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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Project Tents Haiti Expo

Just wanted to inform EVERYONE of this amazing event... i am truely gratefull of the people who began this and made it what it is right now. This 10 day expo features designers such as Fellini Couture, FK designs, Gabrielle and MEEEEEEEEEEEE lol I have made 12 brand new skins for all you pretty ladies to get. These are in special makeups SPECIALLY for this even. ALL money made goes to the chairty for help for the cause.
The skins:

These skins are ones ive been working on for a VERY long time some of these faces like torrie and angelina will be familiar faces. These are never to be sold every again. I am still so thankfull for this opporunity and i do hope lots of sales are made, every little helps : ) If you want some more info on the Project tents Haiti expo please look at the credit cruch post on my blog archives... there are websites to the main site and a few others that are VERY helpfull. Kisses to all my wonderfull readers xxx

Link to Fhang Candy at Project Tents Haiti expo <-----

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