Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Choramimi Delectables!

A post that is long overdue... Choramimi clothing! This japanese designer HAS hit blogs a few times but i want to go that step further and attempt to do the brand justice. The designer is a very sweet, cute little japanese girl. She has a very creative imagination for outfits that look firece but also lolite (i hope i spelt that right!) at the same time. Let me show you some of the hawtness i picked up at her store ^_^
This is the "bea-onp" dresses... they acctually come with leggings and are long enough to cover your bootey but becuase i am so tall I sort of mess it all up :3 So i have worn these equally delicious BOOM skirts to cover up! These dresses are like baggy babydoll tops tucked into a pleated skirt, all one attachment. All sculpts are of extremely high quality as you would expect from any larger brand like KIM Bodysuits. My only problem was the skirt... The acctual pleats in the skirt have no shading on them so indicate the acctual pleats when windlight is on for those flawless images we all know about and love to take. Somehow with my new lappy, updated emergence viewer the pleats look PERFECT in these windlight enabled shots so... dont pay too much attention to what i am saying lol. The dresses come with matching horizontally striped leggings which are UBER cute but... becuase i am so tall with my spidery long legs i look like a pigeon on crack when i wear it all as is XD

LOVE the BOOM skirts... they arent a new release but i love them to bits regardless of their ability to appear "trashy" to some degree. Depends entirely on how you rock these booty hugging darlings! Do purchase a pair of these and try them for yourself, if you dont feel them working for you then do not fret! They are super cheap so if they dont work just leave it ^_^ But i bet you gals will love them as much as i do :D
Next up are a set of tank tops that come with two lower attachments but i prefered the second style and stuck with that. The first attachment was for a babydoll style top and i have always found them make me look prego >_> They work fabulously on some avatars, i have seen! But on me it is, "take it off, burn it, burn any proof of wearing the babydoll and move on with your life!!!" lol. These tops are really sexy and cute at the same time, making them versitile for many outfit combinations. I wanted to go for a casual look so popped on a pair of folded pants from Pink Outfitters and the boots i forgot to photograph for the previous post from Coquette. The denim-ish style pants are no longer at the Pink Outfitter's store as far as i am aware but they have plenty of other goodness that is just as coolio!

I am wearing the BRAND NEW Exile Nyx in this outfit compilation. I adore this style for its windswept appearence, it is very cute and well built. I remember a point in our SL lives where everyone wanted special styles for photographs to get the blowing in the wind effect. We used to rush to 69 hair and overload the designer with purchases of her pose hair. You no longer have to do that when you have designers like Kavar from Exile making styles perfect for photography and dailywear 100 times better and in a larger selection of tones!!!
The style in the first image is also an Exile hair called Rina. Picked it becuase it was perfect for my Megan Fox look (used Fhang Candy 50L bakesale skin as a base ofcourse). Like Nyx, it has a gorgeous windswept look that has been constructed VERY well. Before writing this post i acctually walked around for a little bit in the outfit in picture 1 and was told "omg your hair is amazing... its windswept with waves but looks like its in motion. Where can i purchase it?...". That is the reaction i get when i wear these styles XD Want show stopper looks? Exile is for you without a doubt!
These are the new Sienna boots from Indyra's Originals that match the dresses by the same name. As you can see they come in 10 different colours... But i made a slight booboo when i did the shots. Basicly usually when i take pictures some things either dont load PERFECTLY or take ages to load. Two pairs of boots did not load exactly right BUT the boots are top notch. My viewer, graphics is just crap LOL These boots are like taller more suade looking versions of the very popular Redgrave bikerboots. They are equal in quality, texture and look amazing with any outfit. These were designed for the dresses but wearing them with a skirt, pair of jeans or bermuda shorts works so well. These shoes should be on your christmas check list!
Lastly a shot of something many SLers wanted, and SLink made happen. The first of its kind, prim teeth. Now i will start with my positive comments (everything new has pros and cons...). The teeth look amazingly real, like the stiletto moody of teeth! They are not scripted meaning NO or less lag. You also get many different versions to suit your avatar mouth shape... The cons now! You have to tint the lipstick and teeth by hand, that means "edit, check that little box so you edit selected prims, recolour/reposition/resize". The lips do not work so well with highly detailed lips (i managed to make them fit quite nicely on the lower lip of this Megan skin however other skins may prove to be more tedious). Also baring in mind that skin creators tend to add heavy shading around the lips to create the desired mouth shape... These lips do not compliment those shadings but work against them showing up as random light patches in odd places (noticed this alot around the upper lip... i make the lips fullbright when doing windlight settings so it looks flawless to some degree). AND... yes there is more... and no i am not bitching lolz... AND unless you know how to edit prims effectively (like you can at least fit your hair accurately, build a wooden prim pigeon and make your very own neko tail... if you can not do any of that you are in trouble LOL). Overall as i had no problems fitting, had some but not too many re-colouring and resizing was ok, i give these teeth a 7/10. 7 becuase they look fabulous but are a bit difficult for the majority of SL fashionistas (i know one in particular that decided to make the lips invisible in an attempt to fit the teeth properly LMAO no names...) to fit properly. Also they can be a bit of a nightmare with the shading issues... But do get yourself a copy!!! Try them out and let me know what YOU think :) I love them...

