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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Miss Stoopid Bitch Face XD

First song in my playlist... just found it and thought its a great song lol The words relate to a few people i know... If you guys know anyone that fits the description DEFFINATLY make them hear that song lol it will make their day XD Now on to clothing before i get carried away talking about... *look down sewly!*
I popped over to one of my MOST favourite stores in sl... Aoharu Anex... My favourite becuase the owner not only has been making clothes of fantastic quality since she opened but she always has a new idea out, a new design that is really cute. If you are looking for a diverse collection of clothing (their shoes are my FAVOURITEEEE Anex I <3 YOU lolz) Then Aoharu is where to go... There are plenty of other stores in sl that are amazing like FK and ofcourse Myth (found them at the clothing fair hawt stuff i will post very soon) but this one ive known about for aeons :3 
 NEW DENIM  LINE AT AOHARU!!! Denim Boots, denim shirts, denim shorts, jeans you name it... Click the picture to see a larger version! You can see the impecable detail on those boots so well... you will understand why i like their footwear haha. Oh about the background on the picture... i ran out of poleroid pictures to take pics of myself with so i took a pair of aoharo jeans and tore them up, then started posing whilst lying ontop of the thing... i think its cute lol ITS CALLED RECYCLING im being green dun hate. Anywho... I always buy fatpacks you know me but this time i decided to only pop pictures of these three boots becuase i wanted to fit space of me holding my pepsi can (yes look carefully its in my hand rofl) regardless of me limiting your viewing... you can see clearly the details on the boots, the textures of the plastics, metals and denim used in the manufacture ^_^ The denim shirt also, same thing, fantastic design to flatter even the flattest female XD You aint in need of implants when you gots yo-self one of these. Both shirts and boots come in an array of colours (denim colours but diff shades of blue/black etc).

I teamed all that shiz with this CUTE mini dress from Paper Doll which reads "Your boyfriend wants me"... Incase you DIDNT know... yes he does want me, after he saw me at Vixen hair posing bald he thought *dayum that gurl so fine ass* especially when i spit shined my britney baldness. 
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And their like
It's better than yours,
Damn right it's better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge..."
1000 lindens per lesson... each lesson will consist of weave removal, acrylic nail application, booty implanting and booty shaker lessons LOL
The dress comes in multiple colour combinations i am wearing the Teal and Black combo in the above picture. The dress has short sleeves and is a deffinate cutie to your wardrobe... Caption and print tops, dresses are totally hawt and i believe are in fashion too! kill two pigeons with one stone :D

My weavalicious hair is from Vixen ofcourse... The NEW Juniper in Coco. Its a pretty haircut with a fringe and long hair around it. The hair like others in her store come in MILLIONS of colours and come complete with resize script to make your life easier. Im unsure if i said this in a previous post but i used to stalk this store and their special offers... when i found out they got new designs i had to ditch my old hairs and buy everything with new textures... the best thing i ever did. Her new updated styles rawk and so do her BRAND NEW styles like Juniper, Anise and Jasmine : )

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Luciana in Asian Grace (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Remake Denim Boots in Black, Washed and Ripped (900l for fatpack and 420l per colour)
Shirt: Aoharu - Front Knot Shirt in Washed (280l per colour and 980l for colour pack A... thats the one i had gotten)
Hair: Vixen - Juniper in Coco (250l per colour pack or 2995l for the fatpack)
Dress: Paper.Doll - "Your boyfriend wants me" Mini dress in Teal/Black (210l per colour with 5 DIFFERENT colours... yess you will want all of them :3)

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