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Friday, 21 May 2010

Credit Crunch Crisis

Yes... even though we go shopping for new shapes, skins, shoes even the fact that there is a credit crunch kills us all... But why look ugly or be out of fashion JUST becuase of a credit crunch? That shouldnt let us fashion istas look like last seasons trash NO WAY!!! I got a notice from a store which i acctually like shopping at... you guys might laugh but this store not only helps the newbies but also helps people who simply can not afford to make a purchase. SO without further talking check these hawties out:
They are ALL brand new at Multiple Personality Designs (MPD), there isnt one owner or one designer but a few that work together to supply quality WITH quantity AT the best price possible... 1L :D and for those who are like me, must get those fatpacks. GURL! 5L a fatpack you cant go wrong!!! I found this store once by accident... the owners were temporarily moved into a friend's store untill they were able to find their own place. When i saw the prices and the designs i was completely confused. The work and effort put into the designs is 100% best quality stuff... ok maybe not best but its amazing like ive seen designers sell stuff like this at skanky prices like 200l per colour with 800l fatpacks. Hell, come here and save money LOL
This combo i made with these darling Lana heels from Stiletto Moody... if you remember not too long ago group members had the chance of getting a pair of these in red as a prerelease. Will stiletto worked hard on some more lushy colours for you people!!! I like this mint colour, the others are great but this celadon colour is nice a bright... i mean it looks amazing. I personally go for colours that match, styles that are classic but the newer Stiletto Moody's always make me go over my confort zone with these orgasmic colours and designs that ARE to die for in my perspective. Anyone owning a pair knows for sure if you arent familiar with Stiletto Moody's skin tinting method then you will find it a little hard to get the skin right first time round. But they added more preset skins. I tent to use tan for my light tone skins and tan2 for my darker skins... and if they arent just right then simply modify the preset skins to really finetune the colour to perfection!!!
FriDay... what do i say really. Great brand, love her hair always have. She has this "full of life" thing about her designs which is what i like about the brand. The clothes and hair arent very sultry or revealing... they look innocent and stylish which is great for all ages :D This hair is Tautem2 i believe. Its great with oriental skins!!!!
I recently (ok lies i joined yesterday) joined the Project Tents Haiti charity expo... and well ive taken part in the "wear grey for a day" and the RFL rose hunt before it went loco. I really wanted to take part in this becuase i feel obligated to. I mean these poor children suffer becuase of what happened, so thanks to Miaa, M4rk and MANY other helpfull people SLers like myself have the chance of helping as much as we can. ALOT of designers including FK designs (yes that designer that made that cute kitty tee from brains and beauty post and all the trendy hawtness from the chill down post), Fellini Couture (one of the best couture shops... i put them side by side Phoenix Rising, Vita's Boudoir and Morantique in quality and designs) and ofcourse... ME!!! I made 8 special skins so far. Mainly tan, im sorry for all those light skinned ladies but yeah mainly tan. And the skin ive got above is a skin i gave as a hunt gift quite a while back BUT remade with glittergloss :D
Another combo, same shoes becuase they matched the belt on the dress... same everything really i love this combo okai!!! sheesh lol This dress made me go "Oh Mai" i didnt know (becuase im blind as hell and dont look at vendor pictures properly) that my puppies would be showing... BUT at least my fishy isnt thank the lord LOL They addeda white pair of panties to every "sultry dreams" dress at MPD so dont worry :P

Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo (copied this from the FK nc i got cuz im a lazy ass lol... bite me XD)

Interested in more, please visit these websites:
 - Website URL:  http://sltents4haiti.wordpress.com/
 - Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/projecttents/

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Angelina in CottonCandyShimmer (500l per skin, money made from every skin sale goes to the help haiti charity! Sorry i dont have an lm to it... its becuase im a noobish bottled bwond @_@)
Dresses and Outfit: MPD - Sultry Dreams and Even i dare sets (5l per set, 1l per colour. The shop is at a temporary location untill further notice)
Hair: Fri - Tatum 2 in Cranky Brown (i believe 250l per colour...)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Lana in Celadon (about 1000l per colour)

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