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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Angelic styles for the masses

Ok this post starts with me being pissy becuase everything im about to tpye ive already typed but something crazy and F***ED up happened and now i have to retype, reupload and do everything again. How great is that? Anyways outfits from a store not many have heard of or at least not blogged as much as it should... combined with other brands which SHOULD be blogged more including Paper.Doll, Morantique, Zenith, Ribbon and HOC.
This outfit is simply amazing... its classy and sexy, the use of champagne colours and peach/pinks is amazing. This dress can be bought at SD which is on the Love Soul sim. So when you are going to get your picks gift of sunflower nails you can pop into SD and check out their amazing outfits. This japanese designer makes clothing that is not just affordable but also of high quality. You dont see much like this in SL... Or at least i havent. After wearing this dress i got a notice on new releases from FishyStrawberry *what a coincidink lol* for their NEW lace cycling shorts so i went to buy the pair in nude becuase i thought it worked well with the dress :3 My Pacadi pearls in silver were an instant choice like when someone burns their hand they have that reflex reaction... Well i got that when i wore this dress rofl lmao BUT it had no matching earings *cries*.
UNTIL i found these beauties from Morantique!!! These earings are to die for, they look like something from Ganked (the store i am usually worshiping lmfao) and something quite roman looking it was just amazing i loved it, i have nothing like it! The boudoir earings (they are the ones im wearing) are great but if they are not your style deffinatly go for the simpler alternative called Carrie found in the same store... Morantique have this system that makes the earings appear as if it is glistening which is great for pictures or just out and about... it adds that realism to something that is virtual. Morantique dont just make jewelry though... she makes furniture and amazing furniture too!!! The post i did for the gorgeous Stiletto Moody Bare Bette heels, the first image when i was trying to look smexy on a red couch... that was Morantique Abiss Adiago sofa in red. I also have the matching ottoman... all furniture is hooked up with a million poses so you can effectively take pictures for your modeling portfolios or sexy pictures for your other half on these items of furniture :D
Ma shoooooooooz... these amazingly real looking boots are from Gos. They are so realistic its crazy... they have put acctuarte shading, realistic buttons, cuts in the hems where it would if the shoes were real... The designer of these beauties Gospel bakes (the way you would a cookie :3) each texture to every single part of those shoes. That is what makes the shoes look so damn real and sexy and make me want to drool all over them but i can becuase ide make em dirty LOL *watches her friend Dev stare at her shoes and almost drool onto her boots... slaps his jaw closed and demands another pack of gos dare booties in red or brown LOL*
The hair i am wearing is from Truth called Ruby. I purchased this hair a VERY long time ago... when truth used to put those babooshka dool looking geisha thingies everywhere lol The hair comes with a million bow colours and the new hair packages come with added colours, updated textures and most likely a cleaner menu for the bows lol
I wore this outfit when i was at this really pretty looking club called Agape. The music was awsome (was being spun by Jenny) and the crowd was jaw dropping i found it difficult to get a good picture rofl, so many people @_@ but the music was great and if you look closely that lady in the green is wearing MY SKIN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY lol she is wearing Aina... god knows what makeup but she is wearing it, god damn it i so love this club rofl
This outfit is made with another dress from SD. I love this dress it is one of my favourites becuase it makes me loolike an angel :D The ruffles look sheared and the dress on a whole looks light and silky. Its perfect!!! 100000000000000 stars for perfect dress lol. My Aoharu footwear cross laced up heels in silverwhite were perfect for this dress... They look like roman gladiator heels in a way or something a roman/greek godess would be wearing when she be bootyshaking in heaven with her pina colada and chocolate cake that will ensure she will never gain a pound or weight LOL The toes on these boots are great too... i always thought they looked a bit tingy i mean they looked like many of my baby toes on a foot but i quite like the look is gives on these shoes. These are one of the older pairs of shoes from Aoharu and they look magnificent :)
