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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lady Gaga... is... is le monstre de gloire

Ok firstly "le monstre de gloire" is the fame monster in french lolz. Secondly this post will feature outfits ive attempted to remake either using full outfits and accessories or a mixture of items Lady Gaga has worn or inspired by her. Thirdly CLICK ALL IMAGES FOR A BIGGER VIEW SO YOU CAN SEE THE OUTFITS *nearly has a heart attack*. Now before i put all the pictures and tell you about how Stefani Germanotta has used her skills and knowhow of fashion to make these lovely ensambles i would like you to watch my all time favourite clip from Scary Movie 3 LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7zoX9MGMbk  Seriously its so funny its been making me laugh for years, ive seen this video a million times even the movie like 20 times but it makes me laugh so much :D It makes me laugh more becuase a certain bottled blonde i know looks like that in rl with her not so blonde hair LOL Im Brenda the black woman... the dead chick is bottled blonde. Have fun with it :3

Now onto the fashions... these colaborations have taken me weeks to sort out and i still havent been able to feature some work from designers so stay tuned for more accessories and stuff.
The above are outfits from the music video Telephone featuring Beyonce. I had purchased the Jail stripe dress and bodysuit chain outfit from Diram. Diram is an amazing brand featuring celebrity inspired or celebrity outfits. The owner has successfuly converted RL to SL with these fashions without a dought : ) The jail stripe dress in particular has to be the best version i have seen in sl along side the version made by a brand called Freaky. I teamed both of those outfits with BAX ankle boots in patent black. Btw with the ankle boots if you want to pose sexy with your AO and sit like a norm chick ide suggest going through the menu of the heels and "fixing the feet" or i believe its called lock and free... you will want to lock so that the shoes over ride your ao and poses making your shoes appear seamless at ALL times. Awsome right? :3
The gorgeous jail bra and panties set (coming with the fish net stockings and gloves) are from a store called Ash's Trash. Originally specialising in Britney Spears clothing but now creating lady gaga clothing as well!!! It didnt come with a jacket so... what jacket to use i was so braindead when it came to thinking then it POPPED! Aoharu ofcourse ;P The Aoharu Leather studded jacket (without the shoulder optional attachments and with silver studds). Aoharu clothing as mentioned in the other post has magnificent clothing. Their sculpts are made to look perfect and fit seamlessly with their clothing layers which most clothing brands fail to do. But dont worry all brands on this blog averified by the Michitron inspection machine so only good outfits are presented ;P  I wore the J's Toes Ankle Boots in black (the copy made specificly for trousers which is in both the ankle boots package and the tall boots package. These are round toed i believe).
I mentioned the Freaky store earlier... only because their "Bad Girl" outfit is featured here ofcourse. The part where Lady gaga is leaving the jail place and meets her "hunny bee" lolz btw im still having cravings for what lady gaga took a bite of... i believe it was caramel pancakes or something...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D Anywho *shakes the cravings out of her head* that outfit comes complete with hat. The outfit was initially worn with platforms and i felt these from Ncore worked perfectly. The extreme platform something something only available in fatpack which is over 1000 lindens but super cute nonetheless and worked like a charm with this outfit so double kudos for me haha
Before i forget, it was damn hard to find exact styles and modifying them to look like the exact styles so if they are not exact dont kill me i tried my best and if you do try i will get samara morgan on you. After her facial ofcourse she looks like she needs one... The jail bikini outfit features Exile Fiona (PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT BUY THIS BEFORE YOU FEEL DISADVANTAGED), Bad girl outfit features hair from Truth called and the last two outfits have this fairly new ish Lamb hair called Witch in Powder.
More outfits from telephone BOTH from Freaky store... And before anyone decides to smap me in SL with "where yall find that purteh blue had..." Hunneh i photoshopped it in -_-" I couldnt find it in SL and i couldnt be asked to make my own prim version so i cut it out of a picture rofl. The Police tape outfit was amazingly perfect but the head tape didnt fit my exile hair properly so i resized the prims and BAM im smexy LOL Once again im wearing the platforms but recoloured to yellow :3. The cooking outfint was lovely, built in nipple tape, two different belt types and cool shoulder pads :D It looks the same as what Lady Gaga had worn when "making a sandwich" then adding a lovely cocktail (dont even think about it... i know what you are thinking and its raunchy lol) of Rat Poison, Meta-Cyanide, Fex-M3 and Tiberium now i dont suggest you search for these items and use them on your worst enemy but its good to know WHEN you have to kill a cow. And everybody knows "when you kill a cow you gotta make a burger". The Cooking Gaga outfit is teamed with Ncore's NEWEST heels called Temptation. The Ncore Temptation heels are so pretty as they feature a spiderweb style around the sides and back. Now if you read my post on Stiletto Moody Bette you would know i ALWAYS wear french manicure nails so essentially im over the moon these have a colour that is like that. Maybe Ncore's next step is to work on more gagalicious styles, who knows @_@
