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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Acceptable in the 80s

Listening to this song for ages lol, acceptable in the 80s and it inspired me to make this outfit... I want to thank the owner of SD clothing for the amazing gifts she sends out all the time!!!
This outfit is amazingly sexy and trendy... i mean... LOOK AT IT!!! originally i had my Lelutka Saab hair on with Kal Rau (the brand is called KR but the designer/owner is Kal Rau... whatever lol) sunglasses... they totally completed my look BUT i saw this hair and i was swept away! The hair is magnificent its one of my favourite styles ive seen in sl by far!!! But leme explain one reason why i adore it so much... and just as a note i am NOT a hater LOL
There is a hair brand in sl that we have all known of called detour... they made really nice styles, most of which are black and emo inspired. We have all seen that hair brand. It is bar none one of the MOST expensive hair shops, Detour in the list of expensiveness is closely followed by Cake. However, Cake has its HIGH quality textures and fluffy styles as a fall back so that brand is practicly untouchable by any bad comments. 300l per colour WITH modify perms... hell no its a great brand. But Detour... Bad customer service, NO perms on hair and the price is so high in comparison to the quality of the acctual hair. The owner of the brand Keri Klipp DID spend alot of time on her hair and her styles are good, i am not going to take that away from her and the fact she suffered from copybotters stealing practicly evey hair she had instore then either reselling for lower prices or worse giving it away free was a harsh thing for her to endure. However... 450l per colour? NO modify perms? Lack of realism as the hair has airbrushed looking textures? Thats doing a diservice to my wallet LOL
I have wanted for some time a brand to capture the good points of detour hair, and with that make something that is uber cute, uber shocking and basicly something brand new and sexy WITH mod perms, WITH better textures and IN BLONDE!!!!! Truth Hawkes did just that. The detour styles have prims around the sides so when your avi turns you get this flowy look. and the over all styles are quite tamed and sexy looking... Truth have been able to make a surf chick style with flexi prims that effectively flow when you move and im not talking crappy flexies under or wedged between the wooden prims im talking around the sides encasing that wooden crap giving an all round realistic sexy lush look for all people!!! I have been a Detour hair addict for a long time and this bliss style was one of my faves but now... haha Marcelle from truth is the top style in my MUST GET list :D
The above is Marcelle in swedish (LOOK AT THAT DETAIL OMG IT IS BREATH TAKING)
 This is Paula in swedish also
 And lastly BUT not least Shinji in swedish...
The new styles from most of these hair brands like Exile and Truth, even Cake (they rarely update their hair but when they do oh mai they blow people away!!!) with their new releases seem to be topping their own abilities. These hairs by truth are fabulous! I am excited to see what Truth Hawkes has up his sleeve for the next big release :3

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lady Gaga in Telephone 2 (600l per makeup, each makeup coming with 3 eyebrows. I am currently wearing the skin with dark brows)
Shirt: SD wears - Group gift top (FREE in the subscribo board)
Leggings: FishyStrawberry - Sequin leggings (i got these in a pack of 3 for 50l on one of the fridays past... but they are on sale too lol)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Lucile in Aubergine (around 1000l per colour)
Hair: Truth - Marcelle, Paula and Shinji (250l per colour pack, each pack with about 5 colours)

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