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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bai Bai Jill T_T

The clothing store Jill will be closing its doors today... It is holding a farewell sale in store at the moment for all of its customers. I personally like the brand Jill and am devastated! I found out about this brand through a sexy friend of mine "Myu Ichtama" and now this amazing store is going to close. I cant say i am the most sad about this however when one door closes another opens :) (i dont mean another store will open i just mean in general lol... damn i mess up with these sayings).

Now onto the sale. The owner of jill has set all her clothing items at 50% off their RRP which is great for people like me becuase that means... SHOPPING SPREE \0/ When you get to the Jill store directly blow you (when you get to the entrace and acctually inside the store) there is a wall covered with a buttload of group gifts and several Lucky Letter boards. Scattered around the store are all the beautiful designs created by the ever so talented Jill Lemon.

She made a NEW group gift today as a goodbye, i hope to see you soon kinda thing ^_^
It is cute, she says she rushed it but i think she put alot of love and effort into this gift like she does with most of her releases.
These are some of her instore items which i got... i quite like them so wanted to show them off a bit. The first is this cute "lolite" (that japanese style i can't remember how to spell) dress is a must have, fluffy, cute and extremely flattering. Can be worn in many ways with a jacket or even a shirt worn underneath the acctual dress for an autumn look! The second pair is a set of sweaters that come with a shirt option as well (not pictured). 2 cute styles with long or short sleeves to suit any style. Have difficulties fitting your clothing? No worries! Jill has put in a version of the shirt prim WITH and WITHOUT resize scripts to make it all easy.

There is also this school girl style outfit that comes with two styles of ties! One with the basic colour and there is an EXCLUSIVE halloween tie also... Collars come with a star on it and the sleeves have options WITH and WITHOUT stars.
These were a must have to show you all... they look so amazing and so many colours to choose from you simply can not go wrong. With 3 different packages to choose from with 3 different styles you can find the perfect set of headphones to suit your style. Pack A has stars on it (black stars on the colours shown), Pack B has the name Jill written on it with different coloured bejewls depending on the set you pick and finally Pack C is the pack conatining hearts, dots and sctripes. Perfect combination. This is perfect for any neko, furry/hybrid, urban sorta style.
When it comes to bags... you have two options! You can purchase either a version with stripes (you get to pick from 6 cute colours) or a stylish record case (SHOWING the records inside :D). The Recordcase that is slightly transparent only comes in that one colour sadly but it deffinately worth every penny as far as i can tell ^_^

Items i wanted to get:

Would have liked to have gotten these items too (you all know how much i like my fatpacks haha) but i think i broke the bank so... untill next time my sweets AND RUN!!! BEFORE THE STORE CLOSES ON YOU D:

Jill Clothing and Accessories <--- LINK
P.s: Be carefull as it can get a little laggy in her store and dont forget to join the group and get all the group freebies!!! Kisses xoxo

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