Now in my muted wonders (i think thats what i named it) post i mentioned this 50l brown sale... well i bought this vendetta hair from that same sale!!! It is the sugar ontop for this whole look. The Fhang Candy skin Carla in smokey pink makes the whole combo have this "i just dropped out of heaven" look.
This combo is made with SD's sexy flowy looking shirt. It comes in two colours, black and white. Black and White?!??!! what if i want purple to match purple pants? well a tip for making YOUR OWN outfits is that black and white go with EVERYTHING. Why confine yourself to matching pink with something when you can be flexible. And these tops do give you the reason to want to buy these lol they are too cute. I wore my favourite Wrap stop (Wrap top V2 worn in muted wonders post... check post archive) from Paper.Doll as an undershirt once again. I just feel it works nicely in a classy look when its worn this way... when its worn normally it has this britney spears im a slave for you look which is NOT what i wanted here lol
Skirtz... This beauty was made by yet another japanese designer (yes i am hinting lol... nearly ALL my favourite designers are japanese its so weired isnt it? haha they are great at fashion design thats fo shizzle). This reffley looking skirt comes in various colours and is scripted to resize... so when i feel like becoming a hobbit i can work it and when i am my tall, anorexic yet boobielicious self i can work it out too lolz The skirt has very nice details on the ruffles and around the waist. The zipper is blurred to some extent which is a shame but the rest of the skirt is lush. This combo needed some pazazz though. I couldnt get it from Morantique sadly and deffinatly not ganked *cries* so i got it from another store which specialises in clothing but made jewelry as part of a clothing set called megan. It has this tear drop look with the necklace appearing like a spider web around your neck and pearls embedded within it like dew on a sunday morning :)
Ma hur is from Shop Seu (i think thats what its called rofl), becuase im a cheapo i bought the hair in blonde and tinted black (i loveeeeeeeeeeeee blonde hair but i like brown and black too and i am queen of cheapness rofl). Its really nice with its individual strand look. Its full like one of those lace front weaves (full refering to volume of the hair), defined thanks to the wavey strands that are not in clumps like most hair AND comes with 3 different bangs. What more can you ask for in a hair? lol maybe more colours per pack but lets leave that to the designer shall we?
HOC <3 my boots arent new... i remember going to this bone cheap store called Salaire/or something similar to that name lol and foudn they had this cute knit dress and THESE boots... i asked around for ages to find them and... to my amazement it was from HOC. And why was i so amazed and happy and having an orgasm? LOL becuase HOC footwear ONLY come in fatpacks that are very cheap. Meaning i get quality, style for a price that fits my budget :D the metals on the shoes can be changed between gold and silver too so you can always have a look that works.
Now runalong and get this shit before it all vanishes and turns to dust LOL
Outfit #1:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Brandy in bare (500l per makeup)
Dress: SD - Shirring dress (ONLY 95l with only this colour)
Necklace: Pacadi - pearl necklace in silver
Earings: Morantique - Boudoir (220l, Carrie is 180l BUT boudoir is SEXIER)
Hair: Truth - Ruby in a darkbrownish colour i think chocolate (250l per hair pack)
Shoes: Gos - Dare booties in Mono (975l per colour, NO fatpack option available to my knowledge)
LaceShorts: Fishy Strawberry - Lace cycling shorts in nude (75l per colour)

Outfit #2:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Carla in smokey pink (500l per makeup)
Dress: SD -MD in white (180l with white as the ONLY colour)
Hair: Posh - Vendetta in coffee (50l per brown hair colour when i got it, otherwise 300l i believe)
Shoes: Aoharu - Cross laced up boots in silverwhite (around 500l per colour i believe)

Outfit #3:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Aina in smokeybare (500l per makeup)
Shoes: HOC - Neo boots (ONLY 40l and comes in so many colours)
Hair: ShopSeu - KuruKuru Long in blonde TINTED black (170l per colour with 3 colours to choose from)
Top: Paper.Doll Wrap top V2 in white (125l per colour with millions to choose from)
RuffleTop: SD - FB in white (100l per colour)
Skirt: Ribbon - Denim Furiru in black (50l per colour with 5 colours to choose from)

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