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Monday, 7 June 2010

Couture or just damn pretty...

Hey guys... sorry for the super long delay. been working on this post for a VERY long time so check it out. I called it Couture or just damn pretty becuase some of this stuff isnt exactly couture but its "damn pretty" lol. Enjoy the pics and CLICK THE PICTURES TO VIEW THEM LARGER!!! Ive featured all sorts of items from brands like Vita's Boudoir (an RL designer bringing a SL twist to some couture designs), N1CO (new clothing brand that hasnt been blogged enough at all. designs ranging from crazy gowns to sexy mini dresses), NM (couture brand owned by the same man behind MAJOR fashion label PixelDolls) and another that is so new people are probably unfamiliar but when you see what this lady has been cooking you will wish you knew earlier ;P
This pretty gown comes complete with face hatmask, swirly neckjewels (they remind me of Swarovski jewels... the design reminds me anyway) and this prim skirt WITH lace train and black crystal hip thingy. Oh and earings :D... SO you basicly get this whole thing in a pack for you, naturally you can mix it up with other things like adding a chest prim from another dress to change the cut around the breasts, change the jewelry for something that is similar and works. Overall i think this dress is great, its one of the designer's earlier designs so the cut around the breasts isnt amazing but overall this dress is 10/10. Why? becuase of all the accessories included!!! and the dress is nice and flowy :3
This is another dress by the same brand, inspired by the sarah jessica "sex in the city" tluip dress. The dress is super short (ultra smexy ;P) with hip and shoulder accessories. I love how this designer makes use of prims, i mean take a look at the shoulder piece in the middle pic of the model. It looks crunchy/crimped and ofcourse all the textures used are fab. This is one of her NEWEST dresses so the quality is 100% I teamed this dress with some lovely heels from 24 Shooshoes and this NEW hair from YunA hair shop. 24 Shooshoes is great becuase of their barbie toe foot shape and its also super easy to adjust skins with the use of 2 different colour hud's to cator for the many skin tones. Not to mention the fact each pair of heels comes with a "betty boop" style so you can basicly have many looks out of these. The hair is from a store that i am sure many already know of called YunA, owned by a very sweet Japanese designer that makes styles to suit all sorts of themes. Sadly the hair's are NO MOD but the colour packs are not too expensive and they styles are scripted so, win win situation :D
Now this dress for me is the creme de la creme, another tulip gown with an amazing cut around the breasts (super flattering), a hair piece thingy and front tulip piece. The dress comes with eveything apart from the wonderful jewelry and those stockings. The stockings are from my Phoenix Rising ALL in 1 dress set called Frilled. Jewelry from A La Mood, you can not really see the jewelry sadly but i am wearing the ring, earings and necklace from the set called Nightlife in platinum. Jewelry made by this brand is nicely made, the sculpts are darling, recently she has been taking her time to cater for the male Second Lifer's but the jewelry is magnificent. HAIR!!! i used this newie from Exile, i believe its called Adrianna or Adrienne, either way its lush. It has this "i believe in genie" look which i adore :)
These 3 dresses are from the brand N1CO, they dont only make garments like these though. They focus on everyday wear, sexy clothing as well as these beautiful gowns. The detail on these gowns is crazy! Each gown has full accessories for one to look complete. I heard about this brand through a friend, when i saw their work i was knocked off my feet and wondered why on earth nobody else had blogged these wonderfull dresses but then again, beauty is not always noticed by many. Some people go for the major brands like coco and stiletto moody, maitreya even and leave it at that :(
 This next dress is one of my absolute favourites (the whole combo) in this post, it is from Vita's Boudoir. Now i already mentioned the designer is an RL fashion/couture designer so this stuff is always top class, sexy and stylish. This combo is made with her dress called Chantall and this mask called The Shadow from LG (they made the shorts worn in the "i taste like candy" post). Not to forget my modded version of the Tuty's/Mrs hair called Venice which was acctually designed for drag queens 0_o LOL so yeah i pimped it out and made it scream vogue rather than tudor bride runover by a truck, fed macdonalds for a year then made into road kill. Used one of my favourite sets of jewelry WITHOUT the earings (i find that earings in general make me look ghetto or ancient) and my Stiletto Moody Marilyn heels (sm shoes are a must in my outfits dunno why lol). Ok just going to say now that i prepared all the pictures in this post to handle coloured backgrounds but in the end i sorta became lazy and went for the simple white so... yeah BUT at least the hair looks good now :D otherwise you would have seen a white glow around the hair <_< Naturally becuase i got tips from a Bottled Blonde and well... she didnt exactly give me the right tips to get my hair as smooth and lush like her blonde weave. She told me to use yellow highlighters and mix it in with clothing softener =/  The dress comes with 2 different styles of skirts so you effectively you get 2 looks for the price of one, and this dress is one of the latest designs by Vitabela so deffinately check this out.
