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Monday, 9 August 2010

NEW releases...

Ive been releasing and not posting them for you guys to see... Ive been a BAD michi T_T
Ive recently made a "model staple" style skin... 3 skintones (pale, light and sunkissed... SUNKISSED IS LIGHTER THAN TAN ALREADY RELEASED... just saying lol). My new releases that have not been posted as yet are:
This is Aevana (pale tone is pictured), she comes complete with 11 SL 2.0 tatoo lipsticks to define your look. The model wears "TearsOfAphrodite" eyemakeup with white lipstick. Attitudes Lingerie was used in this picture. This skin was recently showcased at the SOL fair at an introductory price of 300L BUT the fair has ended so the skin is not instore at reg price (500l per makeup... fatpack prices are the same as at the SOL fair).
The previous release was the Nicki skin, inspired by the singer/rapper Nicki Minaj. Now before all of you guys start screaming "ewwwwww nicki minaj hate herrrrrrrr" the skin acctually came out pretty good despite the fact it is supposed to be her XD This is the first skin where i have included the shape used in the picture above. I have noticed some brands use one shape in their ad pictures that looks super HAWT then include a shape with either the same face and an ugly body OR a whole shape that is totally different and kinda ugly. BUT this time you get the EXACT shape (demo included in demo box) which is quite good :) "What you see is what you get" Indeed ^_^
Now for the release prior to Nicki, Rihanna. Now i am planning on adding more makeups hopefully but at the moment just going to introduce it (yes it is onsale instore). This skin has a face that will transform your face into hers... ive used the same shape on Aevana and Rihanna (surprisingly XD). I love how this skin is freakishly like an exact replica of rihanna but in SL. Like the Nicki skin... even if you dont like the singer herself do try on the skin becuase you may just fall in love :D
This is one of my favourites as i worked quite hard on it staying up at night around 2/3am to finish this baby off... and making the lash options for some makeups were a nightmare. I used the fact people usually say Lady Gaga could be Christina Aguilera's sister and used my gaga skin as a base to create this beauty. Another skin with 16 makeups that all come from a music video she has done or a variation. Each makeup includes 4 different eyebrows (original, lighter, brown and black). And before anyone asks "are the lashes in that picture photoshopped?" Nop they arent, they are included with the "KeepsGettinBetter" makeup!!! ^_^

Links To Stuff I Used:
Fhang Candy - Christina,Rihanna,Aevana and Nicki skins (all at 500L per makeup, amount of makeup varies from pack to pack).
Attitudes - Lingerie pictured in Rihanna and Aevana... oooo that rhymes :D (Prices are extremely LOW and affordable... that is what the designer goes for! Quality at a price you can not go wrong for)
BOOM - Pink heart bikini set (comes in various options for bra shape and panty style PER COLOUR... and like the lingerie it is cheap and affordable)
Action - The hair pictured in the Rihanna ad (cant remember prices and am finding it super difficult to find the hair... they have redesigned their sim LOL however the hair is like everything else affordable and very edgy... the designer goes for an edgy look rather than a pretty glam look that most stores already do)

BTW: cleavages used in some ad pictures are TO BE released VERY soon!!! \0/

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