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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Shiney and **NEW**

Ok so now i am not talking about madonna or virgins today BUT i am going to talk about the NEW and pretty things over at Action! Not only action but also N-Core! So without further ado...
This is a new set of undies over at Action. They are mix and match with 6 different colours to choose from. OMG MY FEET!?!!?? Can you also see what i see??? They look REAL! Yes those are the NEW Ncore bare feet ;P They come wih sock options like all the new heels, loads more nail options, improved sculpts and textures for an even better N-Core experience :)   Back to the undies...
These are the Action undies available in the colours shown... They are mix and match so you can go crazy with the colours and be booring by putting black and black together *coughs* or be a little eventurous and mix your colours. I may have done the mixing a bit badly but you can see how you can imrpove! That means you are ready to explore with your panties and bras @_@
 Another pair of undies that match the bras are called"cheeky's". They are in complimentary colours to the bras and are the hotter version of the everyday pair in the above pic and look oh so cute! Both the everyday panties and the cheeky's have this cute little black bow on the front <3 And SORRY i forgot to take a snap of the back of these booty hugging panties D:  The shoes worn with the cheeky panties are another NEW pair of heels at N-Core called Chic. If you havent noticed already, they are ankle strap FREE! Thats right! No more hideous anke straps concealing the seam between your avatar and the feet skin \0/ The shoes have alphas and i believe you MUST have the latest viewer (or one that handles 2.0 layers - tatoos and alphas) for the shoes to look their best. ALWAYS TRY YOUR DEMOS!!!
Here are the shoe colours...
And the pedicures...
And some snaps i took of the HUD menu + sock/stocking options (they are really awsome!!!)
Now for the hair... my favourite part of almost every look ^_^

This is Penelope!
This is Josh...  male style for the sexy guys out there but i couldnt help but pop it on and see how it looked on me :3

And last but NOT least, Isabella. This hair comes with an option to add a tulip style flower into the hair and ofcourse you can recolour the flower so its awsome :D

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aevana pale M9 (500L per makeup, 2500L per skintone fatpack. Each skin comes with 11 tatoo lipcolours)

Hair: Action - Penelope/Isabella/Josh Essentials Pack (150L per single colour or 250-325L for multipack)
Undies: Action - Everyday Bra/Boi Shorts Panties/Cheeky Panties (250L per pack either the boi shorts or the cheeky's. Both packs COME WITH the bras and in 6 different colours :D BARGAINUSSSS!!!)
Bare Feet: N-core - Feet (495L for the feet, they come with all sock and nail options in a single pack)
Heels: N-core - Chic (595L per colour or 4995L for fatpack)

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