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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Roses are red... Forget the violets!!!

Hai!!! I JUST got this sexy dress as a leezu group gift and was wowed... also i got the LATEST releases from Truth and was wowed yet again LOL so check out todays combo... its lushy :3

The jewelry is from a store i found out about day before yesterday called Morantique... They have made these amazing looking earings, necklaces etc i just had to get something. I saw a picture of some stuff they made and nearly died rofl This jewelry set was amazing becuase of the thick bulky chains incombo with the crystals... i havent seen anything like it before personally so i thought oooooooooooooooooo MINE! Also it went perfectly with this dress... Then i had to think... shoes with diamonds... Stiletto Moody diamante? Nah i only own pink sadly... OMG 24 shooshoes ofcourse!!! The amazing shoebrand that caters for normal viewers and the NEW 2.0 viewer. With so many styles and colours to choose from, this store is like heaven. I walked in... the whole store looked so clean, large and shiny with vendors for every single shoe design made plastered on all the walls... Hey! this lady went all out and made a rezzer demo thingy!!! You click this cool thingy and the shoe demo you requested popps up on a velvet pillow its so awsome lol its almost like magic :D And the shoes... BARBIE TOE!!! it has this reallllllllly massive curve in the foot and its so cewt. Each pack comes with tinchy feet and normal feet, the designer called the tinchy feet version betty boop lolz This particular pair matched quite well and its a show stopper for anyone who wants to look classy and sexy.

Hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... My current hair is called Paige :3 it has this pweety bow on it too!
The hair comes with this bow that has 15 different colours, it eatures this retro splash design which is really eyecatching!!! And the splash design is always a colour that works well with the acctual bow and now a borring yellw on yelow, black on black thing. NOT TO MENTION the use of brand new textures... this new hairstyle is cute and playfull. Truth Hawkes didnt stop there... take a look at these babies....
This above is Isidora...

This above is Jana...

And this (ABOVE!!!) is Tia 2... My favourite is Tia 2 becuase it looks so sweet... it has these two strands of hair coming out from the sides... this pretty thick fringe and the LONG, THICK, AMAZING plaits!!! Its like princess hair love it. All these hairs look fantastic they really do... new styles, new textures, more veriaty... THAT is the Truth ;P

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Helaene in smokey red (500l per makeup, eachmakeup comes with hairbase option)
Hair: Truth - Isidora, Jana, Tia2 and Paige in Chocolate (250l per colour package)
Dress: Leezu - Yann Babydoll (FREE group gift... subscribo)
Shoes: 24 Shooshoes - 21 black/black diamond (1000l per colour BUT totally worth every cent)
Jewelry: Morantique - Moria set (300l or items can be purchased separately)

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