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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beauty & Brains

Making outfits can be hard work... Making colours match, making sure it flatters your SL curves
 (or no curves pencil type shape in most cases LOL seriously... being a stick with no breasts, calf muscles, abnormally long legs that are not in proportion to the upper body is NOT high fashion or sexy... please avoid this. You can be Curvy, Slim, Implanted in the right areas like me... BUT NEVER pencil oh god +_+); This all takes time. But when you have brand names like FK, Ncore, Posh, Ganked, Gos and Pink Outfitters working together you can make some hawtness to match anyones taste or style pretty much.  
I made this outfit two days ago but I felt it was missing something... Then i got my hands on a pair of the uber sexy Intuition glasses from Gos and felt like i was ready for the photoshoot lol. First on to the freebies... this hair im wearing i had gotten from the posh vendor at savoir hair. Savoir is a shopping mall dedicated to hair. ALL sorts of creators with something different to offer have come together and put a free gift for people to snag and the Posh gift is the one i decided to use with this outfit ^_^

Gos is a high quality brand providing footwear and eyewear (even furniture) for its customers. Each part of the glasses have had its texture baked on for the highest quality of shading and shine to give these glasses the most realism you can possibly get in SL. These glasses are like my RL ones so i thought it was an absolute must to get them... I look cute ;P This brand works in a totally diff way to mostbrands so hear me out. They sell their glasses in packages with ALL colours and also just a simple package with the bare minimum. The owner of Gos has implimented a "don't need it? don't buy it" service where the customer need not purchase ALL the colours if they do not want them... You can buy them individually!!! Cool right? :D I buy all sorts of accessories and most of the time i get colours i dont want or i dont get the colours i do want. You can purchase colour add ons which cost ONLY 60l and 500l per fatpack of colours, which for me is a total bargain. No one should have to pay for things they wont use... so buy the colours you will use when you want them.

I had based my whole outfit around this gorgeous Hello Kitty tee from FK. It combines rich shades of blue and pink with pearl white for a lush tee. This tee looks like japanese street fashion to me personally so if you want the cool look of being japanese (im sure you do ;P) this tee is a must! FK is a fairly new clothing brand in sl... been open for about a month now and has amazing clothing... a mixture of casual and slightly formal clothing. The owner is a darling, she is always sending her group members gifts and they are really good :D

Ganked... I officially own the whole store lmao. I luve her stuff. I especially love this Pearlblossom necklace. Comes with a gold or black rose... im wearing the black one. Once again... beautiful work from ganked.

Heels? Where you think they are from? no no... do tell... Ncore? nooooooooooooooooo *michi's eye twitches like mad* no its not Ncore... whats Ncore? you mean apple core right? yes thats what you left in your kitchen sink GO CLEAN IT UP!!! *wipes sweat off of her forehead* Why would i want you to know about these SEXY as hell school girl inspired Ncore extreme heels... no way... too cute to tell XD Once again i was on a rampage and bought a couple fatpacks. I saw they made NEW designs. My favourite is Soul and Vintage. Vintage Ncore heels are basicly traditional stilettos. They look so beautifullllllll and like the pic above if you click to see it bigger... HIGH detail, GOOD workmanship and hawt as hell. I love these heels to bits and try to match them with anything i can haha Just as much as i do with my stiletto moodies. Both uber cute and both with diff designs. A girl can NEVER have enough shoes ;P
“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Bette Midler
Fisrt time im going to be blogging poses so dont scream at me if its not too good... just throw pie at me! (i will have my mouth open so when you throw ill eat yay... oh snap i think im thinking aloud again... damn it no pie for me -_-")

Please click the above picture... its massive so in here it looks terrible... i spent ages on it so you can see how cute these poses are so you better be clicking... i want to HEAR the click from where i am! *hears one click and begins sharpening her acrylic nails*
These poses are from a store called Posies which is fairly new and have ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) poses!!! First pose maker to make antm poses... so i went over to take alook and, what do i see? great stuff!!! These poses have been made to appear EXACTLY like the real life poses done by the models on the show so these are worth getting. The above picture is of her latest package on ANTM cycle 5. She does other poses as well including a DAILY 1L POSE! dollarbie poses everyday! How convenient :D Also im wearing the Ncore Vintage heels in the pose pictures so you can take an eyefull of that! lolz
Lingerie... does anyone EVER make daily wear ones? OFCOURSE! You can find it at Attitudes Undies... This store specialises in everyday wear bras and panties in an array of colours... Keep your eyes peeled as i will be doing a fullon post on it. The red silky lingerie in the poses picture is Grenelle from the store (one of her older designs).
OMG how did you like my hair? I love this new hair from AMG BOUDOIR its beautiful. Its quite anime styled hair with these lucious thick curls that drape down the sides of your face... the colour im using is walunt (i think thats supposed to be walnut i dunno rofl) and it looks so rich and delicious. There is extensive detail in the creation of this hair (it is visible with the way the prims have been put together) a deffinate beautiful piece for 250l per colour. THATS A BARGAIN!!

My Outfit #1:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite in Crazed Fushia (500l per makeup)
Hair: Posh - Rosy Love in Sunflower (FREE at savoir hair comes in brown as well as blonde)
Shoes: Ncore - Highschool Extreme Heels in Pink (595l per colour and 2495l for fatpack)
Glasses: Gos - Intuition Basic Pack (600l for basic pack and 295L whilst exclusive to the Accessory Fair. Colour add ons are 60l per colour and 500l per fatpack of any colour package)
Necklace: Ganked - Pearlblossom (around 150l per colour... BARGAINUSSSSS)
Pants: Pink Outfitters - Bermuda Shorts in Graphite (i got these at their 50l sale so i have no clue how much they when not on sale lol)
Tee: FK -Wu-Kitty Tee (75l per colour and 799l for the fatpack!!! Bargainussss)
My Outfit #2:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aphrodite in Touche Eclat
Hair: AMG Boudoir - Fantasy in Walunt 02 (250l per colour... This is a new release and the NEW AMG hairs are worth every penny)
Shoes: Ncore - Vintage in Red (595l per colour and 2495l for fatpack)
Jewlery: Ganked -Rocklove valentines set (around 150l/200l for the package)
Lingerie: Attitudes - Grenelle in Red (95l per colour and 395l for fatpack!!! Bargainussss)
Poses: Posies - ANTM 5 (267l for fatpack or 35l per pose)

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