designs, her work is based on simply making whatever it is for its purpose... Bauhaus design originated from germany where designers would design furniture that does what its supposed to do without the typical sort of look for example the egg chair. MonS has done this excuisitly with her use of vibrant colours. She has also made jewelry to match her clothing, I am wearing her Paris barcelets where remind me of something lady gaga would have worn crossed over with delicious jellies LOL I attempted picking off one of the diamonds to eat but didnt work... too much glue T_T  Speaking of lady gaga one of the hair styles she made was totally lady gagaish!!! When people say gaga they mean???.... they mean.....??? 0_o nobody knows? okidoki then lol... they mean HIGH fashion couture. Style that is abnormal yet quite lush like the japanese with their harajuku girls, uber cute, uber stylish, uber shocking.

I love this place for another reason too... their stuff is dirt cheap!!! you can get my look for 150l (that is hair, swimsuit and jewelry all together). Now that is bargainus :D

My Outfit:
Swimsuit: Hot'n Cold AKA -MonS- Men Come First Swimsuits (50l per colour)
Jewelry: -MonS- Paris Bracelets (25l per colour)
Hair: -MonS- Candy Girl and Famous Hair both in black (75l per colour pack and each pack comes with 3 sizes to fit all)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lea in Envious Glow, Pink Blush and Midnight Madness (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Five Belts Boots in White (cant remember price but i had purchased pack A and that is about 1000l+ i think)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Past freebie (do check instore for their latest Aurora freebie and look at their on sale eyes. BEST eyes in SL)
Shoes no#2: Bax - Prestige Boots in Black (i bought the fatpack which was around 8000l roughly for all the leather boots. The boots come in reds, white + light pink, browns and obviously black. These are high quality heels like Stiletto Moody and Anexx with textures that are so real, Special ise in boots where as Anexx do heels, boots and much more, Stiletto great for their feet heels but they make amazing boots and pumps without feet too).
Skirt: Truth - Shanghai Baby Dress in Canary + colour changing belt (FREE at Gnubie Store)

Friday, 12 March 2010


...we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side... *kisses her ganked jewelry and stiletto moody heels* ;P
I am so passionate about my love for shoes and jewelry... when it comes to the best in SL Stiletto Moody and the NEW Ganked store always come to mind. I felt like taking a dive and attempting to arouse a nearby sunbather... totally didnt work becuase the sim became empty in seconds -_- i will have to try again, and next time with implants and lots of baby oil LOL
This is the outfit i cooked up this morning with my Stiletto Moodies (my first ever pair i got begining of last year... i can still hear the hallelujah courus LOL), some cute jewelry from Ganked called Suri in Peacock... its an unreleased colour package and will be released in the next couple weeks, totally gorgeous, a mixture of crystals, emeralds and sapphires to make this piece really pop. The Suri set is instore in an array of colours already inc red and black, dont forget her jewelry is uber cheap so get it now or regret later (regret later becuase then you will see more hawtness and your shopping list will take you towards backrupcy LOL). And ofcourse this dress i found at R.Icielli called Barbara. Its free for a limited time (FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMG FREEEEEEE)... that is the kind of hawtness sl seems to lack from time to time and can have side effects of random orgasms lmao... or is that only me? ill stop now XD You can find it by simply going into the store and turning right, keep walking straight untill you just enter the last room on the right hand side of the store then look to your right for a clothing rack GRAB THAT DRESS!!!

This stuff cant be missed get it now if you can... the Stiletto Moodies im wearing in the picture are (or should be... they were when i bought them) the cheapest pair instore, they come in many colours but i bought the silver. Silver is cute :3 so are the other colours @_@ omg i think im going to end up buying the rest oh mai...

Todays Outfit:
(btw you can click on all pictures on this blog to see their acctual sizes as some are reallllllly big)
Dress: R.Icielli - Barbara in Lime (FREEEEEEEEE, instructions on where to find it is in the text above)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Audrey in Silver (was around 2000l per colour)
Jewelry: Ganked - Suri in Peacock (altnernate colours instore, this set will be released within a couple weeks)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Helaene in Bare (500l per makeup)
Hair: Lelutka - ULA (aproximately 300l per colour pack... i bought blonde and tinted it brown :3 dont tell anyone lolz)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Endless Summer (past freebie BUT currently a freebie instore for blue eyes called Aurora as well as many other amazing eyecolours on sale)
Poses: Miyoko Magic (because she works magic with her hands :D) - Drama Poses (unsure how much they are becuase i got them ages ago but check em out they are hawt)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I love Bette!!!

My undenying love for bette... Your beauty doesnt seem to displease me, gleaming away with your shiney accessories... STILETTO MOODY BETTE <3  *smoochies*
New bette heels instore at Stiletto Moody (the best shoe store in SL... dont know them? OH MY GAHHH *slaps you* hehe) with brand new sculpts & textures for a look you can not live without having. I got the full colour pack so ima show you ALLLLLLLLLLL the colours :D yes you may kiss me later and buy me another colour pack of stiletto moodies XD jk