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Megan in Flirtacious Midnight & Luciana in Liner Bare (Megan is 50L for 2 skintones with 2 skintone packs to choose from. Luciana is 500L per makeup and 2500L for fatpack. Cleavage shown can be purchased at the Fhang Candy store BUT only works with skins from the same store!!!!)
Dresses & Tops: Choramimi - Bea-Onp + Tank tops (Bea top onp is 100L per colour and the tank tops/ cotton cami's are 77L per colour! CHEAP & STYLISH :D)
Skirt: BOOM - Verie mini skirt in golden rod, khaki and lavender (143L per colour and "gluttony pack" is 1800L for 18 colour variations!)
Shoes: Coquette - Sienna (around 650L per colour)
Hair: Exile - Nyx & Rina (250L per colour pack and 1000L for fatpack)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Patent Lace and Weavalicious Things...

Hai guys... it has been a while since i have done a post and had two items in particular which are WAY overdue on their posting thingy bob. Those Mentine boots... everyone loved them and they were all the rage, ladies after this post anyone who does not already own a pair will be pushing, shoving and kill to buy a pair of these babies!!! Also a collection of Sienna dresses from Indyra's Originals which are basicly lace dresses with a short frilly twist to them. I want to appologise to Indy and Valentine for taking FOREVER to post these and hope although they are not BRAND NEW releases, you guys REALISE they are the ShizNit! lolz
These are those darling patent ankle boots... i wanted to take pictures like the ones Valentine had for her store and blog but didnt want matching matching becuase then i might as well have used hers on my blog rofl. Keeping it all simple for these babies... So many colour variations its like walking into a candy store and the shoes look just as sweet as candy! If there were not so many always looking at me i would probably be attempting to eat these shoes (guys you know damn well i would LOL... and dont deny it you would too! XD). The shoes have been sculpted with precision the way your typical Gos, Stiletto Moody or even Bax boot would be and i am VERY impressed these heels come with that expert quality but NOT the crazy price. Each heel comes with various colours built into the heel itself (i believe it does... mine do so yeah lol) so if "Barbie Pink" doesnt match your taste for the day you could always use "Peach" or "Hot Pink" :D

The shoes are fully modable in the sence you can change the colour of the sole of the shoes, the metal toecap thingy (if you want one or not, if yes then silver or gold? its fab ^_^) and ofcourse the resizing! The shoes are made FOR invisiprims HOWEVER you can use the alpha layer provided instead of popping on the included invisi prim feet covers so you can easily reduce your laggability rate (its a word... look it up in the pigeonlicious dictionary, kthankx lol). I deffinately reccomend every woman have a pair of these... it may be winter but who says you need to wear Ugg style booties and knit stuff? Every road is a runway... regardless of if its prim, glowing with crazy laser beams or just plain crooked becuase the person doing the land shaping was drunk. These heels will make you stand out in any crowd and scream "CUTE".
[please click the image to see it better... its so massive it doesnt fit in the post in a larger size lol]
For the perfect outfit to match i reccomend Indyra's Original's Sienna dress which is lacy with a cute collar that comes with various ribbon variations to suit your style. The outfit has a pair of heels made specificly to match but i have not photographed them sadly - they are cute so check them out when you look for this dress! Even if your preffered outfit is a pair of jeans or bermuda pants, these boots are amazing! I recently paired them up with a pair of graphite bermuda shorts from Pink Outfitters and it was like i had died and gone to heaven (i wore the socks included with this dress as well to really make the look pop)! And if you have not noticed yet, i have matched a pair of the mentine heels with each dress... CAN YOU SEE HOW THEY WORK SO WELL?!??!! Its like cream cheese on a bagel or sushi and wasabi... both work together so nicely and look cute! As its so cold and it is winter AND almost christmas i suggest the lighter colours for purchase, No#4 + 6 and 9 becuase those are THE best for those cold tempretures. One would assume the lace would reveal a little too much but acctually all my lady bits are hidden unlike a few articles of clothing on this blog where i have had to cover up with my OhMai! tube bra LOL