Random compilation of outfits from Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga Videophone, The concert with Lady Gaga and Elton John and ofcourse the Paparazzi poison outfit. The paparazzi outfit has been teamed up with an inexpensive corset i modified from Xstreet from a brand called jet doll. Jet doll corsets looked nice but they are a bit off so please avoid and find a higher quality one from another brand. I tried Lelutka and Abyss but i guess i forgot to try the latex fetish store called SHi nvm lol. The ywllow mickymouse outfit came from a Fame Monster store in sl which i found by accident (not going to lie), the owner/designer makes her own creations (some better than others) which are not bad. She has made quite a collection of outfits so deffinatly take a look. Her clothing is ALL inexpensive i believe around 50l per outfit but it varies. BTW the fame monster designer made the lady gaga telephone haircurlers attachment thingy, doesnt look very cute and im thinking of making my own version but its still hawt :3 The Lamb hair called something i can not remember right now becuase i am starving to death in powder worked perfectly with the look. I couldnt see Lady Gaga's feet so assumed and wore the safron pumps from lelutka in neutral/natural/whatever black. The other two outfits are from Ash's Trash, seriously this lady went all out and made loads of outfits. The Green sequin outfit comes complete with matching heels and face mask (pink glitter eyemask thingies... resize and make it fit when wearing). I teamed it with an older style from Lelutka called Donetella (like the lady who owns versace) the pack was less than 300l i believe becuase it is an old style with not as many hair colours as others. However the Videophone outfit comes in two parts... the swimsuit and shoes are in two different packages...Why? becuase some people may want pink, green or blue rather than yellow. She has made an arraw of colours for the punmps and gun package to suit your taste and btw some packs have a BB gun insted of a pistol so if you want to look like gaga Gaga in an italian mod movie then you can :D This outfit was worked with the Truth Stephani hair in a colour from the light blondes package (i am not in sl right now and i own so many items its hard to keep track... i hope nobody incinerates me for being disorganised lolz smoochies).
More outfits from the Freaky store (seriously i told you this took me weeks so this is going to be one long ass post and you WILL like it lmao). The "Fashion Baby" outfit from Badromance where Lady gaga wore heels designed by Alexander Mcqueen, god rest his soul. You can find Snake skin versions in Silver, Black and Snake at O! Bleak BUT You can find Floral Print versions at Pacadi which are cute. Ive got both becuase they are both different and i deffinatly advise you get both too. Pacadi armadilo heels do not come in red, silver, yellow or any soli colours for the moment and the brand is currently having a closing sale so go there when you can and get it before they close. They are not closing perminantly but for a while untill further notice. The badromance red outfit worn around the end of the video, "i dont want to be friends..." is worn with the Exile hair once again (im totally in love with it :3) and these UBER cutefemale boots from Hoorenbeek. THE first set of female footwear made by the brand and very pretty. I got them in the cuffs package becuase they looked purty :3 but really i couldnt decide and i had a major dilemma so i asked my girlfriend (she says im her mother... she totally aged me by 30 years bish LOL) and she was like "i dont like the cuff ones i like the non cuff ones... but i own both :3" -_-" so basicly i got the pack she didnt like and well i LOVE them J'adore ^_^
I made a Magazine :3 i called it Fhangalicious, just kidding. I decided to try a different layout so i hope you guys like it then i can make more untill i wear out the design completely then have to make a new one LOL. Continuing on from where i stopped on Haz Matz (by the way i typed everything im about to type already but my FU****G computer decided to reboot AGAIN! im going to make a bombfire out of it and the blogger website said it saved just before my pc rebooted... IT LIED its a stooooopid biatch it is!).The outfit in the bottom right corner is from that store, its the bikini Lady Gaga wore when in florida. Originally i had no idea what hair to wear so i hacked away at my Lelutka Ohara hair and made a neater style that is similar to the original and another from the store called Saab. Tis Cewt :3 BUT then i went to Exile and found this lush hair called Kendra which looks EXACTLY the same as the hair Gaga acctually had in rl with that outfit so... BIG kudos to the combo which is exact :D I tinted the hair yellow becuase the fatpack had no yellow but its not everyday someone wears yellow... the fatpack has every colour under the moon/sun/pigeon lol. Two outfits in the top left are from Ash's Trash. I got these Stiletto Moody Lucile's from the store the other day and was like O.M.G becuase it was just so amazing. Like ive said before their new sculpts and textures are ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I got the fatpack once again and took a pic... my first animated pic of all the colours.