This is another that i love the dress is so pretty and looks exactly like what its called which is "neon marilyn", the dress is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's famous floating dress thingy picture lol but she added highlighters to the dress to really spice things up (sorta the same way i did my hair... but the dress looks somewhat better with that method XD). When it came to jewelry for this dress i was so stumped you can not imagine, BUT i found it in the end... Do you remember who made the cigarette glasses in my lady gaga post? no the local newsagent didnt make it -_-" It was made by Dotty from O! Bleak :) These earings are called DnA and are from that same store. They dont just make glasses or gagalicious items but they make all sorts of crazy stuff which is great as it adds to diversity and veriaty for the customer. Shoes from the one and only Lelutka ofcourse in Electric royal.
Ok these two dresses are amazingly darling, the first is a newspaper dress NEW release from the brand and the other is a brand new dress made specially for the Black and Blue fair (i have some skins there :3) Now these are amazing dresses, the look ive noticed she seems to be capturing is this sorta elegant feathery angelic look. ALL her dresses are flowing and pretty like her RL dresses (you must see her real life designs omg you will DIE :D too cute for our eyes haha seriously). Oh i tamed the last dress from the black and blue fair with these insect hat ALSO from the fair by Atomic Bambi, they also have some masks on 3 colours (i prefered this insect hat :3).
This dress is one of my faves and one of the first fully primmy (sorta) couture dresses by Agnes. But why wear it out of the box... no way i pimped it out gurl! I got this tribute dress from the Phoenix Rising on the ICON sim, i simply popped that stuff on this dress lol but the top prim i had to dupe and attach on chest as well as left and right pac to really make it look cute :3 I love this dress it has a really nice shape to it and the roses that pop out are just the icing on top! I wore my Saab hair from leleutka with this in Beach blonde and my 24 shooshoes in silver (the ones with the diamond stones... i believe i used the same ones in an outfit combo in my Lady gaga post).
This is one of those one off dresses from Eret!ka, when i saw this i knew i had to blog it, it sorta has this birds of prey look to it but with this crushed slik touch. Unsure what to say becuase words can not really describe this dress... i genuinly have none lol. Like most of the dresses in this article this also came with a headpiece. The dress has a very sexy phoenix rising sorta cut to is so i loves that about it; used my ganked jewelry to really make the dress pop. FINALLY got a chance to use my Exile Scene hair, I told Kavar (owner of exile... if you dont know him you need help 0_o seriously... but most importantly you need to check out his work. 153% put into everything he does) anyways yeah i told him that this hair reminds me of the hair worn by lead singer of Tokyo Hotel (i almost typed tokyo drift LOL) the guy that sorta looks like a beautiful woman but is acctually a man 0_o but yeah its like his daily hair but this scene hair wont make you bald in the long run and you can use lots of hairspray to make this work... Tokyo man will be bald by the time he reaches 30 -_-" BUT i will be there with a replacement weave so he will always look his best :3 The shoes worn made my O!Bleak, the first pair of the Alexander M heels made for the gaga monster! they come in 3 colours which are sold separately. If you want something more colourfull Pacadi Jasha is your brand, i found out yesterday after a biref chat with co owner Lotta that they have a small shop open so... yeah check it out becuase it might still be on sale :D
Now these dresses are by the secret brand not many know of called LG style, this italian designer has really gone all out with her designs, she is like a mini gaga but more cuvalicious :P Her designs are crazy wonderfull and must be seen...Now when taking this pic SL did its daily "ima fuck you over" thing and i didnt realise so pardon my bad photography LOL The leggings in the middle shot are the same as the others but they got blurred >,< This dress comes in not just white but also...
Dont like white? go black... amazing dress in two captivating colours (i love the skirt prims SO MUCH).
