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Saturday, 13 March 2010


Clothing, Jewelry, Hair, Shapes and much MUCH more... sounds too good to be true! Lovely hairstyles can be found at this store including amazing looking swim suits. I have the swim suits in green, pink and blue and to my amazment... you can wear them with a skirt and pull it off as a top so its a 2 in 1 baby!!!
(click image to see a larger version)
Like Bauhaus designs, her work is based on simply making whatever it is for its purpose... Bauhaus design originated from germany where designers would design furniture that does what its supposed to do without the typical sort of look for example the egg chair. MonS has done this excuisitly with her use of vibrant colours. She has also made jewelry to match her clothing, I am wearing her Paris barcelets where remind me of something lady gaga would have worn crossed over with delicious jellies LOL I attempted picking off one of the diamonds to eat but didnt work... too much glue T_T  Speaking of lady gaga one of the hair styles she made was totally lady gagaish!!! When people say gaga they mean???.... they mean.....??? 0_o nobody knows? okidoki then lol... they mean HIGH fashion couture. Style that is abnormal yet quite lush like the japanese with their harajuku girls, uber cute, uber stylish, uber shocking.

I love this place for another reason too... their stuff is dirt cheap!!! you can get my look for 150l (that is hair, swimsuit and jewelry all together). Now that is bargainus :D

My Outfit:
Swimsuit: Hot'n Cold AKA -MonS- Men Come First Swimsuits (50l per colour)
Jewelry: -MonS- Paris Bracelets (25l per colour)
Hair: -MonS- Candy Girl and Famous Hair both in black (75l per colour pack and each pack comes with 3 sizes to fit all)
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lea in Envious Glow, Pink Blush and Midnight Madness (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Aoharu Anexx - Five Belts Boots in White (cant remember price but i had purchased pack A and that is about 1000l+ i think)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Past freebie (do check instore for their latest Aurora freebie and look at their on sale eyes. BEST eyes in SL)
Shoes no#2: Bax - Prestige Boots in Black (i bought the fatpack which was around 8000l roughly for all the leather boots. The boots come in reds, white + light pink, browns and obviously black. These are high quality heels like Stiletto Moody and Anexx with textures that are so real, Special ise in boots where as Anexx do heels, boots and much more, Stiletto great for their feet heels but they make amazing boots and pumps without feet too).
Skirt: Truth - Shanghai Baby Dress in Canary + colour changing belt (FREE at Gnubie Store)

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