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Monday, 19 April 2010

Geek Sheek

Hey yall, like most of you guys i went and did the project themory thingy bob with the 75l SPECIAL items. What did i find? Glasses that matched my purty hair from Exile and an awsome photography accessory!!! Is that all? Hell NO lol I also found a NEW release of cute high waist skirts from the same designer of the gorgeous glasses... None other than Urbanity! Sewly who you think it was jeez. PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURES TO SEE THEM BIGGER.
This polaroid photography set from Action is amazing... not only does it come with this photograph to stick in your mouth *munches on the plastic and paper mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm* it also comes with posing props like a camera and some energy drink XD NOT ONLY THAT you can rezz this awsome box onto the floor and put a picture inside somewhere (i was having a blonde moment and couldnt do it lol) and the picture will pop up on the polaroid where it says "your picture here". 
These pretty glasses come with this daisy on the side BUT what if it doesnt match you hair, your eyes, your toes 0_o  ??? then simply change the daisy colour in the HUD :D The hud supports the recolour of the handles, the initial frame and ofcoure the daisy. These glasses are officially GEEK SHEEK!!! Exile Lulu was perfect for these glasses. Although this exile hair doesnt have a texture changing thingy for the daisy the glasses have a colour for the daisy that matches with the exile hair so... win win! I love the way Kavar (designer of exile... please tell me you have heard? OMG you havent 0_o  shame on youuuuus SHAMEEEE! He is only the god of hair you pigeon +_+ ) Has made the hair have a retro twist. Its like the typical retro style but it has that class to it aswell hence the reason i meshed it with this combo. I think it works quite nicely dont you? :3
Socks... Akatsuki my dear. They made the chuck booties in my previous post and they made these sport socks too! The owner is deffinatly a man of many trades. The socks come in an array of colours WITH prim cuffs to go with each pair. I thought pnik might be nice... these pink socks have purple and pink stripes @_@ When looking for shoes i had trouble... I kept thinking Stiletto Moody... Stiwetttooo Moddeh?... Stoooltoootooo Moodai?... then i INSTANTLY thought forget that sheesh CLEARLY cant work those with this outfit so why not go for basic stilettos rofl lmao HOC apparell make the cheapest recolourable footwear i have seen in sl. Female and Male footware prices range from 30l sometimes 50l its really dirt cheap. Im wearing the MEB stilettos package 1 thats the basic colours. They have a pack 2 which has leapoard print and stuff so yeah those are awsome ;P
Now onto the Cardi im wearing... In my lady gaga post i mentioned a shop that has freebies, ALOT of freebies. That store is Oh!Mai, ALL their basic clothing items have a free white colour for the taking. This cardigan is something i picked up from the upperfloor of the basics clothing department at her main store. AND the pink corset type top is part of this jumpsuit/dress 2 in one outfit from the same store. Im wearing the fushia colour which comes in the freshbrights package. You dont HAVE to wear it with a skirt and you dont have to wear it as a jumpsuit there are so many possibilities. You are only limited by your imagination. ALL these items of clothing at Oh!Mai come in loads of pretty colour packs so if you can afford, and you like her work i suggest you support the designer and make a purchase ^_^
Now finally onto those beauties. The highwaist skirts from Urbanity, NEW release :D!!! When they first came out officially i got a copy *screams thank you to Trixi for being a dear. Sends squishy huggies in an envelope to her* When i unpacked these... OH warning if you get the fatpack... be warned for ALOT of unpacking these boxes are like those russian babooshka dolls, there is a bag in every bag XD But eventually when you hit the goodness inside you will drool like i did haha
These skirts come with two different waist designs. Camo and cow something (look at those pictures... one looks like a cow and the other looks like camo so whut whut yeaaaaaaaaaah) now once again becuase i feel you are like goldfish... beautiful, fashionista, fhangalicious goldfish :3 Click the picture to enlarge and see it BIGGER! These skirts come with this cool zipper on the front that looks like it is half unzipped. Its one of the best types of zippers ive seen in sl for sure! I say one of the best because i cant rememeber ALL the zipper outfits but these zippers look so real lol These skirts come in a zillion colours as you can see so no excuse for not wearing these with your technicolour jumper your grandma gave you for easter... yes it does look like the sewing machine blewup BUT you can wear sexiness with it and rock that jumper like you enver have! *turns away to giggle insanely at the picture of the baby chicken hatching out of its egg shell on your jumper* It is a sexy jumper i swear... totally  redcarpet ^_^

Once again just want to say... You saw all dis shtuff here FIRST if anybody be posting more colours of these dresses REMEMBER i planted the seed and they got it from me ^_^ I need to b able to take charge and b able to take credit for items of clothing i located after hours and hours of painstaking teleporting @_@ Remember b unique and b yourself DONT try to b anyone else : ) Do it the Lady Gaga way!

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite in Oldrose (500l per makeup)
Skirts: Urbanity - Highwaist skirts camo & cow ALL colours (189l per colour or 929l for fatpack)
Glasses: Urbanity - Project Themory special (75l yesterday should be on sale today too)
Hair: Exile - Lulu in a brownish colour lol (250l per colour pack)
Shoes: HOC apparel - MIB stilettos (50l... ONLY available as fatpack)
Socks: Akatsuki - Sport socks in pink (FREE picks gift... add this amazing store to your picks and click the board)
Accessory: Action - photography set Project Themory SPECIAL (75l yesterday unsure if still on sale)

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