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Sunday, 14 November 2010

50L Bakesale is BACK!

Yes you all heard that correctly! I have finally brought back the bakesale i used to have and with brand new skins as promised... I now introduce the new skins Megan, Aishwarya and Kristen that are in the bakesale in 4 skinstones per skin :D isnt that just randyyyyyyyy XD
Thease skins come in two different packs featuring two different skintones... the darker pack featuring Tan and Sunkissed, light pack featuring Light and Pale skintones. Aishwarya AKA Aishwarya Rai has been made into a skin by OTHER brands but i felt the need to make her into my own skin... As mentioned before i am indian/hindu and therefore a fan of her acting in movies (bollywood movies people... she was fab in the ancient ones XD she is still good now though... watch the movie Provoked! she did that one very well and its in english ^_^). The skin came out very well and i am very pleased with it... only problem i want to point out is that... OK let me start from the begining! My Second Life has become kind of strange with prims having holes in them randomly... well i managed to fix that when i updated my graphics card HOWEVER when i took the pic of the Aishwarya skin in my OLD Ghia Fascino hair i saw a million holes in the hair prims it looked like Swiss Emmental cheese LOL. So basicly i appologise for the suckish hair in those pics becuase i had to paint ontop and then attempt to patch it up with parts of the Kristen ad XD Im so bad rofl

Now for people that dont know... Kristen is the lady from smallville!!! or i believe she is... >_>  AND You all know Megan AKA Megan Fox ;P

I do hope you like these 50L bakesale skins and enjoy them as much as i did making them and now wearing them :) Have a wonderfull day! Kisses xoxo

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