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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Happy Halloween :D

Halloween is almost here and i have TRIED to get a new gifty out instore. Ive made a new skin in Pale and Light skintones called Josette! I know many simply want a pretty skin but it IS halloween so i added something extra... A body tattoo layer called "Stitched Up", you get your blood, you get your stitches you get those nasty gashes for the coolio Halloween look. Here is a pic of the skin/ad pic:
This skin is exclusive to group members but group admission is free so hop over to Fhang Candy and get your gift ^_^  I really hope you guys love the skin as much as i do <3

Link to FhangCandy store <------
Ps: Attempting to get life back in gear then will be bombarding you guys with hawt posts on all the goodies! Trying to get one ready for posting soon so keep an eye out \0/


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