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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

International Fashion Week

Glance recently held a fashion week showcasing exclusive and new designs from various talented designers including Hyper culture, KIM bodysuits, Convoitise and MANY more. Now im a little late with this posty becuase im acctually moving home atm BUT this post had to be made... you gotta see these designs they will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!
This dress is one of the gifts on the IFW (internation fashion week) sim made by the brand Shiki. Now this dress is a STAPLE/must have for any summer look. I combined the dress with a pair of sunglasses made by Gos (tysm for them!!! they worked PUUUUUUURFECTLY). They remind me of something Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys would wear (seen the movie, loved the dresses and as always Audrey portrayed her svelt beauty for us all on the big screen).

Now ive been wanting to use several truth hairstyles for a long time... been finding it hard to hook them up into full outfits BUT i have finally got the first out of 820938038038 (thanks Truth for the weekly updates lol) with this baby. Its called Boho i believe and comes in 2 variations, one that looks like above and one with a hippie style headband thingy bob. Both versions ubercute and wearable with almost ANY outfit.

NEW heels at HOC... its that store that we all know for quality and price at the right levels! Nobody can afford 700L heels all the time especially if its only for one colour and really want them all like pokemon aminals XD so now you get the chance to get a fatpack for under 200l for ANY style and thats for men and female. HOC recently made these peeptoe, prim toe, multicolourable via HUD wedges. PERFECT for any summer combo.

ALMOST forgot... I made another discovery... of a brand named Coramimi (i havent seen it on any blogs and i acctually stumbled on the store when looking for an MM board rofl) I used their freebie cardigan with the outfit. BUT do stay tuned for the next couple posts becuause i will be featuring the MUST have clothing items from that store soon ^_^
The next beauty is another gift from Miamai AND ANOTHER gift from a store named Son!a (both on the IFW sim). The dress is perfectly sculpted, the textures are darling. Thats all i can say really... im just lost for words. The dress can be dressed up and down for a formal ish look or a casual look. I have comboed this dress with Lelutka Safron pumps in electric pink and truth hair (one of the recent releases).
Controvise \0/ encase you missed the runway show i got all the runway dresses for you to see... i LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL (not too big on the red and yellow gradient dress but whatever lol). They also have gifts on the sim:
These are BOTH gifts there and both look beautiful!!! my favourite dress from the two gifts is the JLo awards inspired dress (second picture). The colours are PERFECT, the dress looks as it should and the overall shape of the dress is great! Full marks from me ***** (that is supposed to be my 5 star rating... lol)
Next is an outfit made from 2 gifts from the Purple Moon store. They made a dress (which looks like something Esmerelda from the hunch back of notradame would have worn...) and some acrylic nails becuase like me she knows all yall lurve your fake nails. Wana feel all ghettolicious inside XD on a serious note the nails are beautiful!!! They even come with a ring attachment built in... Once again Lelutka safron pumps used XD i just love them way too much.
Now onto Hyper culture... now i have one of the runway dresses in an alt colour (the dress make me feel like a fairy nymph thingy but sexy at the same time ofcourse... smexy nymph? never thought ide say that >_>). She also released a gift which is CUTEEEEEEEEE i laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav eeeet. And then the exclusive which i LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV also.
Above is the gift... PLOOM STYLINGS made this beautiful hair inspired from the Lady Gaga Telephone music video, it is one of my favourites from Ploom. I originally wanted to combine the hair with my gaga skin to really remake that RL look into an SL look but decided otherwise last minute LOL The hair suits this outfit perfectly but ofcourse... cola can haircurlers arent always required! XD
And this is the exclusive. Ive used one of the newer truth hair styles with this outfit (i thought it would match well) BUT you could use the version of Boho with the hippie hairband too... either or would look quite nicely with this! AOHARU!!! Aoharu walk, suade ankle strap heels things LOVE them to bits... had to get a fatpack of them. I know they are old but have you not heard the saying "Old is Gold"? no if you are wrinkly and old with saagy tahtahs you are NOT gold -_-" but for physical items... its usually the case and with these shoes is SOOOOOO is!
Hyper Culture made this beautiful print bikini as an exclusive also... i dont get to wear bikini's often but this is cewt so even if you ARE like me do get this its a MUST HAVE item!!!
More bikinis anyone? these are cute, tie dye style bikini wrap boobie things. great for the beach, team up with some normal clothing perhaps jeans or even a sarong and really make it WORK! The bikinis come in several colours so you can not go wrong ^_^
Like many of these clothing brands Angel Dessous has excelled with their designs... this dress is AMAZING. And you do not have to wear it the conventional way as a semi babydoll style dress but as a pinup style bikini thing too. The gift bag comes with some extras too to really customise your look :D
A La Folie made this quaint gift box with some nice goodies inside including some heels (which personally i would not wear but are made VERY WELL, and this uber pretty sequin dress which i LOVE. The dress has a design i have never seen before, fresh designs always get me going so kudos for the designer of A La Folie xoxo

Now onto the KIM bodysuits outfits becuase like me i am sure you are just itching to see them... her clothing is UBER sexy, very flattering of the womans curves. you dont have to be pencil thin, anorexic boobies, no butt cheeks to have to look good in clothing like this! I have silicone in my booty and second grade plastic tahtahs... i make it look good 8P lolz

These are all the outfits featured at the IFW sim, the first being the gift... which is nice but i deffinately prefer the exclusive outfits MORE. Exclusive#1 is this slinky black dress (freakum dress? ;P) and my favourite Exclusive#2 a cute/sexy little number which can be something a Bond Girl would sport or a couture piece of clothing gracing the runway. I teamed the exclusive outfit#2 with Orange Creation heels in sand. LOVE orange creations :3

And now for the last outfit part of the Fashion week held and organised by the Glance team.
This beautiful bohemian style number made by Indyra's Originals I had worn JUST before a photoshoot for my latest skin (that explains the makeup choice and panties that are poking out LOL). The colours are nice and fresh looking which is perfect for summer. The material is REALLY realistic i can almost touch it (feels like cotton ^_^ lol). I have also popped up pikies of some of the NEWEST footwear released by Coquette (a sub brand under Indyra's Originals). The shoes are gorgeous, the latex/patent effect is very nice and the shape is very flattering. The shoes are simply new releases and am uncertain if they are featured on the IFW sim but thought ide pop them up for you regardless lol.
Now the skin i have been working on for a while. I got SO MANY requests (i LOVE requests it helps me when designing my new package) for multiple skintones in skin packages. now firstly i want to say they are uber clostly... especially when you are not a major brand like Laq or Lelutka lolz. SL 2.0 lipsticks have been added to every makeup to ensure you are UNIQUE as hell... why be like everyone else when you can be YOU hmmm?

I hope you enjoyed this post, do leave a comment if you liked it :D if you didnt... just be nice okai? XD Huggz

Clothing featured from IFW <--- Thats a link
Truth hair: 250l per colour pack (all the styles featured can be found in the lobby where ALL new styles are kept. ALSO the sim is always packed so deprim before teleporting!)
Exile hair: 225l per pack i believe (kylie and a few more styles which are NEWLY released. New releases are displayed at entrace infront of all previously released styles)
Exile hair from SOL <---- Thats a link
Aevana skins on introductory price of 300l per makeup pack (as apposed to 500l the reg price) @ SOL
Armidi Hair: almost 300l per colour (BUT currently onsale at 50% at TheWarehouse)<--- Thanks a link
Ploom hair: Telephone (250l per colour i believe)
Gos: Cateye shades (295l for basic pack, alternate colour packs can be purchased and loaded up)


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