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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Runway Jewels

Was just shopping around today (had major sl problems... i was only able to teleport after removing all clothing items. Pretty much all the mjor clothing items anyway lol inc hair) and i found this dress.

Its a group gift from the store Roule. I am quite curvy in the pelvic and chest area lol (lady bumps in the RIGHT places haha) so i found wearing this dress extremely difficult... it was like i either walk around with my butt popping out from the back or my thighs coming out from the front or both. So... thanks to the designer making her dress modifyable i edited the skirt and made it rawk (only from the front... oh my gawd if you looked at the back you would die... no butt cheeks just plain unmatching stuffs... but its pretty none the less hehe).

Desperate moments call for desperate measures... i desperatly wanted to wear the damn thing LOL. I teamed up the edited dress with some exquisite jewels from Ganked. Now ganked it a fairly new store but this designer knows her stuff!!! Her jewelry is beautifully detailed, encrusted with clean cut, sparkling diamonds, crystals, emeralds its the sl version of swarovski i tells ya :D

Now... i am about to show you the outfit which will rock your socks off for sure... just dont poke fun at my blad patch. LL stole my wig and ate it *shakes fist at Linden Labs muttering random phrases which have been cencored*

The heels i wear are Stiletto Moody's NEW (fairly new) Pink Diamante Bare Lauren heels. Now these are heels worth getting... The shape of the heel is perfect like rea life stilettos or at least they way they should be ;P they not only make you look expensive but make your legs look longer! I mean looking like you are 7 feet tall isnt great for me but these heels are FANTABULOUS to the max.

Skin from fhang candy an older release called Carla in Smokey Envy, which to my amazement worked quite well with this combination. In all seriousness i would like to say that me posing hairless hasnt made me ugly or made me look less fashionable and that... i would like to make it some form of tribute for RFL (race for life). It is a worthy cause everyone should be helping with... we can make a difference if we act NOW.

My SH**:Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla - Smokey Envy (500l)
Heels: Stiletto Moody - Bare Lauren Pink Diamante (aproximatly 1700l per colour)
Dress: Roule - Zhia Purple Group Gift (FREE FREE FREE FREE)
Jewelry: Ganked - Jealousy Green Set (aproximatly 150l or 200l... LOOKS like it is 1000l  :D)
Hair: Chauve Beauty - FREE (simply remove your prim hair and work it hunneh)

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