Fhang Candy... because you simply can not get enough. Its so delicious you cant help but stick your fhangs into it. So delicious its fhangalicious.

Friday, 28 May 2010

CUPCAKE BAKE SALE... nom nom nom

The cupcake bake sale is STILL ON but refreshed with newer goodies for all you sexy people. It acctually started on monday but as usual i am as slow as a snail BUT i made some amazing skins for you guys to stick your teeth into. I want to say THANK YOU once again, one can never say it enough! I have got over 1000 viewers todate (couted a couple days ago and came to a total of 1035...) from 800 viewers/readers to a huge 1035!!! Thanks for all the support you have given me in reading my posts i really eppreciate it! Now check out the new skins:

These are the NEW additions to the bake sale skins, on sale for ONLY 50l... yes i am crazy LOOOOL

Link to Fhang Candy @ Cupcake Bakesale <-----

Michi xxx

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