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Thursday, 11 March 2010

I love Bette!!!

My undenying love for bette... Your beauty doesnt seem to displease me, gleaming away with your shiney accessories... STILETTO MOODY BETTE <3  *smoochies*
New bette heels instore at Stiletto Moody (the best shoe store in SL... dont know them? OH MY GAHHH *slaps you* hehe) with brand new sculpts & textures for a look you can not live without having. I got the full colour pack so ima show you ALLLLLLLLLLL the colours :D yes you may kiss me later and buy me another colour pack of stiletto moodies XD jk

Below are the 10 shoe colours you can pick from.
(From left to right) White, Badseed, Bottlegreen, Tan, Aubergine (i have no idea why it doesnt look like a dark violet... but its hawt so GET IT), Berry, Midnight, Aubern, Celadon and Black!!! 10 deliciously fhangalicious colours to choose from, not only does Stiletto make these 10 tatalising colour scheemes but you also have the option to make the shoe full bright and change the metal parts on the shoes from gold to silver... AWSOME (i can finally stop mixing metals and looking like a creep LOL... dont make too much noise though the fashion police are after me. Mixing metals was one hell of a fashion faux pas believe me!). You think thats ALL you can do? nope you are not finished yet missy.
8 beath takingly gorgeous nail polishes to pick from. (From top left to right going down) Badseed, Gloss, Natural, Scarlet, Black, French, Silver and Rose. Now when i saw nailpolishes on Stiletto Moody heels i normally just click french and be done with it lol but this time I HAD to look at them and i was taken a back with the realism of the nail colours. They are HQ nails thats for sure, if you cam into your nails closely you can see the bumps you would find on your rl nails which acctually made me smile :D
Now onto the full outfit i wore incase anyone is dying to know :3 I combined this silky lingerie from Blacklace (i got from the sale when it was on... thank god i got it then lol becuase it looks fantasticle with these heels rofl) called Red satin & lace babydoll (the babydoll piece is optional) with a skin from fhang candy called Ahprodite in a makeup called Touche Eclat (direct meaning touch of light, french to english). Im going to walk around in my bette heels for the rest of the day :D  Huggies & Kissies <3

My Outfit:
Lingerie: Blacklace - Red satin & lace babydoll (i cant recall how much it is maybe around 300l+)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite Touche Eclat (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Bette Colour Pack (a little over 7000l)
Hair: Ay.Line - Yuri Chocolate (FREE in lucky letter board also dont miss monthy group freebies instore)

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