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Monday, 8 March 2010

YS & YS NEW group gift

Was just about to log off for the day when i recieved an nc with a picture for this gorgeous necklace inspired by african tribal jewelry. I saw it and HAD to get it to here is a pic of it... its lush :D (ok im having technical difficulties with this post and its not letting me put this picture in the centre... STUPID IMAGE ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG) lol. Ok it worked now fantastic lol

Purty necklace is not to be missed!!! Ive teamed it up with Monika from Fhang Candy, makeup golden dowery and eyes from poetic colours "blue autumn" which was an old freebie but their stuff insore is lush so go for it. Hair is from Epoque, combination of a free hairpiece at the entrace of the store in the centre called "free life reserve" and the hair is a flat sideparted hairstyle (cant remember what it is called but it is sold beside the hair piece vendor). ENJOY!

Michi xxx

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  1. Im so sorry i havent been able to put slurls... i forgot to copy them and sl crashed me for the third time today... pweez dont kill me T_T

    Michi xxx