The dress works well with cleavage, so for all you cleavage crazy chicks... this dress will work wih your new enhanced rack! haha
This hair is absolutely gorgeous and the ONLY item that is brand new, right off the prim builder from Exile. Its the new hair called Lake! I ADORE this new style with its wavey tufts of hair and its sexy but classy style. It has the essence of your typical Exile hair doo but thekind of style that does not scream "gurl you be wearing a weave and it aint right... you better clip that s*** out and throw it in the bin! You heard me?". No way this weave isnt one of those cheap PVA DIY weaves... this is a Tyra banks lace front! haha The style fits perfectly onto my large head (my head is size 70) but naturally would look just as good on anyone with a smaller head. I am wearing Chocolate which is a lovely tone that matches my Aevana skin's hairbase \0/ I am so sorry i keep repeating myself i have to stop and stare at the image above and then continue typing! I just love the style THAT much... i cant wait to get back into SL to stare at it in real time LMFAO haha

Sorry for not posting these goodies soon enough, do check it all out and drop a comment on what you think! I will deffinately be sporting this look for a while ^_^

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aevana pale in M2 (500L per makeup or 2500L for skintone fatpack, each makeup comes with 11 tatoo layer lipcolours \0/)
Boots: Mentine - Ankle boots in ALL colours (690L per colour pack or 4850L for fatpack... There are also legwarmer addons for 95L per pack with two packs available! Perfect for the winter look :D)
Dress: Indyra's Originals - Sienna dress (550L per colour pack AND matching shoes are 875L per colour pack)
Hair: Exile - Lake in Chocolate (250L per colour or 1000L for fatpack)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

50L Bakesale is BACK!

Yes you all heard that correctly! I have finally brought back the bakesale i used to have and with brand new skins as promised... I now introduce the new skins Megan, Aishwarya and Kristen that are in the bakesale in 4 skinstones per skin :D isnt that just randyyyyyyyy XD
Thease skins come in two different packs featuring two different skintones... the darker pack featuring Tan and Sunkissed, light pack featuring Light and Pale skintones. Aishwarya AKA Aishwarya Rai has been made into a skin by OTHER brands but i felt the need to make her into my own skin... As mentioned before i am indian/hindu and therefore a fan of her acting in movies (bollywood movies people... she was fab in the ancient ones XD she is still good now though... watch the movie Provoked! she did that one very well and its in english ^_^). The skin came out very well and i am very pleased with it... only problem i want to point out is that... OK let me start from the begining! My Second Life has become kind of strange with prims having holes in them randomly... well i managed to fix that when i updated my graphics card HOWEVER when i took the pic of the Aishwarya skin in my OLD Ghia Fascino hair i saw a million holes in the hair prims it looked like Swiss Emmental cheese LOL. So basicly i appologise for the suckish hair in those pics becuase i had to paint ontop and then attempt to patch it up with parts of the Kristen ad XD Im so bad rofl

Now for people that dont know... Kristen is the lady from smallville!!! or i believe she is... >_>  AND You all know Megan AKA Megan Fox ;P

I do hope you like these 50L bakesale skins and enjoy them as much as i did making them and now wearing them :) Have a wonderfull day! Kisses xoxo

FhangCandy Store <--- LINK

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Not So Secret SECRET Sale >_>