I genuinly have no idea if the image will work so if it doesnt... the shoe colours are White, Badseed, Bottlegreen, Tan, Aubergine, Midnight, Aubern, Celadon and Black (the list is something like that... Im writing this all out of SL so please check instore for these items and check the credits on this post). These are THE first feet heels NO heel shoes in SL. Stiletto Moody have made the type im wearing and another which are less like boots and more like heel less heels if that makes sence lolz. Btw if you want to get noticed and have people looking at you like "dayum gurl i see her titteh and she fyneeeeeeeeee" wear the Red lace outfit. I wore it to Poetic colours where i got my pale blue eyes for 200l and this guy was like "you are so pretty..." well more or less then was like "i cant help but notice you..." "wana take a ride on this stallion *wink wink*" ok the last one wasnt really said but the first two were ROFL more or less :D I am still the creepy cat lady from the end of your road... with my diorientated weave and gagalicious couture :3 *dances around with two teacups over her breasts and a dead pigeon stuffed into her hair then begins to catwalk down her road whilst throwing her deranged cats at her neighbours*.  
 The Bottom Left outfit is from the Kiss store. One of her earlier designs i believe. It is proof she has couture in her blood. I saw it and thought... OMGAH this is so cute and my little deranged kitties can not tear it up so this is perfect for my closet :D Then i took my creepy cat lady ass to Bax boots when they had their reopening. What did i find? Two exclusive packages of prestige boots in gold and silver packages @_@  I almost died but i cant... i need to throw more cats at people. Dun hate lol I wore the silver bax boots with this dress and it worked so perfectly i looked so sexy and with this Exile hair called Zoe in this very loud colour i rock this look :P I thought i could match this dress with other things so i popped on my fame glasses from HazMatz and my HoorenBeek boots in black and BAM i was still hawt (btw that dead pigeon i had in my hair before has been removed... i put it in my fridge so it stays fresh :) LOL). Oh i was shopping AGAIN and went to this store part of the stumbledum thingyboob and found these two packs of almost 60l per pack heels. They SCREAM "the fame" and "fame monster" so i had to pop em in, Roumer has it she MAY be making more in other colours for her amazing shoe collection.
The top left outfit is a combo from Kiss and Gos. The hair is something i cooked up one night when i was bored as hell, tired as hell, craving for custard pie like hell and then i made hair which... looks like hell BUT its hawt lol. Gos boots are the cutest... they are so detailed like any other brand if not MORE. As said in one of my previous posts the creator baked, bakes again and then bakes a third time all the textures to the parts of the shoes, glasses. This ensures THE MOST realism in the quality. I love woo Gospel for your wonderful work :D *big kissies and smoochies and a spank on the ass cuz im bored lol*. 
 The Top from Kiss is a britney dress and the leggings are paris black. Both lace style and work together perfectly! This was an outfit gaga had worn when having a night on the town :3  OH almost forgot... Chuculet... They have this 1l or 0l package of a lady gaga hat and shades... top floor of their store, i am wearing the glasses from that package. Moving onto another brand like Freaky i found using my taste buds for high quality fashions called Eret!ka. They have made the two outfits in the top right corner. The hair used in the nearly centrealised outfit from Eret!ka is Bow from Magika (freebie hair from that hair store along with many more), the Other Eret!ka outfit, the hair used is from Epoque called Pop. The boots worn with the grey lady gaga ensamble are none other than the Ncore Huntress in white. Have you ever had problems with your leggins where you see skin around the ankle or on the heel... AND YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO?!??!! Well these boots have 3 different styles and style 3 has a built in led warmer that blends in quite nicely with leggings. The silver legging outfit i teamed that with Perquita heels called acid drops. These shoes have a cool recolour and resize hud ni them to make the whole outfit matching process easier : ) these heels and a few more at the main store are lush and what i call gagalicious! The Glasses from O! Bleak. These glasses are uber cute butthe designer Dotty doesnt just stop at those fame glasses oh no, she starts on others like these studded ones as part of the outfit on the bottom left. She has made matching bracelets and neck chokers for the shades in gold and i asked if she would make silver too. I am wearing her silver set. 

