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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Taste just like candy ;P

OK firstly i finally fixed that stupid kink i had with sl... certain objects were red in colour, namely the scripted ones... i accidentally typed Ctrl + N insted of shift n and didnt realise... thats what messed it up in the first place so after weeks i realised and pressed once again Ctrl + N and its all gone im so happy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *ahem* back to my post...
Yesterday one of my favourite stores (my favourite becuase when i first found out about them there was a 10l sale LOL and i bouhgt everything i could which was like 95% of the store XD but they had extremely stylish designs so... yeah...) called Paper.Doll, the brand that made that cute "your boyfriend wants me" mini dress released two new teeshirts! Well sleeveless tees not exactly teeshirts but they are so awsome and sexy. I bought the fushia pink one for obvious reasons lol Take a look:
"Next time you kiss your man... Tell me how my lips taste..." Is that not a cute top or WHAT!?!!?? lol i absolutely love it. Its a great tee like the mini dress i mentioned. The top sadly only comes in this single colour BUT i deffinatly reccomend it :D I bought this yesterday and took the pictures but passed out on my keyboard so this is a late post for a NEW product. ALSO When i was on xstreet i stumbled over another brand called Akatsuki. They made these beautiful stiletto toed sneakers. The come in an array of colours, black and pink, grey and pink (pictured), white and red and blue and white. My favourite colour is... erm... shoot unless i can say all of them then i have no answer to that lol. First sign of dementia talking to yourself and attempting to answer your own questions 0_o LOL They make clothing and footwear for male and female. Stay tuned for more products from them ill be posting VERY soon *stares at the pile of clothing and shoes she must post from Akatsuki and drools* and just as a note... IF YOU SEE THESE OUTFITS POSTED BEFORE I DO BUT AFTER THIS POST THEN YOU KNOW I MADE A FASHION TREND :D

When i wore my LG dhara shorts in black i instantly thought if i combined them with some pearls and made a semi emo look ide look quite hawt haha Soooooooooooo i put on these pearls with ruby stones from ganked and this BRAND NEW hair from Exile. The hair is called Alyson and im wearing it in champagne (surprise surprise LOL). And just to add that extra kick so i do acctually look like an arty emo i popped on my Lady Gaga paparazzi skin with light blonde brows (comes with three brows so you can always have a diff look with the same makeup). The DenDuo eyes make the makeup pop in a sort of vampire way... this makeup and those eyes are a deffinate PERFECT combo in my oppinion anyways haha

Anyways take care my dearies and keep up the good work in reading my posts LOL jk ofcourse ;P
Oh and fight the crime of bloggers copying peoples posts or styles... Like content theft so many bloggers have their posts copied wether they are big like our dear Gogolita or SMALLER. The blogs with no feeds are the ones that are most vulnerable. Lets do something about it NOW, lets B* original and B* ourselves : ) 
(no my breast size isnt double B i am not hinting that... everyone knows i am double G jeez)

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga in paparazzi (each skin is 600l and each makeup comes with 3 types of brows)
Hair: Exile - Alyson in champagne (250l per colour pack, my hair will be in the light blondes package)
Shoes: Akatsuki - Chuck booty pink grey (369l per colour)
Shorts: LG - Dhara shorts in black (275l per colour)
Jewelry: Ganked - All that jazz in ruby (was a free gift in subscribo... I think otherwise onsale 200/250l)
Eyes: DenDuo - Vampire in blue (each package is 150l and comes with two different colours)

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