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Friday, 21 May 2010

Hit that Bi*** with a bottle!

Somebody hit my avi with a bottle of courvoisier today T_T NOW i am back from the dead to tell you how the courvoisier was soooooooo tastey and give you some KILLER styling tips!
Make EVERY moment a fashion shoot gurls! I was in so much pain with all these damn cuts (i think she thought my boobs were too large to be real... she just be hating!!!) but with these gorgeous dresses from Suicidal Unborn, fairly new Mae heels from Stiletto Moody and this hair that simply spells out vogue from Tuty's/ Mrs hair. Firstly The hair from tuty's i saw at their store... never really noticed it THEN the girl we ALL know and love Gogolita wears the hair and makes it look very lush. The owner of that brand should have taken pictures of gogo for that vendor!!! LOL Anyways the hair looked really strange like a geisha who had been beaten up with a stick then put into a deep fryer so i gave it a haircut and a recolour job to give it this aged dusty grey look. I vaguely recall seeing hair like this, well the colour anyway worn by brittny from ANTM... the one Naima won!!!
So yeah... anyways lol the dress was a VERY big inspiration for that above picture. The blood splatters across the front and back of the dress are amazing, the whole dress is seamless, the matterial of the dress/ patters move smoothly from the top layer to the bottom layer. Its great work!!! This blood splattered dress comes in both the camo colour im wearing above and black...
These dresses are so far some of my faves becuase of the lacy bits over the breasts its cute... adds a bit of cuteness to a bloody dress youknow? its nice. They are sexy but not overly like a slutty dress which is deffinatly an upside. Ide rather look classy in a mini dress than look like some hooker tramp in a short dress with fishnet patters and shoes my ass crack 0_o LOL
This is a better picture of the crazy hair, mae heels (i photoshopped it to look like it was rezzed... sorry bout that trying to do something diff lol) and a closer view of the black blood splatter dress. Becuase i was going a bit crazy with the angle of my face light and the environment settings the dresses dont look as great which is a shame so you will NEED to see this pictures above and ofcouse go to the store to see this dress WITHOUT the blood and with :D These Mae heels dont MATCH exactly but i quite liked them with these dresses. Its highquality textures and strappy design was just too lugh to hold back lol... i could do it @_@ anyways back to my song...

"One heffa
two heffas
three heffas four
hit that bitch with a bottle watch that head hit the floor
cuz I ain't the type a bitch that wanna start alot of shit
askin for the bottle action yo thats what she gon get
don't start no shtit it won't be no shit
hypnotiq, henny,moet yo heffas take yo pick
attitude cause I'm wavy and you walkin around nappy
head bussin bussin bussin like my name was lil scrappy"

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla in Smokey Cherry (500l per makeup)
Dresses: Suicidal Unborn - Blood Splatter dresses in Camo and Black (ONLY 50l per colour)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Mae in celadon (about 1000l per colour)
Hair: Tuty's Hair - Venice (200l for this hair, only available in this one colour BIT its mod)

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