Hey! *waves and screams "im aliveeeeeee"* lol

Wanted to take some time to introduce this sale im doing... Its basicly on ALL skins that are of the Light skintone including my latest release Aevana (that comes with the 11 SL 2.0 lipcolours... dont forget!). Prices have been SLASHED by 60% and the sale will end by the end of this week (i know thats such little time... feel free to yell at me >,<). This sale is my way of celebrating my RL birthday that passed, Halloween and Diwali (Im hindu remember?!??!! LOL) together in a way that benefits others and allows me to celebrate \0/ It is always a joy to have a sale so keep your eyes peeled for other sales - Light skintones today... next time i may do another perhaps Dark and Bronze for all the african beauties out there? *hint hint*

Ive also recently released some cleavages to match flawlessly with the Fhang Candy skin lines instore currently so check those out when free! The ad picture for the cleavages features fairly new Nicki Minaj skin (comes with the shape used in the picture BTW) and fairly new Christina (Aguilera!!!) skin - Christina is Light tone and Nicki is Bronze... Just letting you know ;P This is what the main ad pic looks like:

AND lastly the EXCLUSIVE halloween couture style skin i made in Tan and Sunkissed tones called Dior. It has an elegantlook to it with its combination of high cheekbones, fairly high lids and slim glossed lips for that "I walk runways in milan, paris and NY baby!" look ;P This is a picture of it:

I hope you guys have had a wonderfull year, passed very quickly cant believe it! I hope you all have a great Diwali also!!! Sending out prasad (religous offerings from god? usually sweet but can be savoury ^_^) to all readers :D Hugz and Snugz

Link to Fhang Candy  <--- LINK
Ps: Loading up all my items for blogging and when i get more time left over i guarentee more skin releases, more blogger posts of all the brands you know & love or SHOULD be loving for all the right reasons *cough Stiletto Moody sale ending today on all shoes and new ankle boots from Mentine AND many other goodies COUGH*

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Happy Halloween :D

Halloween is almost here and i have TRIED to get a new gifty out instore. Ive made a new skin in Pale and Light skintones called Josette! I know many simply want a pretty skin but it IS halloween so i added something extra... A body tattoo layer called "Stitched Up", you get your blood, you get your stitches you get those nasty gashes for the coolio Halloween look. Here is a pic of the skin/ad pic:
This skin is exclusive to group members but group admission is free so hop over to Fhang Candy and get your gift ^_^  I really hope you guys love the skin as much as i do <3

Link to FhangCandy store <------
Ps: Attempting to get life back in gear then will be bombarding you guys with hawt posts on all the goodies! Trying to get one ready for posting soon so keep an eye out \0/

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Been a while...

"It's been a while
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
But I'm here now..."

Been SUPER busy in RL with the move... house is looking great but internet sucks over here... waiting for the internet to work in all rooms and properly lol. Now i want to appologise to anyone that had joined my group as I have been unable to send out the gift YET.

Basicly i closed enrolement to my group a while back (probably a week or two ago) and everyone ingroup would recieve a skin of their choice... whatever you want any skin any package. Your favourite makeup in your favourite package (only 1 ofcourse...). But ive been a bad Michi and have keept all my members waiting. So encase any members became fed up and left the group or you are in my group and thinking of leaving PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE!!! LOLZ

Give me a chance to make it up to you by getting the gift skins to you along with another extra special gift and i just hope you all continue to enjoy Fhang Candy products as much as i do :)

Second note... If anyone has any queries regarding Fhang Candy, or any product information that you would like to have whilst i am unable to come into SL do direct your questions to the official Fhang Candy email: fhangcandy@ymail.com

This is where i will be replying to questions you may have or anything Blog/Skin business related. Thanks again sweeties <3 LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUS

Ps: Please let me know if anyone has problems with my blog or experiences problems with my blog... I know quite a few people HATE the colour scheme (i thought it looked fruity, fresh and lively but oh well) and many do not exactly like the soudtrack either LOL so if you have problems with any of this DO send an email or even comment on this post. Keep me informed but keep it nice and sweet! Rude/mean comments/messages do not get anyone far when attempting to display a feeling XOXO

