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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Chill out/down/up/whateva lol

Heyyyyy yall... ok firstly please please please watch this video for me... ill love you forever if you do and i will make you a sexy weave!!! I will do your tracks and stich the beyoncelicious weave myself too... so watch this ok? thankies lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap8uHms9BVY :D
Now onto the post... firstly i want to appologise for the REALLY brief post, i was trying to inform you guys on this ASAP so you guys get those sexy tops one way or another lol Always thinkin bout you dont worry ;P
I got these wonderfull Estetica poses... These are called "i smell like pineapple" LOL first thought... strange name, if i was smelling like pineapple ide maybe take a shower with some strawberries and make me a smoothie rofl But the poses are really cool like most of the poses made by the designer. They are not only dynamic but they are great for commerical use or group posing. I got my quite lush looking man friend to model in the OTHER pineapple poses and... it was sizzling @_@
The clothing i got from FK Virtues was the cherry ontop for this whole post in my oppinion. They make these quite laid back yet lively poses come to life. I model the SPECIAL EDITION dollarbie teal colour of the Jersey Polo shirt my male model Dev is wearing. The Jersey Polo shirts come in two options which are sold separately, striped and plain. Both Polo shirts come with turned up and normal colar options and ofcourse it is NOT a one size fits all thing, the designer happily made two versions. One for sexy bodacious lushicious long legged beauties like myself *hears Dev coughing and slaps him over the head* and the basic version meant for males... Unless your boyfriend, brother, man friend wants to look like he got man boobies ide stick with the shirt that is for your gender rofl These Jersey Polo shirts are FRESH from the FK factory so if you are looking for preppy clothing or something simple to wear on a daily basis that is BRAND NEW deffinatly get these. You can wear them with denim jeans like above, a denim skirt, jogging bottoms, booty shorts, normal shorts lol the list goes on. Very versitile clothing!!!
 Now onto these Jeans... Now for a brand that is not as experienced as power brands Coco and Aoharu... she has done one hella job in making these denim jeans look not only realistic BUT also stylish. This isnt some shiz you would find in a freebie store or something made with recoloured template textures. And like i mentioned before i love, love, loveeeee designers that utilise prims as part of their outfits and when i mean prims i mean the sculpted kind. I have seen some jeans i had gotten from a store called Decoy a while back at a massive sale they had... the sculpted prims used did not match exactly to the acctual jeans which was a shame becuase the acctual jeans were hot (btw this was a while back and she has updated... i think) So when i see work like this done its like an orgasmic feeling "ooooooo sculpted *drools* so sexy and realistic *strokes sculpt prims*... wher ma wine coooley at!?!!??" This lady has made other styles of sexy pants like bell bottom styles and stuff they are smokin so deffinatly check em out whilst you are there!!! these jeans are fairly new too :D Look how mama fhang be hookin you up with newness lolz
The shoes my Darling (LOOOOOOOOOOOOL) is wearing are made by the one and only HoorenBeek!!! These were acctually a VERY old group gift but the detail on the textures and the amount of styles one could possibly make was infinite. The designer of this brand caters for every look, one with open laces, half open, closed etc you can have any look. Now in my perspective sneakers arent really my thing... im a 30 inch stiletto heels type gal (stiletto as in the type of shoe... you know that one with the triangular toe part LOL Triange Toez XD) BUT Hoorenbeek make sneakers interesting and quite fun to tell you the truth!!! First time im liking basic trainers/sneakers/hightops/lowtops/whatever becuase this brand makes this style come alive. Its high quality shiz!!!
Accessories... who do YOU call? no not the ghost busters -_- you call Mons!!! remember mons? :D they made the lovely bracelets, necklaces i used in the Lady Gaga post. The designer is great @_@ she bejewels alot of things but makes everything look lush. Her April group gift was a pair of these boxy looking bangles in gold/silver (dont worry ill show you guys eventually lol) and as if she stopped there? hell no she made these bangles in three colours, Lime, Pink and Blue with matching jewels on the middle bangle. Mons jewelry is BONE cheap seriously!!! The kind of money ide be taking to a store like ShadeThrone, Coco or even Fri.Day i can take to Mons and get 30 times more in quantity.
 These are the lovely sneaker heels by Akatsuki!!! I wore the pointed toe version in the "Taste Like Candy" post and now i show you the rounded toe version :D These come in some nice colours i quite like them. Redgrave made their trainer heels, uber qute did a great job *gives emilia redgrave a squishy hug* but these are reinventing the whole trainer heels look. You get these canvas style sneakers with heels in the 4 colours above (and i think a third which is green but i cant remember what happeend to that one). There is however a slight issue with the heels where the sole of the shoe around the back goes invisible sometimes... i mean you can see it, it IS there but it goes a bit strange. This did not happen with all the other shoes sold by Akatsuki so dont worry. And i still love these shoes all the same, its the kind of kink you can let slide lol The detail on these are fantastic just hoping maybe we can get more colours of these and the other pointed toe version of these too (pointed toe version is my favouriteeeee!!!!!!).
These are pictures of my sexy man beast posing on a beach LOL *squishes Dev's cheeks like one of those old woman who want to rip your cheeks off lol* The stuff in the picture i got from this store called... erm... hang on *checks SL inventory* OOOoooooo its called BeforeSleep lol ok firstly im not going to lie and if the owner starts moaning at me like "bish shut ur face you aint right im hawt ok im sexy and perfect you stupid hoe bag..." i really dont give two sh**s lol Her clothing SUCKS ASS!!! it is shamefull... initially i intended on trying... i repeat TRYING to make a combo with her clothing and it was so painfull. Her clothing is bone cheap, not going to take that away from her. But there lacks style and quality in her designs. However, when it comes to furniture she rocks it so well... this thingy Dev is modeling on is a LazyLounge thing and i THINK multiple people can seat on it. It was free as p[art of some of the hunts the shop is doing. One of the other hunts had female clothing and i must say now the designer made a wonderfull shirt for women i loved it... but DAYUM gurl the rest made my eyes bleed damn it. anyways lol, yes i am a bitch, babe in total control of herself!!!! The lounger is great, MM board with textures GREAT, OTHER hunt gifts instore GREAT... clothes onsale not so great. Pop over, get all the hunt gifts, get on that MM board and perhaps show you are greatfull for the gifts she kindly put out for us by making a purchase or two. Every little helps my dearies : )

