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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Murderous Passions... Ever wanted to kill with style?

Simple question... ever found someone, knew someone that you wanted to kill? They enrage you to the point you want to rip their hair out, throw them off a cliff and show them whos boss. But maybe you were worried of coming off as a psycho freak? well if you do it with style and poise im sure even your victim will applaud you LOL I am sorta inspired by this new song by Christina Aguilera called not myself tonight... its in the IPOD player on the right of this post, second to last song. YES the buttons on the ipod are fully functioning lol and you can pause the music XD
This is my process of making an outfit to kill these bitches with... This Lace bra from Attitudes was a must, i love the detail on it. the designer doesnt make the same colours for ALL the undies which can be a positive note or negative but personally if i could get all the sets in black i know ide be over the moon lol Her designs have quality that i would put close beside black lace which is one of the major underwear brands. If you are looking for inexpensive, daily wearable lingerie in MANY styles then deffinately pop over to that store and check it out!
This uber ute hair is from YunA hair... it looks like a cuter version of the typical gaga hairstyle, hardly psycho bitch but its cuuuuuuuuuuuute lol. The hair is scripted for ease of resizing, my head is 70 or 75 so most styles dont fit unless i resize which suckz D: Hairstyles with resize scripts are awsome and the hair is mod so you can easily delete the script inside to reduce lagg :D
SKIRTZZZZ are from deetalez, clothing MEGAstore. They are fairly new high wasit skrts in so many materials but these are animal skins.
These are nice, easy to modify look fabulous and in many more colours than i have shown above. I like these mainly becuase they have utilised sculpted prims well (you guys know from my last posts if someone uses sculpted prims well i get happy LOL) and the fact that NOW i can wear a jacket layer with the skirt going crazy. Pure genius.
CORSET TIME... i got these lovely wale bone corset in maroon (no dont worry its not wale bone is plastic, no animals were hurt in the production of this corset ^_^) at a phoenix rising sale hunt thingy... not only was the sim packed, everyone there wearing full attire and ao, and all these selfish bitches acting like they will acctually get through the lagg with stiletto moodies, hair packed with at least 300 prims... i was trying to be a good simaritan once again and walked round in lingerie from Attitudes, bald, no ao... i looked sexy but still. No fair!!! I swear i saw this one woman wearing a gown it has so many prims... even a prim stole, then her hair was from analog dog and you know those hairs are crazy with prims for their realistic look. Shamefull. but i managed to get this corset and two gowns so i guess it wasnt too bad lol But next time someone do that i will use my emerald tools and eject that ho off the island LMFAO just kidding ofcourse ;P
The corset comes in multiple colours and styles but more importantly they are inexpensive and i believe they are modify.
Now for the cherry ontop for this whole look... i know for a fact you cant see these shows so first ima show you the ad pic of the shoes WITH price ofcourse then my pictures :D
Now these shoes are FULLY modifiable so check this next picture for an example...
These shoes come with this awsome free knife how COOL is that... and a knife in the shoes as a heel... if that isnt cool you must be mad LOL i havent seen anyone make shoes like this before!!! You can change the metals (you dont have to have it all silver or all gold either lol), change shoe colours, belt colour, knife handle colour, sole colour, trim colour THE WORKS!!! Only thing that makes me sad and made me taking pictures of these shoes so long was the fact both shoes arent linked in scripts. What edits you do on one you have to do to the other... so its VERY time consuming but i guess its worth it if you are getting shoes for that price in all colours and in a designer nobdy in sl has made yet lol.
This outfit i had to make shortly after becuase i missed that white leather highwaist skirt way too much lol. Paper DOLLL frilled top or something like that lol, the top isnt very new but its cute... you can be as flat as a pancake and still look alluring!!! The inner lining of the skirt (cleavage area) is rimmed with a little bit of lace... cute touch. Its like the suicidal unborn design in a way but ofcourse paper doll have made it go all round. Its a nice touch and very different.and see what i mean about wearing the skirt with jacket layers? the top is in jacket layer but the skirt looks fab : )
This hair is ALSO from YunA hair, this one is one of her newer styles and is called YOU2 haha. This hair was made AGES ago and is amazing so... if this is uber cute think about her others!!!!
Boots that arent as violent as the MB boots but look just as fab by Gos. The screen shots in the above pic are closeups of where detail has been applied to make these boots look darling!!!
The boots are available in ALL these colours... but not only can you do that but in each pack you can change the shoe laces to the following colours to match...
The detail on gos boots is astounding... breath taking even. I remember speaking to the owner of gos and asking him "how do you manage to make all your designs look so amazingly realistic?" and he informed me of multiple baking procedures on EVERYTHING. Now how you bake prims... i think you pop em onto a baking tray, into a preheated oven for 20 minutes should do the trick but do check instructions ;P
"I’m out of character, I’m in rare form
And if you really knew me, you’d know its not the norm
Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
the old me’s gone I feel brand new
and if you don’t like it f**k you"

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Gatcha Skin Calista (150l per try... the skin pictured is the gatcha instore)
Ankle Boots: MB - switch blade ankle boots (675l for the pack of heels, comes in all colours)
Boots: Gos - Burlesque boots fatpack ( currently on a 50% off offer... cant remember how much it is though sorry)
Skirts: Deetalez - High waist skirts (250l per colour)
Corset: Phoenix Rising - Corset in red (40l per colour with 4 designs and MANY colours to choose from)
Tanktop: PaperDoll - Ruffle tank in white (130 per colour)
Bra: Attitudes - Sorbonne in red (125l per colour or 375l for fatpack)
Hair: YunA - You2 and Miko (60l per colour i believe and 350l for fatpack)

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