Friday, 13 August 2010

Cupcakes Bake sale AGAIN :D

Once again bakesale is on at the Cupcakes Sim!!! That means skins at 50L and not a linden more:
 Go go gadget :D lol OR Run bish runnnnnn get these goodies before they go for good i am plaining on updating them very soon ^_^ So all these skins will be here this week and next then never again!!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bai Bai Jill T_T

The clothing store Jill will be closing its doors today... It is holding a farewell sale in store at the moment for all of its customers. I personally like the brand Jill and am devastated! I found out about this brand through a sexy friend of mine "Myu Ichtama" and now this amazing store is going to close. I cant say i am the most sad about this however when one door closes another opens :) (i dont mean another store will open i just mean in general lol... damn i mess up with these sayings).

Now onto the sale. The owner of jill has set all her clothing items at 50% off their RRP which is great for people like me becuase that means... SHOPPING SPREE \0/ When you get to the Jill store directly blow you (when you get to the entrace and acctually inside the store) there is a wall covered with a buttload of group gifts and several Lucky Letter boards. Scattered around the store are all the beautiful designs created by the ever so talented Jill Lemon.

She made a NEW group gift today as a goodbye, i hope to see you soon kinda thing ^_^
It is cute, she says she rushed it but i think she put alot of love and effort into this gift like she does with most of her releases.
These are some of her instore items which i got... i quite like them so wanted to show them off a bit. The first is this cute "lolite" (that japanese style i can't remember how to spell) dress is a must have, fluffy, cute and extremely flattering. Can be worn in many ways with a jacket or even a shirt worn underneath the acctual dress for an autumn look! The second pair is a set of sweaters that come with a shirt option as well (not pictured). 2 cute styles with long or short sleeves to suit any style. Have difficulties fitting your clothing? No worries! Jill has put in a version of the shirt prim WITH and WITHOUT resize scripts to make it all easy.

There is also this school girl style outfit that comes with two styles of ties! One with the basic colour and there is an EXCLUSIVE halloween tie also... Collars come with a star on it and the sleeves have options WITH and WITHOUT stars.
These were a must have to show you all... they look so amazing and so many colours to choose from you simply can not go wrong. With 3 different packages to choose from with 3 different styles you can find the perfect set of headphones to suit your style. Pack A has stars on it (black stars on the colours shown), Pack B has the name Jill written on it with different coloured bejewls depending on the set you pick and finally Pack C is the pack conatining hearts, dots and sctripes. Perfect combination. This is perfect for any neko, furry/hybrid, urban sorta style.
When it comes to bags... you have two options! You can purchase either a version with stripes (you get to pick from 6 cute colours) or a stylish record case (SHOWING the records inside :D). The Recordcase that is slightly transparent only comes in that one colour sadly but it deffinately worth every penny as far as i can tell ^_^

Items i wanted to get:

Would have liked to have gotten these items too (you all know how much i like my fatpacks haha) but i think i broke the bank so... untill next time my sweets AND RUN!!! BEFORE THE STORE CLOSES ON YOU D:

Jill Clothing and Accessories <--- LINK
P.s: Be carefull as it can get a little laggy in her store and dont forget to join the group and get all the group freebies!!! Kisses xoxo

Monday, 9 August 2010

NEW releases...