This gown is made by the same designer, only in black. I wore this with my Marilyn heels from SM and this head piece from LG called the creature. The prim work is great, it can be quite flattering also. i personally prefer looking at the front of the dress as im not a big fan of the train but the whole dress is mod to some degree so feel free to go crazy XD
Another dress, super cute, love the cut around the breasts. the use of primswas orgasmic!!! this lady is amazing with her prim work i must say, ive mentioned many times that if a designer makes use of prims the right way then i die of happiness LOL well im dead right now, well back from the dead to write this post then ill go back to my hole in the ground *hears some people with blonde hair cheering so she scowls at them and shows them her sharp acrylic nails* :3 OH almost forgot im wearing my pimped out O hara hair from lelutka... I just rezzed this hair one day and hacked at it untill it looked like a tamed version of Saab. I really do love this style :D
Now i used these wonderfull heels in my lady gaga post but as some of you know the stupid gif image i made didnt work so... here are all the colours :D I told you they were delicious and lush AND even though they ae feet shoes you can barely see the feet so you dont have to tint perfectly \0/ and obviously the sculpts for these heels are amazing haha look at that SHINE *drools over her and hugs her heels*
One of my favourites, love this dress and it comes in white and black :D Now for shoes i was so confused, hair i knew instantly i wanted to use Exile Fiona but shoes was a toughy. Then i remembered the ballet shoes from SLink. Now i bought these myself and i must say am i SLIGHTLY disapointed. I took my full body shoes so the whole avi fits on my whole screen (feet going under the local chat bar area etc) BUT the sculpts for some if not just the one front strap went wild. Now i have been told this is somethign to do with LOD (level of detail? i dunno LOL) and well i have no idea how exactly this LOD business works but that stuff makes sculpts go crazy and start shrinking etc. Like these heels i got from Fri.Day yesterday, they looked so cute, they had been on bloggs for ages (the ones with the shoe strap that goes around the heel of the shoe). Now just saying this now, my feet are size 0, always have been and always will be. But when i zooped out to take a full body shot the shoes started showing my avi toes 0_o and i was like OMFG my feet are tinchy. LOD once again. Like i said i have no acctual ide what it is and if there is a way to ensure this doesnt affect all if not most of what i own but yeah... it sucks ass. Im considering turning my graphics to max when i take pictures, maybe it will help?
LOVE these dresses, ive never owned ones with this metal thingy as a skirt (the metal thingy was once used to hold skirts in the gown position in the tudor times... one style to make dresses look round and large and another to make your ass like like JLo's LOL). 3 styles to choose from, my favourites are the first two. I wore this with one of the newer styles from Truth \0/ i think it was called eloise? =/
This bodycuit thingy comes with the hat and waist lace thing OH and the shoulder piece. This comes in 3 different styles but this one was my favourite. Its very gagalicious and flattering of the womans body. SHOES!!! so many have asked me when wearing this "where are your shoes from... they look amazing" or "LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your boots... where are they from?" these are from MB the designer that made the switch blade heels in the "fashions to kill" post. The shoes are ONLY available in fatpack option and are fully customisable. They have Restrain life viewer capabilities and this chain thingy that stops your avi from walking (was super awsome!!! i mean i didnt know there was such a thing to acctually stop your avi from walking :D). The shape of these heels even though you cant really see are fabulous, VERY high arch with super thin heels. Its a girls best friend for sure ;P
All designs made by this one woman, sold on Xstreet and at her inworld store. I was shocked when i found out about this brand. It took me forever to get this post up and i know the designer will be please to see it here and also ofcourse on other sites. She makes hawtness so buy some stuff and show your gratatude :3 she has made more outfits recently updating her collection so do check it out.
Now for NM Couture... As i said before this super talented man not only owns this fabulous brand but co owns with a few others the PixelDolls brand that we have ALL been to, shopped at at least once in our life time. Now the other Nuno strikes back with some lush designs in his personal couture brand with two darling dresses, Milan and Paris. The dress above is Paris, becuase overall im taller than most in sl so i had to pull the skirt prims down but the dress is lovely. The colours combo is strong and noticeable, wear this to a party you WILL get noticed. You could also easily attach some gold lace to the stomach and really make this dress pop. So many possibilities with this dress. BUT... DO NOT dance in this dress lol you will end up looking very retarded becuase the skirt prim in one each leg and on the pelvis/stomach/something. The darling shoes ive used are from this brand i only heard of recently though a friend on plurk... they decided to make this pair 150L cheaper (i think roughly) specially for the Black and Blue fair. The brand is called Orange Creations (i always seem to be thinking orange county... dont know why). The quality of OC heels are crazy they will blow you away, half way across the world. They sorta remind me of maitreya heels and their impecable quality so i love these shoes more (they are cheaper and look similar somewhat... win win haha).