I have coupled this set with Hot Mood NEWEST dress which like everything else ive posted so far, comes in a zillion colours. the dress has an asemetric skirt and comes with two different shoulder pad thingies im wearing version one of the shoulder pad in the picture. HotMood also made the dress in the bottom right picture, the black dress. Its so pretty, totally high fashion!!! comes in two versions with a bikini bra and without i wore it without so i could wear my bra from Attitudes lingerie store. I wanted something that looked classy but also sexy and ofcourse cheap as possible so Attitudes was the bra for me! The bra worn is called Reuilly its one of the newer lingerie sets i believe. Jewels are from Ganked, the BEST jeweler in SL for sure. They are like the SL Swarovski rofl, i know the designer for a little while and i KNOW for a fast she isnt like some where they act arrogent and rude when they can. Misti is one of the kindest people i know i dont know her EXTREMELY well, a hi here and a hi there but she is sweeter thank candeh :3 I am wearing a Jewelry set called Shyayn from her store. 
The shoes worn as part of the outfit are ofcourse Stiletto Moody Bette in white... No surprise there hehe. Ive also worn them in tan with the outfit above (centre ish on the right page). This is an outfit Lady gaga had worn when going clubbing, was in the london newspapaers saying "gaga with her ratty wig..." anyways rofl my sl Lelutka Lea2 hair isnt as ratty or wild as her RL style so its better in someways roflz. This is another dress from the NEW HazMatz. Now im not going to lie or anything, because they were new they have alot of knowledge into creating seamless outfits with perfect prims and we all know the longer the skirt the less there is a need for a prim inbetween the legs. They arent perfect like the newish brand HotMood but they will learn over time. These outfits no matter how many kinks are lovely. Lady Gaga had worn that latex ensamble with nude coloured pumps but i decided to hell with it Stiletto Moody Bette in tan will be just fine and look hotter lol.
The other designer at Hazmatz made the glittery blue suit i am wearing on the left page in the centre. She has made the leggings and the swim suit in separate packages... then i thought why not merge them into one? and you can see the product. I am wearing Exile Claudia NEW hair at the store along with Lulu and Alyson. I had gotten the free gift in their group the other day and it looked like a lady gaga hairstyle so i went over and pinched the fatpack for myself :3 A girl can never have enough hair or shoes. 24 shooshoes once again, amazing designs im wearing another pair of heels from them. This pair comes with ankle bracelets of some kind that match the initial shoe colour. They look so cute and edgy BUT you can also wear them without the bracelet for a classy elegant look : )  2 for the price of 1, 1k again and i find it totally worth it im in love with the barbie toe hehe.
Last BUT NEVER least is... oh mai... no oh mai... NO ITS CALLLED OH MAI sheesh... I went over looking at their store (btw the whole layout is so cute... im not going to give away the surprise just pop over to her store and take a look at the sim she is on its so funneh and cewt) I found that in their Highfashion department there is a 1l asemetric swimsuit and ALL white coloured items from the Basics collection is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE So i am wearing her sheer leggings in white with her asemetric suit and for that touch or barbie elegence i popped on a pair of 24 shooshoes.
Just encase anyone was wondering... "wher dat beeeeeech get hur skinz. It aint right she look awl gagaliciousness..." It is a newly released skin at Fhang Candy skins!!! Each skin comes complete with 3 eyebrow colours being light blonde/LB, dark brown/DB and the original light brown eyebrows she has before. And just as if that is not enough ive made this skin with 16 makeups which is NEVER to be done on any other skin. All regular skins are with 11 makeups and 500l per makeup. The gaga pack will be 600l per makeup and when the emerald viewer decide to update their viewer with version 2.0 ill get some gaga face extras for you guys :D 

