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Friday, 12 March 2010


...we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side... *kisses her ganked jewelry and stiletto moody heels* ;P
I am so passionate about my love for shoes and jewelry... when it comes to the best in SL Stiletto Moody and the NEW Ganked store always come to mind. I felt like taking a dive and attempting to arouse a nearby sunbather... totally didnt work becuase the sim became empty in seconds -_- i will have to try again, and next time with implants and lots of baby oil LOL
This is the outfit i cooked up this morning with my Stiletto Moodies (my first ever pair i got begining of last year... i can still hear the hallelujah courus LOL), some cute jewelry from Ganked called Suri in Peacock... its an unreleased colour package and will be released in the next couple weeks, totally gorgeous, a mixture of crystals, emeralds and sapphires to make this piece really pop. The Suri set is instore in an array of colours already inc red and black, dont forget her jewelry is uber cheap so get it now or regret later (regret later becuase then you will see more hawtness and your shopping list will take you towards backrupcy LOL). And ofcourse this dress i found at R.Icielli called Barbara. Its free for a limited time (FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMG FREEEEEEE)... that is the kind of hawtness sl seems to lack from time to time and can have side effects of random orgasms lmao... or is that only me? ill stop now XD You can find it by simply going into the store and turning right, keep walking straight untill you just enter the last room on the right hand side of the store then look to your right for a clothing rack GRAB THAT DRESS!!!

This stuff cant be missed get it now if you can... the Stiletto Moodies im wearing in the picture are (or should be... they were when i bought them) the cheapest pair instore, they come in many colours but i bought the silver. Silver is cute :3 so are the other colours @_@ omg i think im going to end up buying the rest oh mai...

Todays Outfit:
(btw you can click on all pictures on this blog to see their acctual sizes as some are reallllllly big)
Dress: R.Icielli - Barbara in Lime (FREEEEEEEEE, instructions on where to find it is in the text above)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Audrey in Silver (was around 2000l per colour)
Jewelry: Ganked - Suri in Peacock (altnernate colours instore, this set will be released within a couple weeks)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Helaene in Bare (500l per makeup)
Hair: Lelutka - ULA (aproximately 300l per colour pack... i bought blonde and tinted it brown :3 dont tell anyone lolz)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Endless Summer (past freebie BUT currently a freebie instore for blue eyes called Aurora as well as many other amazing eyecolours on sale)
Poses: Miyoko Magic (because she works magic with her hands :D) - Drama Poses (unsure how much they are becuase i got them ages ago but check em out they are hawt)

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