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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Muted Fashions

Who doesnt like black and white clothing or at least combo making an outfit with those colours... It can be retro at times but it can also be hawt as hell. I was at the clothing fair today, noticed a few stoes with good clothing, noticed others with great quality and realism but the style was all wrong (it made me cry... so sad she combined silk with velco straps... one fashion faux pas that SHOULD be reported to the fashion police!!! JK). I stumbled over a store called Myth which had a free gift instore of a "cute little dress"; a mixture of zebra print andfishnet... right now it may sound like tramperella but seriously it was cute and it was totally free :D
I combined the free dress with my new favourite Stiletto Moody Bette heels in white (One of the NEW heels made by Stiletto Moody as part of their 2010 collection. Take a look at "I Love Bette!!!" post to see the other colours it comes in and more) and ofcourse the NEW Anise hair from Vixen. When you click search, on the main page you see a tp link to Vixen hair and it says "newly updated textures" or something similar rofl. I own some older Vixen hairstyles and loved them to bits... these new textures make the hairstyles POP! This somewhat asymmetric style is really cute. Its cute emoish but minus the crazy "tokyo hotel" look. My head is massive and i always have to resize hair... if i get a package of hair and i have to resize the lot there is a chance all the hairs are different sizes or positioned in different places T_T BUT Verikai has really gone the extra mile by adding a scipt to hair styles with XXL size :D (yes i am xxl... my head is triple the size of yours -_- only becuase im a beauty with brainz so dun hate LOL).

After that awsomely laggy moment at the Clothing Fair I hopped over to one of the stores i used to go to religeously (some reason i didnt get time to pop by as much) called Zenith. They sell the most beautiful clothing (they come after aoharu... japanese designers have a thing for prims so Aoharu and Zenith both know how to work their magic for looks to KILL) in casual, formal or random designs. I picked up a couple outfits but the one i had to put on was a one called Crystal, one of the few NEW releases instore and i must say... its absolutly gorgeous.

Stupid blog post is spazzing out and the image above wont go in the centre *cries*
Anywho lol... LOOK AT IT!! aint it purty :3 The sleeves come with prim cuffs and shoulder parts (i <3 the shoulder parts lol) and the top has a prim for the bottom to make it more real looking. ALL prims come scripted so if you are belimic with implants in the right places, no matter how practicly deformed you are you can make it fit LOL The outfit came with a necklace which was uber pretty but i wanted to wear my Beauty Avatar (Beauty avatar or Glam Affair... its the same thing) neck collar. I want to embrace this emo look im developing lolz. I put on my waist belt from fri to give this outfit the WOW factor (ok maybe im not giving a wow factor rofl but the outfit came with a belt merged into the stop... i wanted a primmy one to cover it). This outfit already has "wowage" but to make it so cute it blinds you with one look i put on these Kalnins Boudoir heels on. Whats good about these is that they have toes and the textures are amazing (click the above pic to see it bigger... then really STARE at those shoes @_@) OH and they have a HUD so you can modify the whole shoe practicly... Nail colour, Skin colour, change the different parts of the shoes to whatever you want and ofcourse save them incase you want them later. Big feet? no worries these shoes have a resizer in the hud so you can make it fit perfectly.
Im wearing my Anise hair again in Warm Sand (before was charcoal) both equally cute. Btw seriously i suggest you pop over to Zenith and google search Tokyo Hotel... lol

My Outfit:
Dress: MYTH - Cute Little Dress (free gift at their shop at the clothing fair. Also click their subscribo for this amazing shirt for men and women that reads "hugs 25l but you can kiss my ass for free" LMAO its cute).
Shoes #1: Stiletto Moody - Bare Bette in White ( around 1700l per colour and 7000l for the fatpack).
Hair: Vixen - Anise in Warm Sand and Charcoal (i seriously cant remember how much the fatpack was and i didnt check individual package prices either. I know im sewly :3)
Pants+Top+Gloves: Zenith - Crystal in White (270l.... SO CHEAP you have to get it if you havent!!! It comes with a necklace too!)
Shoes #2: Kalnins - Boudoir (i got these ages ago so i cant remember this either lol... I had gotten it for 500l at the time when it was a new release... i believe its 800l or something around that price now)
Belt: Fri.day - Wide Waist Belt in Black (each package comes with 3 colours in 3 sizes i wear medium... these sell around 300l i think)
Necklace/Collar: Beauty Avatar Couture/Glam Affair - Susan (i had gotten it free as part of an outfit in the Cupids Affair hunt... im unsure if its onsale as a regular item)

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