Lady Gaga Outfits Image 1:
Exile - Fiona in Champagne (250l per colour pack, This colour is from light blondes package)
Lamb - Witch in Powder (300l per colour pack, this colour is from the grayscale package)
Truth - Linda in Swedish (250l per colour pack, Swedish comes from the light blondes colour pack)
Freaky - Bad girl dress (250l complete with plaform heels and hat)
Diram -Lady gaga 1 (jail dress... is 450l) Lady gaga 2 (is the chained body suit thingy... 400l)
Ash's Trash - Jail bra and panties (199l with fishnet tights and half gloves)
O! Bleak - Cigarette Shades (200l for the glasses with no smoke and smoke options and 3 cigarette mouth attachments in 3 different lengths)
Aoharu - Short riders jacket in black (aproximately 300l per colour, each colour coming with gold, silver and no stud attachments)
J's Toes - Ankle boots round/Long boots round (ankle is 400l per colour and 2200l fatpack AND long is 480l per colour and 2600l fatpack)
Bax - ankle boots black patent (690l per colour or 3999l for the fatpack)
Ncore - Extreme Heels Ultraplatforms fatpack (1190l ONLY available in fatpack)

Lady Gaga Outfits Image 2:
Exile - Fiona in Champagne
Aoharu - Amelia in mont blanc (280l per colour pack, mont blanc is from the blondes dark package)
Freaky - Police tape outfit and Make a sandwich outfit (ALL lady gaga outfits are 250l)
Ncore - Extreme heels ultraplatforms fatpack and NEW Temptation in white (single colours are 595l or 2495l for fatpack)

Lady Gaga Outfits Image 3:
Lelutka - Donatella in beach blonde (99l per colour pack, beach blonde is in the blond package)
Truth - Stephanie in Mirage (250l per colour pack, mirage can be found in the light blondes package)
Lamb - Bang bang in powder (300l per colour pack, powder can be found in the grayscale colour pack)
Ash's Trash - Videophone and GlitterGreen Concert (Videophone is 99l and the green outfit complete with shoes and mask is 199l)
Lelutka - Safron pumps in neautral black (415l per colour or 1494l for the fatpack)
Ash's Trash - Videophone yellow comes with gun (199l per colour with 6 colours to choose from)

