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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wasting Feed space... for a good cause :D

HAIIIIIIIIIIII ok firstly want to thank anyone and everyone that have seen my Cupcake 50l Bake sale skins... and also want to celebrate the fact that *drum roll* ive had 800 viewers aproximately from when i started!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY this is like some crazy milestone thingy but im so happy. I want to thank all you guys for the continued support and reading my posts as well as taking an interest in my skins. I cant say thank you enough.

Love you all <3

Michi xxx

Cuppycake courtyard Fhang Candy 50l skins and link:
The Above two skins are in makeups SPECIALLY for this sale BUTTTTT you can find Sasha in a golden makeup, Milano in leopard print makeup instore (main store) gatcha machine. 150l per try with loads of skins in loads of different skin tones @_@
This is Coco... Specially made for the bake sale, will be on sale in other makeups soon but this is a special so get it whilst you can!!! These skins will be on sale untill tomorrow then be gone... FOREVERRRR muhahahahhaaaaa lol

Fhang Candy @ Cupcake's BakeSale Link <-----
Fhang Candy Mainstore Link <-----

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