Below are the 10 shoe colours you can pick from.
(From left to right) White, Badseed, Bottlegreen, Tan, Aubergine (i have no idea why it doesnt look like a dark violet... but its hawt so GET IT), Berry, Midnight, Aubern, Celadon and Black!!! 10 deliciously fhangalicious colours to choose from, not only does Stiletto make these 10 tatalising colour scheemes but you also have the option to make the shoe full bright and change the metal parts on the shoes from gold to silver... AWSOME (i can finally stop mixing metals and looking like a creep LOL... dont make too much noise though the fashion police are after me. Mixing metals was one hell of a fashion faux pas believe me!). You think thats ALL you can do? nope you are not finished yet missy.
8 beath takingly gorgeous nail polishes to pick from. (From top left to right going down) Badseed, Gloss, Natural, Scarlet, Black, French, Silver and Rose. Now when i saw nailpolishes on Stiletto Moody heels i normally just click french and be done with it lol but this time I HAD to look at them and i was taken a back with the realism of the nail colours. They are HQ nails thats for sure, if you cam into your nails closely you can see the bumps you would find on your rl nails which acctually made me smile :D
Now onto the full outfit i wore incase anyone is dying to know :3 I combined this silky lingerie from Blacklace (i got from the sale when it was on... thank god i got it then lol becuase it looks fantasticle with these heels rofl) called Red satin & lace babydoll (the babydoll piece is optional) with a skin from fhang candy called Ahprodite in a makeup called Touche Eclat (direct meaning touch of light, french to english). Im going to walk around in my bette heels for the rest of the day :D  Huggies & Kissies <3

My Outfit:
Lingerie: Blacklace - Red satin & lace babydoll (i cant recall how much it is maybe around 300l+)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite Touche Eclat (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Bette Colour Pack (a little over 7000l)
Hair: Ay.Line - Yuri Chocolate (FREE in lucky letter board also dont miss monthy group freebies instore)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Runway Jewels

Was just shopping around today (had major sl problems... i was only able to teleport after removing all clothing items. Pretty much all the mjor clothing items anyway lol inc hair) and i found this dress.

Its a group gift from the store Roule. I am quite curvy in the pelvic and chest area lol (lady bumps in the RIGHT places haha) so i found wearing this dress extremely difficult... it was like i either walk around with my butt popping out from the back or my thighs coming out from the front or both. So... thanks to the designer making her dress modifyable i edited the skirt and made it rawk (only from the front... oh my gawd if you looked at the back you would die... no butt cheeks just plain unmatching stuffs... but its pretty none the less hehe).

Desperate moments call for desperate measures... i desperatly wanted to wear the damn thing LOL. I teamed up the edited dress with some exquisite jewels from Ganked. Now ganked it a fairly new store but this designer knows her stuff!!! Her jewelry is beautifully detailed, encrusted with clean cut, sparkling diamonds, crystals, emeralds its the sl version of swarovski i tells ya :D

Now... i am about to show you the outfit which will rock your socks off for sure... just dont poke fun at my blad patch. LL stole my wig and ate it *shakes fist at Linden Labs muttering random phrases which have been cencored*

The heels i wear are Stiletto Moody's NEW (fairly new) Pink Diamante Bare Lauren heels. Now these are heels worth getting... The shape of the heel is perfect like rea life stilettos or at least they way they should be ;P they not only make you look expensive but make your legs look longer! I mean looking like you are 7 feet tall isnt great for me but these heels are FANTABULOUS to the max.

Skin from fhang candy an older release called Carla in Smokey Envy, which to my amazement worked quite well with this combination. In all seriousness i would like to say that me posing hairless hasnt made me ugly or made me look less fashionable and that... i would like to make it some form of tribute for RFL (race for life). It is a worthy cause everyone should be helping with... we can make a difference if we act NOW.

My SH**:Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla - Smokey Envy (500l)
Heels: Stiletto Moody - Bare Lauren Pink Diamante (aproximatly 1700l per colour)
Dress: Roule - Zhia Purple Group Gift (FREE FREE FREE FREE)
Jewelry: Ganked - Jealousy Green Set (aproximatly 150l or 200l... LOOKS like it is 1000l  :D)
Hair: Chauve Beauty - FREE (simply remove your prim hair and work it hunneh)

Monday, 8 March 2010

YS & YS NEW group gift

Was just about to log off for the day when i recieved an nc with a picture for this gorgeous necklace inspired by african tribal jewelry. I saw it and HAD to get it to here is a pic of it... its lush :D (ok im having technical difficulties with this post and its not letting me put this picture in the centre... STUPID IMAGE ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG) lol. Ok it worked now fantastic lol

Purty necklace is not to be missed!!! Ive teamed it up with Monika from Fhang Candy, makeup golden dowery and eyes from poetic colours "blue autumn" which was an old freebie but their stuff insore is lush so go for it. Hair is from Epoque, combination of a free hairpiece at the entrace of the store in the centre called "free life reserve" and the hair is a flat sideparted hairstyle (cant remember what it is called but it is sold beside the hair piece vendor). ENJOY!

Michi xxx

Friday, 5 March 2010

Its been a long time...

It's been a while
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
But I'm here now...
 LOOOOOOOOOL no im not britney spears and havnet been gone too long i hope!!! New skins i havent posted up on this thing in some time... SO HERE YOU GO! ^_^
This is my Luciana skin inspired by a dear friend of mine Luciana Toshi. Playful beauty yet sexy and sultry... Can you read her poker face? No i didnt think so haha just kidding ;P This skin is my first ever teeth incorporated skin and im glad it all worked out :D Next up in line is Goli. Inspired by a blogger whith such great style its bedazling; Blogger, fashionista, model, beauty pagent winner (im sure she is one with that crystal clean smile) and a role model for all that want good style tips. I am not going to lie now, I do follow her blog quite a bit and I incorporate her way of style into my own to make hawt outfits ide wear anyday EVEN in rl (if rl work permited me to LOL). BEHOLD THE FACE OF BEAUTY *drum roll*
Classy yet fashionable, sexy but never trampy. Both skins come in 12 luscious makeup combinations and feature hairbase options <333 I hope you like my stuffs and me LOL

Michi xxx