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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Start 2013 with a BANG!

Today I am opening my christmas presents late... Yup, how can Michi possibly forget to open up her presents! Insanity! Ive decided I will open them up with you all and share my new goodies + some wonderful frees - Gotta catch em all!
A close friend of mine had given me an assortment of gorgeous pearl necklaces from Morantique. Already had a set (which i wore when opening the gifts - ref my crazy reaction shot lol) from Morantique which i love a lot... But there are brothers and sisters to thiswonderful piece!
All of these necklaces are available at the Morantique LUSH store - My favourites are the Gardenia and the Era.
 G Field have some wonderful RIGGED MESH winter dresses available at their store! Fabulously free and gorgeous! Easy to dress up into something very girly and cute or dress down into something more trendy. I love my Docs so i decided to team them up with this dress.
 These are some amazing boots which are a staple for anyone in SL. Yes Mesh is the new black in terms of fashion however I still like my sculpties becuase... We became fashionable with them so shunning them becuase their more attractive sibling has come over is unthinkable. But that is my opinion :)
Gos is a great fashion brand retailing accessories, footwear and much more (i believe they do furniture!). I spoke to the owner a while back and he told me the method of doing it all, each prim piece is twice baked (kinda like scrumptious cookies right? so cool!). Plus simply zooming in on these babies pretty much speaks for itself, they are very detailed, look real and when i stare too long i almost try to grab them from my screen!
 These boots are available in 9 basic shades however, like everything at Gos you can buy colour packs for additional fashion fun! I purchased every single colour add on so i can really customise. Each pair of Docs from Gos come with a funky menu so you can change the individual textures and the style (ref number pics, 1 = pristine, 2 = abused and 3 = loose). I normally go for Loose becuase it looks really relaxed and sexy with a pair of jeans or skirt/dress.
 Say hello (and goodbye if i am too late... sorry guys!) to the christmas and new years gift from Lelutka. Many may be seen running around in this hair, it indeed is a lovely piece from the Lelutka girls. They never fail to amaze me. This hair is very long and sexy and like most things can be "dressed up" for an elegent look or "dressed down" for a sexy maybe sultry look. The decision is all yours! Join the Lelutka group and grab this hair in the Hair Department of the sim, click the Tree and the Boxes.
 3 NEW Happy New Year gift hairs by Exile. I have worn them all in "Bleach" which is a colour I like quite a lot for its multitonal colour. Its a nice natural bleached blonde. All of these hairstyles are wonderful however my heart sways closer to Betty and Violetta. Rayanne is a funky style with its pretty braid coming down the side but its very different (different can be cute though! I shall give it a test drive).
Very nice of Exile's owner Kavar to give us these beautiful hairstyles as a gift. Its a nice thoughtful gift perfect for the season and available in an array of colours. Dont like blonde? Maybe black? Blue? Silver?... List goes on :P
THANK YOU Kavar <3>
Lastly we have this sexy number by ISON. Rigged Mesh again, absolutely free at their store (just join the Avenue Magazine Readers group and click the vendor - she is all yours!). You can instantly achieve Beyonce style curves at a click! Furthermore ISON's clothing as far as I am aware is MODIFY, that means I can recolour to my heart's content to get that perfect shade of blue, purple, green etc.

Michi xoxo

Lelutka - Vent Christmas/New Year's Gift (group gift in-store)
Exile - Violetta + Betty + Rayanne (subscribo gift no#7)
G Field - Winter Christmas Dresses (blue and red) 0L
ISON - Shoulder Dress in blue (group gift)
GOS - Docs fatpack (NOT Free  595L per colour OR 1975L FatPack)
GOS - Docs additional colours (200L per colour pack)
Morantique LUSH - Milano (350L), Milano II (280L), Gardenia (280L, Vanezia (220L) and Era (254L)

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