 Now this dress is called Milan... its very beautiful alone (it came with these leggings) or you could make it look more innocent with a bolero or what i usually do is a bra bolero LOL I quite liked this sexy body suit from Deetalez (i think thats what it is called) and i thought why not mix sexy with sexy... usually i end up with a result that goes up in flames but this isnt too bad. This new hair from Truth was the cherry ontop for this look too. Once again i need to praise truth for his use of flexi prims for this cute flowy appearence for this hair. Oh i mentioned LOD's for the fri heels... well turns out that they shoes did have LOD but it was on such a small scale... my feet were showing becuase of a shitty foot shaper LOL so i just edited it and now my foot doesnt show \0/ but i see the inner sculpt showing up in some areas (grey inner lining of the show made as a sculpt) it isnt much of a biggy when the heels look this cute and they are currently on sale so GET THEM!!! The poses used in the above two pictures are from a store called BeScene. Ive featured two sets of poses from two packs \0/
 Now on to Lelutka... yes we all have heard of that brand, yes they make couture BUT they recently made a new summer fashion collection AND did you know they have a cheapy section of clothing round the back of their sim? The above dresses are ONLY 99L per colour, 4 colours and if you think that it still very expensive each dress also comes with an AO so you move like an angel and you look like a darling \0/
Now these two dresses are from her new collection, i love these new dresses the prim work is fantabulous. I acctually had a whole look planned for these dresses but at this point i just want you guys to see the dresses rather than full looks lolz also im lazy XD I teamed the yellow dress with these cute "stiletto boots" from Perquita (i think thats how you spell her brand :S) but i forgot to wear my necklace and now... im too scared to mention exactly which necklace becuase i know some others will try and get the same look so meh LOL OH the hair i am wearing is from Fri.Day btw, its really nice as it has this classy touch. I have used this hair in like a million pictures LOLZ
Another dress i found at the Black and Blue fair, was almost love at first sight and when i saw the price i was all over it like L.A.M.B ;P The dresses have this tudor burlesque touch to them with the use of these ruffles and the suade/velvet looking material. Deffinately a dress to go for.
The dress comes in in 6 sexy colours to indulge into. I got the fatpack and it was ONLY 400L... i got 2 dresses free :D
This outfit i made with the black tulip dress shirt from Coco, skirt from Phoenix rising and the boots from MB i used in another outfit from LG above. I am wearing some NEW hair made by Kavar at Exile. It features a multicolourable bow (you can change its colour via menu on click) AND the hair is mod... for girlies like me that are hair tint addicts this is perfect haha OH almost forgot... i am also sporting a set from A La Mood in black :D
GATOOOOOOOO... They make dresses too yaknow!!! and they made these two beauties, i deffinately love this red dress. I love it the most in her whole store acctually haha. Its very beautiful and the way she has used her prims, the prims she used are PERFECT. Now the dress on the right is an old Project themory dress (65/67L for the dress i believe) but she has kept it on sale for people like me :D The designer has made so many lovelies including some in snake skin (jackets, skirts, whole sets in pink and green... PINK AND GREEN *dies*).
Hazmatz... Growing fashion label in sl just like N1CO but newer to some degree. They always seem to please me, the designers LadyGaga and Lilmama have made some of the craziest dresses and they look fabulous!!! They are still learning how to make even MORE fabulous designs so stay tuned for some mind blowing dresses to help you dress to kill :P These are fairly new diamond dresses from the monsterball (they specialise in Lady Gaga clothing or Lady gaga inspired clothing), with 3 colours to choose from and the price being so low you seriously can not go wrong!
Is another dress from the brand Hazmatz, one of their latest releases and one of my favourites from their store. This dress is a sheer example of what they are capable of... give them a coupld weeks and see what else the gagalicious couple can make!
Also whilst i am here i would like to take time out to introduce a new skin i have been working on which most of you will loveeeeee... My latest skin Christina (christina aguilera) featuring many of the makeups from her hit single (i feel it should be a hit if it isnt already LOL) "Not Myself Tonight". Ive worked hard to make each look close to the acctual in RL making any lashes, extras that she has worn to make the makeup pop. Above is me modeling my latest skin in outfits made by Djod from Diram, new releases! Thankies for all the support and i hope you guys liked this post <3

Links to shops without prices becuase im lazy:
Fhang Candy Skins (Christina, Sasha+Carla at Black and Blue Fair, Barbie+Ida at Cupcake Bake Sale)
Vita's Boudoir (some dresses at mainstore and other at Black and Blue fair)
Nushru @ Black and Blue fair


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