Lady Gaga Outfits Image 4:
Lelutka - Xanthe II in beach blonde (300l per colour pack, this colour is from the blond package)
Exile - Fiona in champagne
Freaky - Badromance red and Fashion baby dress (250l per outfit, Fashion baby dress comes with hat and shoes included NOT shown)
Kiss store - Bad romance outfit white (400l complete with shoes, hat and bracelets)
24 Shooshoes - No# 20 in white (1000l per colour)
O! Bleak - Snake skin shoes (250l per colour, colours are black, gold and silver)
Pacadi - Armadilo Alexander Mcqueen Snake skin alt styles (100l per colour)
Hoorenbeek - Zhara boots in black (520l per colour and 2100l for the fatpack)
HazMatz - Golden shades, Marc jacobs and fame glasses (each pair is 100l)

Lady Gaga Outfit Image 5:
Exile - Zoe in aqua and Kendra in champange (each colour pack is 250l, the kendra hair was tinted yellow)
Truth - Linda in swedish
HazMatz - Florida outfit (ONLY 80l)
Ash's Trash - Redlace and awards ropestyle dress (redlace is 199l comes complete with head sun and the awards dress is 249l)
Kiss store - Vogue dress (250l only available in one colour)
Stiletto Moody - Lucille in white (2199l per colour OR 9979l for fatpack)
Hoorenbeek - Zhara boots in black
Ncore - Soul (795l per colour or 3995l for fatpack)
Bax - ankle boots red sude and Prestige boots in Limited edition silver (875l for silver and the same for the gold pair)
Jazumi - Diamond heels in red and white (58l stumbledum special offer unsure if still instore)

Lady Gaga Outfit Image 6:
Fhang Candy - Fame Monster in blonde (hair is a free group gift, go to store, join group then click the purple and blue gift box to recieve the hair in many colours)
Exile - Claudia in champagne (250l per colour package, this colour is from light blondes package)
Lelutka - Lea2 in beach blonde (300l per colour pack, this colour is from light blonds package)
Epoque - Fashion Pop in blonde (275l per colour... all hair come with HUD colour changers)
Magika - Bow in blonde A (FREE at the store in a package with many other hairstyles as fatpack freebies)
Cake - Dakota in blonde (300l per colour, this hair was tinted light pink)
OhMai - Sheer leggings and asemetric body suit (Both free or 1l at the main store)
HazMatz - Lady gaga latex, torn leggings and glitter onepiece (Latex is 99l, leggings are 20 and the onepiece Viktor is 80l)
Kiss store - Britney dress and lace leggings (britney dress is 150l and leggings are 70l both only come in black)
HotMood - Bisous noir and Retrostyle dress in white (Bisous is 250l ONLY one colour, Retro is 250l per colour with 5 colours to choose from)
Eret!ka - Lady gaga grey and Lady dance outfit (around 350l for the grey one and 200l for the shiny leggings one)
Stiletto Moody - Bette in white and tan (1699l per colour OR 6999l for the fatpack)
24 Shooshoes - No# 11 in black and No# 20 in black (1000l per colour)
Ncore - Huntress in white (595l per colour package and 1995l for fatpack)
Gos - Dare booties in black (975l per colour, NO fatpack option available to my knowledge) 
Periquita - Acid Drops in black (400l for fatpack, NO single colour packs available only as fatpack)
O! Bleak - Studded set and Fame glasses (studded set is 200l per colour, silver or gold and come with glasses. Fame glasses are)
Ganked - Shyayn (around 200/250l instore NEW design)
Mons - Timoni bracelet, Wilce Ring, Moonlight necklace and World bracelet in brown(rings are 40l fatpacks, bracelets are 100l fatpacks and necklaces are 100l fatpacks. ONLY fatpacks available)

Lady Gaga Outfit Image 7:
Monster - Orbit, Fame Killer outfit and HAH glasses (orbit is 250l, fame killer outfit is 200l and the glasses are 25l)
Jazumi - Diamond heels in white

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