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Friday, 3 December 2010

Patent Lace and Weavalicious Things...

Hai guys... it has been a while since i have done a post and had two items in particular which are WAY overdue on their posting thingy bob. Those Mentine boots... everyone loved them and they were all the rage, ladies after this post anyone who does not already own a pair will be pushing, shoving and kill to buy a pair of these babies!!! Also a collection of Sienna dresses from Indyra's Originals which are basicly lace dresses with a short frilly twist to them. I want to appologise to Indy and Valentine for taking FOREVER to post these and hope although they are not BRAND NEW releases, you guys REALISE they are the ShizNit! lolz
These are those darling patent ankle boots... i wanted to take pictures like the ones Valentine had for her store and blog but didnt want matching matching becuase then i might as well have used hers on my blog rofl. Keeping it all simple for these babies... So many colour variations its like walking into a candy store and the shoes look just as sweet as candy! If there were not so many always looking at me i would probably be attempting to eat these shoes (guys you know damn well i would LOL... and dont deny it you would too! XD). The shoes have been sculpted with precision the way your typical Gos, Stiletto Moody or even Bax boot would be and i am VERY impressed these heels come with that expert quality but NOT the crazy price. Each heel comes with various colours built into the heel itself (i believe it does... mine do so yeah lol) so if "Barbie Pink" doesnt match your taste for the day you could always use "Peach" or "Hot Pink" :D

The shoes are fully modable in the sence you can change the colour of the sole of the shoes, the metal toecap thingy (if you want one or not, if yes then silver or gold? its fab ^_^) and ofcourse the resizing! The shoes are made FOR invisiprims HOWEVER you can use the alpha layer provided instead of popping on the included invisi prim feet covers so you can easily reduce your laggability rate (its a word... look it up in the pigeonlicious dictionary, kthankx lol). I deffinately reccomend every woman have a pair of these... it may be winter but who says you need to wear Ugg style booties and knit stuff? Every road is a runway... regardless of if its prim, glowing with crazy laser beams or just plain crooked becuase the person doing the land shaping was drunk. These heels will make you stand out in any crowd and scream "CUTE".
[please click the image to see it better... its so massive it doesnt fit in the post in a larger size lol]
For the perfect outfit to match i reccomend Indyra's Original's Sienna dress which is lacy with a cute collar that comes with various ribbon variations to suit your style. The outfit has a pair of heels made specificly to match but i have not photographed them sadly - they are cute so check them out when you look for this dress! Even if your preffered outfit is a pair of jeans or bermuda pants, these boots are amazing! I recently paired them up with a pair of graphite bermuda shorts from Pink Outfitters and it was like i had died and gone to heaven (i wore the socks included with this dress as well to really make the look pop)! And if you have not noticed yet, i have matched a pair of the mentine heels with each dress... CAN YOU SEE HOW THEY WORK SO WELL?!??!! Its like cream cheese on a bagel or sushi and wasabi... both work together so nicely and look cute! As its so cold and it is winter AND almost christmas i suggest the lighter colours for purchase, No#4 + 6 and 9 becuase those are THE best for those cold tempretures. One would assume the lace would reveal a little too much but acctually all my lady bits are hidden unlike a few articles of clothing on this blog where i have had to cover up with my OhMai! tube bra LOL

The dress works well with cleavage, so for all you cleavage crazy chicks... this dress will work wih your new enhanced rack! haha
This hair is absolutely gorgeous and the ONLY item that is brand new, right off the prim builder from Exile. Its the new hair called Lake! I ADORE this new style with its wavey tufts of hair and its sexy but classy style. It has the essence of your typical Exile hair doo but thekind of style that does not scream "gurl you be wearing a weave and it aint right... you better clip that s*** out and throw it in the bin! You heard me?". No way this weave isnt one of those cheap PVA DIY weaves... this is a Tyra banks lace front! haha The style fits perfectly onto my large head (my head is size 70) but naturally would look just as good on anyone with a smaller head. I am wearing Chocolate which is a lovely tone that matches my Aevana skin's hairbase \0/ I am so sorry i keep repeating myself i have to stop and stare at the image above and then continue typing! I just love the style THAT much... i cant wait to get back into SL to stare at it in real time LMFAO haha

Sorry for not posting these goodies soon enough, do check it all out and drop a comment on what you think! I will deffinately be sporting this look for a while ^_^

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aevana pale in M2 (500L per makeup or 2500L for skintone fatpack, each makeup comes with 11 tatoo layer lipcolours \0/)
Boots: Mentine - Ankle boots in ALL colours (690L per colour pack or 4850L for fatpack... There are also legwarmer addons for 95L per pack with two packs available! Perfect for the winter look :D)
Dress: Indyra's Originals - Sienna dress (550L per colour pack AND matching shoes are 875L per colour pack)
Hair: Exile - Lake in Chocolate (250L per colour or 1000L for fatpack)

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