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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Frees 4 U

Hey hey... Found some frees just now and thought you guys should know!!! GET EM WHILST THEYRE HAWT! hehe  I combined 3 group gifts, 1 general freebie and 2 full priced sexy items to make this lush outfit combo. ANYONE can look fab for hardly anything if you really look and read the small print. Ive found that most people (mainly women) HATE giving out info on frebies and food stores or stores with amazingly cheap items that rawk becuase they fear others would look just as cute or BETTER! Dont fear! Mama fhang will find you all your goodness and blog it here for you to show dem haters who da real boss is ;P
Lelutka recently put on sale hair pieces that come in dark and light packages selling at 350l per package. Originally ONLY sold with their skins, now being sold in their hair store for all to purchase. I wear the famous front falling poneytail which looks really high fashion. They dont match all hairbases mind you, if you are good at recolourizing your prim hair (like me... im the colourizing queen LOL) then deffinatly get a copy of these hairs. DONT FORGET TO TRY DEMOS!!!
Heels... feet heels... with bows... and patent leather... sounds lush :3 These arent new but are very cute and can match almost any skin with its HUD and Manual tinter... Like Stiletto Moody you are able to fine tune all skin colours you put on your feet and these shoes come with fullbright feet and normal feet. Eash pair of heels cost around 500l but are worth every penny as you can see :P
Now onto the frees which you all must get as soon as you have read my post. I got inspiration for my picture background from this awsome bodysuit thingy which looks like newspaper (i found an article about Beyonce having 58 weaves in her bedroom along with a life sized cutout of britney spears in Bvlgari jewelry printed on my left ass cheek :D) and is completely free. It is called Luciana like the Fhang Candy Luciana skin ive accompnied with this outfit in makeup Liner Gold. R.Icielli group is free to join at the moment so get in and look at the notices for this Luciana bodysuit freebie.
Second freebie is my awsomely frilly lace skirt which is from COCO (we all love coco here in fhang lady world... its almost as seductive as chocolate but better!), it is also a group gift and as far as i am aware group joining is completely free. I joined quite a while back and kept the group in my list as they have great freebies all the time and its nice to know when they have new buys for me to run and get lolz. Their freebies unlike R.Icielli are instore, in the womens clothing department; simply walk straight ahed when you have landed untill you see an opening on your right, turn in and turn right, walk all the way to the end (by this time you should see loads of smallish portrait orientated boxes along the wall), make your group tag visible and click like crazy!!!
Unless you guys havent a clue there is an accessory fair... LOADS of jewelry stores and much much MUUUUUUUCH to be found there including exclusive Ganked freebies!!! Which i got ofcourse rofl My sunny yellow stone jewelry if from the ganked store on the accessory fair sim. Ganked has 2 freebie packages one of them including 2 sets and the other only one!!! MUST HAVE for sure. My necklace is called Broadway Lights.

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Luciana in Liner Gold (500l per makeup)
Jewelry: Ganked - Broadway (FREE for a limited time at the accessory fair)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Ribbon Pumps (aproximatly 500l per pair)
Hair: Lelutka - Hairpiece in Dark (350l per colour pack and 2 packs available)
Skirt: COCO - Ruffle Skirt (FREE groupgift)
Top: R.Icielli - Luciana Bodysuit (FREE groupgift)
Prim Nails: Candy Nail - Zebra (current picks gift AND loads of other goodness instore including 2 lucky letter boards)

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