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Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Bring on 2013 :D

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Tis been quite some time since I have blogged or had any real action within SL ("good lord! I thought you were no more my dear!") :P
Fhang Candy will live again as a blog and skin brand. Expect further news very soon :)
Happy New Year my lovelies!
Took this pic in my store-to-be. As I said... Fhang Candy isnt gone. Michi needed a break and a lot of Pop-Tarts xD

Truth JUST released a wonderful "happy new year" gift to its group members! It was such a gorgeous gift... If you are yet to get your mits on them then I suggest joining the group and getting a hold of these lovely hairs!
Summary: Classy, elegant and comes to you in an array of options and colours. Thank You Truth darling <3 p="p">

The shoes are a lovely pair of UN-RIGGED mesh feet heels from Baby Monkey. Although unrigged mesh seems virtually the same as sculpties to me (mesh is still super new to me lol the specifics are hazy xD) these heels do look gorgeous and whats more... they are absolutely FREE! Lucky letters are wonderful are they not?

To NOT talk about this dress would be a sin! And I swore never to sin... *hides the nearly empty box of cookies under a rug*
This is a NEW group gift dress for VIP members of FANATIK. The dress is gorgeous, rigged mesh and is very well made. The folds in the fabric are wonderful and very realistic! And a plus is if mesh is Modify you are able to tint to your heart's content. I tinted this beauty pink becuase... Pink is awesome ofcourse! "whoever though orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed" - Elle Woods

Now everyone can party in style! Yes keeping up with the SL trends can be hard but now you have no excuses! Quickly go grab these goodies so you can look gorgeous and fabulous for 2013

Squishy Huggies darlings xoxo
Michi <3 p="p">

Truth - January (loads of colours FREE group gift)
Baby Monkey - Lilith in Red (there is a cute pair of these in GLITTER RED! Dorothy just got upgraded with 6 inch heels xD  its cute! You will find it in a red sack... its not hard if you like taking stairs :P)
FANATIK - Tweed dress with belt (mesh and comes in multiple sizes as expected for all mesh items)

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