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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Gaga about le mode ;P

Hai yall!!!
 I was shopping (ooooooooooo surprise surprise! lmfao) and i found some GREAT things which you must check out... a dress that is or looks like it is inspired by the Lady herself, some heels that are based on the style of the Lady Gaga Bad Romance gold ballet style heels around the end and a hairstyle i made for no apparent reason rofl
I slaved away at 2am to make this damn hair so you guys better like it... NO... LOVE it... yes you better kiss my creepy wig and buy a free copy of it instore rofl I made it in blonde (when i wanted to make simple hair for my skins solely... i made only a blonde texture and recently deleted all of my textures from my computer so i cant make any new colours)but i tinted the hair to other colours and will have this hair instore for you guys to pick up... 
I watched the Bad Romance music video a million times and to make this hair and used these icy vampire eyes from Den Dou to make the look really POP. these eyes come in a veriaty of colours, each package with two colours sold at 130l per pack. Deffinatly a great buy.
I found this amazing dress at Oh!Mai just the other day... i looked at it in awe thinking its so beautiful and so lady gagaish... and now i i made it happen lol. Oh!Mai make alot of beautiful clothing... highfashion to casual dailywear clothing. When i shop i dont just buy one item so anticipate more of everything and anything you see on this blog... IF its on THIS blog is it officially fhangaliciously delcious!!! Btw click the image to see it bigger... all my images are massive but are scaled down in this blog... when you enlarge you see how detailed the clothing is and you will TOO love it all as much as i do. This dress is simply a work of art; simple yet elegant, colours muted but looks fabulous! If you like Lady Gaga this dress is deffinatly something you need in your wardrobe. DO NOT MISS THIS DRESS!!!!
I came across a new store called O! Bleak which specialises in Lady Gaga style accessories... My heels... from there ofcourse! The designer for O! Bleak has studied the heels in the Bad Romance video and brought us the style in SL. Impecable detail in the heels as well as the clothing making this outfit the perfect combination.
When i saw this outfit all together i thought INSTANTLY Lady Gaga Fame Monster lol

My Outfit:
Dress: Oh!Mai - Silhouettes Emerge (400l with one colour option... the one in the picture but its cute so deffinatly get it)
Shoes: O! Bleak - Gaga Black Snake Skin Heels (each pack is aproximatly 125l... They have glasses here and other things. Its worth a look)
Hair: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga Fame Monster in Original (currently a group gift... join the fhang candy update group and click the giftbox in the centre of the store. Valentines group gift skins also still avilable instore)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Sakura Evening Dew (Gatcha skin, 150l per round loads of different skins to be won and lots of different skin tones including one skin which is a surprise skin :D)
Eyes: Den-Dou - Vampire Eyes in Blue (each pack of eyes comes in two colours and each pack is 130l. I have used my eyeshine attachments i got with my Poetic Colours eyes with these to make them stand out more. You can get them with the free set of eyes instore called Aurora)

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