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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jumpsuit Passion

Heyyyyyy guyz!!! Yet another combo from a store i adore! I had done a post with a freebie skirt previously and this time i would like to show you the hawtness she has instore for you!
This combo was not intended by the designer... the jumpsuit acctually comes with 2 different tops but i wanted to spice it up with some different. This ensamble is put together using Coco clothing, a smart top normally worn with a pencil type skirt and a jumpsuit in white. Firstly i must say that the jumpsuit is AMAZING!!! if you click the image you can see it larger. Take a look at my ass! LOL Look at the details... this isnt the thing you hear most from bloggers, "check out my ass gurl... aint it purtey?" lol the behind is soooo detailed its crazy. Its as if the oufit is REAL, yet another step towards realism thanks to Coco. The jumpsuit comes in so many colours and has these pretty sculpted prims which just make the whole ensamble POP to another level. Ive always said that Aoharo was the ONLY store that rocks the sculpties to another level... well guess what? Coco is OFFICIALLY one of those super brands with stuff to watch. Coco specialises is quite stylish, chic clothing but always remember... If you want to be spotted in a crowd you must be yourself and let your appearence show your personality. If you look at my avi in these kind of clothes you may think "dayum she is cute... she got it going onnnnn. Why she so damn skinny... she got some tiny ass bitties TOO. She aint all that hell no. She is like some barbie doll lookin all perfectish in her wittle perfect world......" Well ladies i AM a bitch at heart and one of the posts im going to do will show you how much of a bitch i am ;P But i am also a perfectionist, artist and i simply like to have fun. Coco Clothing allow me to be fashionable, chic, hip, up to date with fashions as well as be myself which is most important. Thats why me loves you long time Coco *smoochies...leave Coco with a sloppy kiss* LOL

Boots!!! Hoc made these amazing new boots called noir... now ive known about HOC for aeons, HOC, Coco, Stiletto Moody, Exile etc and when i see how these brands have come... with their earliest designs to their most recent i feel so happy. Its like WOW, the whole wow factor and all. Well like what Coco has done for me, HOC has also done that exact same thing. These boots come in several colours along with a resize menu, these will fit any and all shapes trust me! Her shoes ALL of them are bone cheap, dirt cheap even lolz! When i first found them i was looking at their MIB pumps... i came to their store after a month or two and find MIB pumps pack 2 with leopard print heels *screams and falls to the floor and dies* THEN i find these lush boots material boots (i cant remember what they are called but they are instore with this thick belt around the tops) and now... The designer never fails to please me, ALL THE TIME. Did i mention they were dirt cheap? lol

"ooooooo child wer you get ur weave frum? its lushicious gurl, it be making you all beyonce-ish and fyne..." "Gurl leme hook you up! hold up hunneh... thur go thur its called AMG boudoir... helll it some big ass house fo sho"
AMG... First they made shoes... then they made clothes and NOW its this pretty Simpson hairstyle. I think they were inspired by the sexy Jessica Simpson thus naming the hair simpson but regardless the hair rawks! It comes in so many colours you can never get board and for only 250l per colour!!!

Now onto ma fhnagalicious poses... CnS! The store we ALL know and love because its so diverse has made some NEW, BRAND NEW, FRESH OFF THE BOAT... wait... not the last one 0_o Anyways rofl brand new poses, female poses that are so cewtttttttt. They have that girlicious attitue or something. I love all the poses, and you can see all the poses above in the picture, they are ALL from CnS. So if you are looking for ANTM poses you have posies and if you want something more like dynamite then you have CnS :D  This store also has been kind enough to offer freebie poses. So if you DO just get the freebs be sure to buy at least one pay item to show your thanks. The designer worked VERY hard on these poses, it paid off for sure!

My Outfit:
Hair: AMG Boudoir - Simpson in blonde (250l per colour package)
Boots: HOC - Noir in pink (each pack comes in multiple colours...
Jumpsuit: Coco - Combinaison in white (300l per pack with 5 colcours to choose from)
ShirtTop: Coco - Bare Top in pink (100l per colour with 7 bold colours to choose from including black)
Poses: CnS - Female Poses... I have totally forgotten how much i paid for them +_+ so sowy please dont kill me lol

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