OH just before i leave you guys check out this picture... FK got some great goodies for all you Dudes and Chicas :D

Dev's Outfit:
Hair: UncleWeb - Free mens hair (cant remember what the hair is called but its free and there is only one free mens hair pack there lol enjoy)
Shirt: FK - Jersey poloshirt green striped and blue plain (149l per colour)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - purple used sneakers (OLD freebie not instore anymore)
Jeans: FK - Crush Jeans in Black and Grey (129 per colour, must pay separately for the option to wear boxers)
LazyLounge: BeforeSleep - look for ALL the hunt gifts to find this ok? (FREE)

MY Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Goli in Aegan Lust V2 (500l per makeup, each makeup coming with hairbase option)
Hair: Action - Jenni WITH beanie in Medium Brown (single pack is 150l and the fatpack of all the natural colours is 400l... You can also purchase the beanies separately for other hairs for 125l per hat)
Shirt: FK - Jersey poloshirt in teal striped (1L at the time i got it unsure if still instore)
Shoes: Akatsuki - trainer heels in all colours (not fatpack option,
Bracelets: Mons - NY in all colours (fatpack ONLY, 100l for this pack)
Jeans: FK - Union jeans in DirtWash (200l per jeans set OR 139 for the single option package) 
Poses: Estetica - I smell like pineapple (185l for ALL the poses 0_o now THATS a bargain :D)

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