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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Walk the Line baby!

Hey gurlies!!! Its fhangalicious Michi here AGAIN... you were supposed to clap not moan sheesh *rolls eyes* Anyways... Something for you to remember. EVERY road, street, allyway is YOUR runway, work your stuff and strut your way to Wall Mart, or your nearest Tescos lol. But when doing this you need these FABUUU shirts from Line. they show nipple which made me feel like oh mai *smacks her mouth and tries her hardest to pull the top over her breasts* lol But they are awsome and when coupled with a bra OR this free tube bra from Oh! Mai Everything seems to fall into place.

Seriously this outfit is amazing... BTW Boon is having a 60% off sale. ALL single hair colours are 80l and the 5 colour packs are 200l. I got this hair and loved it (its one of the newest hair styles although it is kinda old rofl) but it had this crazy scrunched poney at the back and i was totally put off it... so what did michi do again? ^_^ yes she took out her scissors and went crazy lmfao and i made the hair FIERCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Denim jeans... the best ive seen with this unsipped style has to be Coco. I genuinly havent seen this style anywhere else and i love the sculpts used in these. Coco make great skirts, jeans, shirts, shoes, accessories... omg if they started skins ide probably be out of business LMFAO Also if you are ever at Love Soul add them to your picks because you can get the lovely sunflower nail set free by doing just that. They some with this ring :3

The tops from like come in 3 colours, Red (looks like pink), Purple (looks Violet BUT still purple) and Lime (lime is lime for christs sake rofl). and they are 69l UNTILL 12pm SLT TODAY, RIGHT NOW, so if you like these and love em like i do AFTER covering the nipples lol then buy them becuase after 12 they will be put out for sale at normal price which isnt 69l i can tell you that LOOOOOOOOL
I am sporting my Anita heels in Nudered with silver nail polish... You can see more about them in the "I just killed my boyfriend" post... i love these heels because not only are they a sign of Stiletto Moody's forever flourishing designs and way of pleasing shoe lovers like myself but they have this classy basic design and put a second life spin on it. Not to mention the fact they are very high heels ;P These are one of the ONLY fatpack heels that come with half and half colours and they are the first i own with this nude colour. The nude colour is like a light pinkish version of the tan shade on most of the heels, Its very cewt :P

Ok hurry, finish reading these Credits and RUN... run as fast as you can... you cant catch me im the ginger woman ^_^ ginger bread woman.... wait... i am nothing to do with the 69l stuff or the boon hair sale... oh nvm just go shopping will ya? LOL

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Helaene in morning dew (500l per makeup, each makeup comes with a hairbase option)
Shirts: Line - Emel in red/purple/lime (69l untill 12pm TODAY)
Jeans: Coco - Loose style denim in Midnight (i forgot... another price i forgot surprise surprise -_-")
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Anita in NudeRed (A little over 7000l for the fatpack)
Hair: Boon - ??? (its on the new arrivals section and eachcolour is 80l... im so sorry i forgot +_+)
TubeTop: Oh! Mai - Tube Bra Basics (FREEEEEEEE just go to the shop and buy it lol)
Nails: Love Soul - Sunflower nails (FREE when you add Love Soul to your picks)

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