Ive been releasing and not posting them for you guys to see... Ive been a BAD michi T_T
Ive recently made a "model staple" style skin... 3 skintones (pale, light and sunkissed... SUNKISSED IS LIGHTER THAN TAN ALREADY RELEASED... just saying lol). My new releases that have not been posted as yet are:
This is Aevana (pale tone is pictured), she comes complete with 11 SL 2.0 tatoo lipsticks to define your look. The model wears "TearsOfAphrodite" eyemakeup with white lipstick. Attitudes Lingerie was used in this picture. This skin was recently showcased at the SOL fair at an introductory price of 300L BUT the fair has ended so the skin is not instore at reg price (500l per makeup... fatpack prices are the same as at the SOL fair).
The previous release was the Nicki skin, inspired by the singer/rapper Nicki Minaj. Now before all of you guys start screaming "ewwwwww nicki minaj hate herrrrrrrr" the skin acctually came out pretty good despite the fact it is supposed to be her XD This is the first skin where i have included the shape used in the picture above. I have noticed some brands use one shape in their ad pictures that looks super HAWT then include a shape with either the same face and an ugly body OR a whole shape that is totally different and kinda ugly. BUT this time you get the EXACT shape (demo included in demo box) which is quite good :) "What you see is what you get" Indeed ^_^
Now for the release prior to Nicki, Rihanna. Now i am planning on adding more makeups hopefully but at the moment just going to introduce it (yes it is onsale instore). This skin has a face that will transform your face into hers... ive used the same shape on Aevana and Rihanna (surprisingly XD). I love how this skin is freakishly like an exact replica of rihanna but in SL. Like the Nicki skin... even if you dont like the singer herself do try on the skin becuase you may just fall in love :D
This is one of my favourites as i worked quite hard on it staying up at night around 2/3am to finish this baby off... and making the lash options for some makeups were a nightmare. I used the fact people usually say Lady Gaga could be Christina Aguilera's sister and used my gaga skin as a base to create this beauty. Another skin with 16 makeups that all come from a music video she has done or a variation. Each makeup includes 4 different eyebrows (original, lighter, brown and black). And before anyone asks "are the lashes in that picture photoshopped?" Nop they arent, they are included with the "KeepsGettinBetter" makeup!!! ^_^

Links To Stuff I Used:
Fhang Candy - Christina,Rihanna,Aevana and Nicki skins (all at 500L per makeup, amount of makeup varies from pack to pack).
Attitudes - Lingerie pictured in Rihanna and Aevana... oooo that rhymes :D (Prices are extremely LOW and affordable... that is what the designer goes for! Quality at a price you can not go wrong for)
BOOM - Pink heart bikini set (comes in various options for bra shape and panty style PER COLOUR... and like the lingerie it is cheap and affordable)
Action - The hair pictured in the Rihanna ad (cant remember prices and am finding it super difficult to find the hair... they have redesigned their sim LOL however the hair is like everything else affordable and very edgy... the designer goes for an edgy look rather than a pretty glam look that most stores already do)

BTW: cleavages used in some ad pictures are TO BE released VERY soon!!! \0/

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Stiletto and the beast

Been a while since I have posted religiously here and am hoping all of you are not too mad with me. Keeping up with style is not an easy task when designers are constantly producing designs that are the extreme opposite of other items they usually create or alternatively following a fashion statement/style that either lives in real life (that thing we try to avoid creeping in on us) or SL where you have so many variations; choosing between several items becomes a difficult task (or a fun one depending on how you look at it).

Now as for Stiletto Moody, change seems to be a fantastic thing! Along with their brand new collection of heels comes the dawning of new ideas, creations that will blow your socks off namely Olivia. The new pair of darling heels from the ever so talented Stiletto herself (no she isn’t a walking talking French leather heel) featuring new colours and new colour combos (not usually done on Stiletto Moody shoes). But are they worth purchasing? Why not take a look for yourself dearie ^_^
With this many colours you can match them to almost every single outfit combination you will ever have, that is not mentioning the fact stiletto moody heels work with all sorts of materials (like latex/cotton etcetera).
The heels also feature 8 nail polishes for you to really get stuck into! Now as I have mentioned before in SM posts, I quite like my French tip nail colours and I must say that Stiletto Moody/SM have gone spot on with the texture. THEY LOOK LIKE MY REAL LIFE NAILS 0_o
 I coupled these heels with a blazer and bermuda pants from Pink Outfitters, a tube bra from Oh Mai and a NEW hairstyle from Exile called Caprice. Some people say "more is less..." and i feel that this combination relates to that quote exactly. You do not need 5000 prims on your body to look glamourous or remotely stylish. I am sporting a new skin called Aevana in Sunkissed tone. It features hairbase options and 11 SL 2.0 lipsticks to really define your look; stle should never been worn "out of the box" you must style it and really make it pop to release a staement when seen.

Now before you all go crazy thinking "ugh michi is back with another pair os expensive heels..." Stiletto Moody have made a contest on Facebook for ANYONE to enter. Basicly you take a picture of the Bare Olivia's pictured above in any colour with any outfit combo and make your look pop, make it speak to the viewer. Inspiration, style and overall photo compilation is judged anfd the winner recieves a free fatpack and 25K lindens @_@ now that is a prize worth winning ladies & gents.

