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Saturday, 1 May 2010

I just killed my boyfriend...

One of the designers under emerging clothing brand Haz Matz sent me this amazing dress today so i thought why not show you guys too ;P
I absolutely loved this dress when i first got it... SO MANY have tried to make it and failed miserably its so sadening BUT then Haz Matz comes along with this beauty. Slight adjustment required depending on shape of body and height then you are good to go!!! Becuase this dress is a prerelease i have no prices for you. Check the store tomorrow and locate it instore you WILL NOT REGRET!!!
Shadow is burnt, yellow dance and return
My lashes are dry- But the teardrops I cry
It don't have a price
Loving you is Cherry Pie
Cause you know that baby I... just found these hawt stiletto moody boots called Anita! Aint no man gonna come in my way of Anita and me, I will kick, scratch, beat you and yo momma too! Damn riteee... thas why i poisened you and now goin to jail you stupid @$$ LOL
 please click this image for a larger preview
These shoes come in  16 lush colour combos... one of the FIRST pairs of heels (first pair of peeptoe bare feeties too!) with two toned combos included in the fattypack!!! You have black with a gazilion colours and all the other shades with at least ONE different colour. I was so happy with this becuase i was finally able to match any and every outfit down to the undertones in the dress thanks to these combo tone heels. As said in previous posts, the NEW Stiletto Moody heels have BRAND NEW fresh sculpts with textures that hug these smexy designs flawlessly. The new sculpts are more detailed, more real and more sexy *growls making crazy hand gestures like lady gaga*.
please click this image for a larger preview
Anita peeptoe heels... 16 shoe colours but is that all you get? no no my dearies! You also get 8 DIFFERENT pedicures :D and you know mama fhang loves her french tip but you get these other sexy colours. It is like Stiletto Moody is the SL version of YSL nailpolishes or something haha.

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga in MAC for HIV (600l per makeup, each makeup package with 3 different eyebrows)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Anita fatpack (little over 7000l)
Dress: Haz Matz - Papazrazzi Mugshot Dress (check tomorrow for the dress and its price instore... comes with accessory)
Hair: Lamb - Bang Bang in pale (300l per colour pack, this colour can be bought innthe blondes package)

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