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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Been a while...

"It's been a while
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
But I'm here now..."

Been SUPER busy in RL with the move... house is looking great but internet sucks over here... waiting for the internet to work in all rooms and properly lol. Now i want to appologise to anyone that had joined my group as I have been unable to send out the gift YET.

Basicly i closed enrolement to my group a while back (probably a week or two ago) and everyone ingroup would recieve a skin of their choice... whatever you want any skin any package. Your favourite makeup in your favourite package (only 1 ofcourse...). But ive been a bad Michi and have keept all my members waiting. So encase any members became fed up and left the group or you are in my group and thinking of leaving PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE!!! LOLZ

Give me a chance to make it up to you by getting the gift skins to you along with another extra special gift and i just hope you all continue to enjoy Fhang Candy products as much as i do :)

Second note... If anyone has any queries regarding Fhang Candy, or any product information that you would like to have whilst i am unable to come into SL do direct your questions to the official Fhang Candy email: fhangcandy@ymail.com

This is where i will be replying to questions you may have or anything Blog/Skin business related. Thanks again sweeties <3 LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUS

Ps: Please let me know if anyone has problems with my blog or experiences problems with my blog... I know quite a few people HATE the colour scheme (i thought it looked fruity, fresh and lively but oh well) and many do not exactly like the soudtrack either LOL so if you have problems with any of this DO send an email or even comment on this post. Keep me informed but keep it nice and sweet! Rude/mean comments/messages do not get anyone far when attempting to display a feeling XOXO

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