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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fashion Combos ALMOST forgotten

Hey again... i know im on the road to smaland right now sending my second post for the day but i HAD to. This is a gorgeous outfit i took pictures of before i started the Lagy gaga post and well... it NEEDS to be seen!!!
Please click the image for a larger preview... Necklace is ONE of the new designs from Ganked. The heels are Ncore soul WITHOUT the chains and stones. Teal wrap dress is from Deetalez and the baby pink bra from Attitudes. As you can see i was in a rush so i had to use some masking tape to stick these pictures to the post and i forgot to stick down one picture *hopes it doesnt fly away* =/

I was just thinking about a movie i once watched several times called Sim0ne which was about a virtual beauty who become a superstar in the movie and music industry. She wore a dress that looked like what im wearing in the picture but naturally with more sequins and longer... But that is where my inspiration came from. This combination is so powerful, if you want to turn heads you can! Sexiness and class in one :D

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla in SmokeyGold (500l per makeup)
Jewelry: Ganked - Flutter in blue (200/250. per colour comes with bracelets and earings)
Hair: Lelutka - in beach blonde (300l per hair colour package)
Shoes: Ncore - Soul (795l per colour or 3995l for fatpack) 
Dress: Deetalez - Wrapped dress in mint (340l per colour with many colours and print designs to choose from)
Bra: Attitudes - Reuilly in powder pink (175l per colour... VER inexpensive if you ask me!)

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