The contest is due to end today and the winner will be chosen in duecourse... BUT if that is not getting you riled up why not listen to the NEXT little surprise Stiletto herself popped up for you little sweeties.
"Did you know Olivia is the best value of the range
Its got 17 Olivia Colors
Its got 5  Vintage  not  available to purchase
And today during LOOK OF THE DAY  I have hidden
BARE ROBIN WILD SETS (worth $8,999)
**INSIDE**  some Olivia ColorSet boxes.
Somebody’s got to win them  - is it you?
Hold your breath and find out
SO What is in a BARE Robin (Wild Set) ? It includes:" (includes the below colours)
These heels are some of the BEST in Stiletto Moody and to have the chance to get a free pack of them is just barmy but why not try your luck? 2 pairs of delicious heels for the price of one in a full colour pack? *runs pushing girls out the way and begins to put a fake "sim is under construction board" at the entrace* XD The shoes come with a never before done feature that allows the wearer to "zip down" the heels so they go from something in the above picture to comes like... THIS
 Now That feature is simply amazing... one click and you get a totally different shoe? why miss the opportunity to get these babies free? :D haha

Now onto hairrrrrrr becuase i know all of you people wana see the newest releases by some of the best brands in sl inc Exile and Truth.
This is Exile Caprice worn in Champagne colour... the style is great for formal and casual becuase of the shape os the style. The prim work is amazing and... as im here i might as well mention EXILE HAIR FITTS PERFECTLY ON MY HEAD 90% OF THE TIME WITHOUT RESIZING \0/ and my head is size 70 XD so the fact the hair usually fits without editing is just a dream come true!!! Thank You Kavar sweets <3 :D
Another style from Exile is Layne ALSO in Champagne. I am not particularly a big fan of the primwork around back but overall i LOVE this style as it accents my head shape making it look the same if not a tad more shapely. Also the primwork done around the back piece is just darling. It makes my avi look like i am wearing a butterfly clip on my hair (i wear them all the time in rl XD) which is just great.

Truth have also been cooking up new styles which looks quite sexy as well. Lovely useage of curly looking flexy prims and overall style.
 This is Truth Marissa in Mirage (light blondes package). This is a new style that does not feature streaks but i feel it does not need streaks... the added streak options may ruin the style D: This style is very similar in shape to a fairly new hair style made by Lamb and i would like to mention that this type of style SCREAMS high fashion (reminds me of a prettier Donetella).
This hair is Truth Penny in Mirage with blonde streaks. Yet another new style with a cute and funky style to it. You can dress this hair into something cute and sweet or make it something more edgy and funky which is a great think. A way to save money is to buy things that aer versitile rather than random.
This is Truth Tatianna ALSO in Mirage with blonde streaks (the next hair will have the same lol... just saying). Yet another high fashion looking style which you can dress up and dress down. This style reminds me of Xanthe from Lelutka but obviously with more of an updo effect. The style looks fabulous and would look great with simple shirts and pants (jeans and tee's... either or entirely up to you).
This last style is Vera from Truth in Mirage. This is by far one of my favourites becuase of its volumised look. It has this sexy Victoria Secret look to it as well as this rockstar look. ANOTHER style with two looks in 1. Styles like these can be used in multiple outfits and you basicly end up making use of the purchase.

I hope you enjoyed my post and i hope you guys are now RUNNING to get these goodies. Take care and have a great shopping spree. Kisses xoxo

My Outfit:
Fhang Candy: Aevana in EgptianSmoke (Sunkissed tone, 300l per makeup at SOL fair untill further notice then back to regular price of 500l)
Oh Mai!: Tube bra (FREEEEEEE but do make an official purchase as she is sticking her neck out to provide goodies like these.
Pink Outfitters: Blazer and Bermuda pants (both items i believe have been discontinued sadly)
Truth hair: Vera, Marissa, Penny and Tatianna in Mirage (Ligh blondes package, 250l per colour pack)
Exile hair: Caprice and Layne in Champagne (250l per colour pack with ALOT of colours to choose from)
Stiletto Moody: Bare Olivia and Bare Robin Wild (Colour sets range from around 7999L and above... Facebook link is http://bit.ly/bTXaJX)