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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Choramimi Delectables!

A post that is long overdue... Choramimi clothing! This japanese designer HAS hit blogs a few times but i want to go that step further and attempt to do the brand justice. The designer is a very sweet, cute little japanese girl. She has a very creative imagination for outfits that look firece but also lolite (i hope i spelt that right!) at the same time. Let me show you some of the hawtness i picked up at her store ^_^
This is the "bea-onp" dresses... they acctually come with leggings and are long enough to cover your bootey but becuase i am so tall I sort of mess it all up :3 So i have worn these equally delicious BOOM skirts to cover up! These dresses are like baggy babydoll tops tucked into a pleated skirt, all one attachment. All sculpts are of extremely high quality as you would expect from any larger brand like KIM Bodysuits. My only problem was the skirt... The acctual pleats in the skirt have no shading on them so indicate the acctual pleats when windlight is on for those flawless images we all know about and love to take. Somehow with my new lappy, updated emergence viewer the pleats look PERFECT in these windlight enabled shots so... dont pay too much attention to what i am saying lol. The dresses come with matching horizontally striped leggings which are UBER cute but... becuase i am so tall with my spidery long legs i look like a pigeon on crack when i wear it all as is XD

LOVE the BOOM skirts... they arent a new release but i love them to bits regardless of their ability to appear "trashy" to some degree. Depends entirely on how you rock these booty hugging darlings! Do purchase a pair of these and try them for yourself, if you dont feel them working for you then do not fret! They are super cheap so if they dont work just leave it ^_^ But i bet you gals will love them as much as i do :D
Next up are a set of tank tops that come with two lower attachments but i prefered the second style and stuck with that. The first attachment was for a babydoll style top and i have always found them make me look prego >_> They work fabulously on some avatars, i have seen! But on me it is, "take it off, burn it, burn any proof of wearing the babydoll and move on with your life!!!" lol. These tops are really sexy and cute at the same time, making them versitile for many outfit combinations. I wanted to go for a casual look so popped on a pair of folded pants from Pink Outfitters and the boots i forgot to photograph for the previous post from Coquette. The denim-ish style pants are no longer at the Pink Outfitter's store as far as i am aware but they have plenty of other goodness that is just as coolio!

I am wearing the BRAND NEW Exile Nyx in this outfit compilation. I adore this style for its windswept appearence, it is very cute and well built. I remember a point in our SL lives where everyone wanted special styles for photographs to get the blowing in the wind effect. We used to rush to 69 hair and overload the designer with purchases of her pose hair. You no longer have to do that when you have designers like Kavar from Exile making styles perfect for photography and dailywear 100 times better and in a larger selection of tones!!!
The style in the first image is also an Exile hair called Rina. Picked it becuase it was perfect for my Megan Fox look (used Fhang Candy 50L bakesale skin as a base ofcourse). Like Nyx, it has a gorgeous windswept look that has been constructed VERY well. Before writing this post i acctually walked around for a little bit in the outfit in picture 1 and was told "omg your hair is amazing... its windswept with waves but looks like its in motion. Where can i purchase it?...". That is the reaction i get when i wear these styles XD Want show stopper looks? Exile is for you without a doubt!
These are the new Sienna boots from Indyra's Originals that match the dresses by the same name. As you can see they come in 10 different colours... But i made a slight booboo when i did the shots. Basicly usually when i take pictures some things either dont load PERFECTLY or take ages to load. Two pairs of boots did not load exactly right BUT the boots are top notch. My viewer, graphics is just crap LOL These boots are like taller more suade looking versions of the very popular Redgrave bikerboots. They are equal in quality, texture and look amazing with any outfit. These were designed for the dresses but wearing them with a skirt, pair of jeans or bermuda shorts works so well. These shoes should be on your christmas check list!
Lastly a shot of something many SLers wanted, and SLink made happen. The first of its kind, prim teeth. Now i will start with my positive comments (everything new has pros and cons...). The teeth look amazingly real, like the stiletto moody of teeth! They are not scripted meaning NO or less lag. You also get many different versions to suit your avatar mouth shape... The cons now! You have to tint the lipstick and teeth by hand, that means "edit, check that little box so you edit selected prims, recolour/reposition/resize". The lips do not work so well with highly detailed lips (i managed to make them fit quite nicely on the lower lip of this Megan skin however other skins may prove to be more tedious). Also baring in mind that skin creators tend to add heavy shading around the lips to create the desired mouth shape... These lips do not compliment those shadings but work against them showing up as random light patches in odd places (noticed this alot around the upper lip... i make the lips fullbright when doing windlight settings so it looks flawless to some degree). AND... yes there is more... and no i am not bitching lolz... AND unless you know how to edit prims effectively (like you can at least fit your hair accurately, build a wooden prim pigeon and make your very own neko tail... if you can not do any of that you are in trouble LOL). Overall as i had no problems fitting, had some but not too many re-colouring and resizing was ok, i give these teeth a 7/10. 7 becuase they look fabulous but are a bit difficult for the majority of SL fashionistas (i know one in particular that decided to make the lips invisible in an attempt to fit the teeth properly LMAO no names...) to fit properly. Also they can be a bit of a nightmare with the shading issues... But do get yourself a copy!!! Try them out and let me know what YOU think :) I love them...

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Megan in Flirtacious Midnight & Luciana in Liner Bare (Megan is 50L for 2 skintones with 2 skintone packs to choose from. Luciana is 500L per makeup and 2500L for fatpack. Cleavage shown can be purchased at the Fhang Candy store BUT only works with skins from the same store!!!!)
Dresses & Tops: Choramimi - Bea-Onp + Tank tops (Bea top onp is 100L per colour and the tank tops/ cotton cami's are 77L per colour! CHEAP & STYLISH :D)
Skirt: BOOM - Verie mini skirt in golden rod, khaki and lavender (143L per colour and "gluttony pack" is 1800L for 18 colour variations!)
Shoes: Coquette - Sienna (around 650L per colour)
Hair: Exile - Nyx & Rina (250L per colour pack and 1000L for fatpack)

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