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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer Fashionz

I was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY board after finally getting my Project Tents ten ready for the event... I realised i looked really drab so i ripped open my "un christened" clothing and hooked myself into this cute combo!!!
The combo is really nice becuase the colours of the clothing compliment the makeup on my Eve skin from my tent at the Haiti expo. I went to the Dressing room before i made this outfit and got this pair of purple purls maybe by the brand YS&YS. These pearls are TO DIE FOR!!! I mean SL is congested with pearl necklaces thanks to an old trend we all had but these are cute and ONLY 70l i believe. you get these gold earings... i dont see how gold matches purple but eh you get it free so who cares LOL
Omg have you guys seen the NEWdefault avatars of second life??? if you havent you deffinately must... i mean they are great, 100 times better than what we had in the past with goodies we can wear daily to look uber sexy... I mean take a look at my boots! They come in the goth girl outfit combo, made by Adam & Eve beautifully crafted boots. NO scripts sadly but i am sure you could add them in yourself. The only thing that i feel bad about is the fact these shoes are really narrow from the front and wide across the side... large depth, small width. Sucks bad for anyone with a cuvy ish shape!
I recently did a post "angelic designs for the masses" or something like that lol i featured clothing from a brand called Ribbon... well they dont just make fab skirts but they also made the cute lace vest im wearing in 3 super cute colours. They work nicely with almost every outfit and they arent too solid looking which is a good thing... i hate it when they say something is lace and its either one of the extremes, VERY sheer or VERY solid it might as well have been normal material lol. These vests come with shoulder cuffs and the lower part ive worn. I was having a blonde moment when i took the pictures and didnt realise that i had shoulder parts worn and that they were sorta absorbed into my shoulders lmfao so do look at them properly instore in the vendor :3
The legginsg featured here were FIRST shown in the Lady Gaga post on this site, deffinately check that out whilst you are here. This lime coloured body suit is a 2 in 1. Can be worn the way i have or with the amazing skirt. Now i say amazing only because its a system skirt and it doesnt make my ass look like its 50 times larger than it is without LOL also the skirt doesnt even look like a system skirt it looks sculpted. The designer made a system skirt texture that makes the skirt look sculpted... you guys probably think i am crazy BUT its so true and the reason why this designer Anya from Oh Mai! is so amazing damn it!!!!
The top 5 colours are part of the "royal highlight" pack and the bottom 5 are part of the "modern youth" package. Each pack comes with 5 amazing colours but only with gold buttons across the front, not a big deal if you ask me though. And yes each one of those beauties above have their own skirt...
This is what it looks like WITH the skirt... i told you its amazing!!! yes you can pick your jaw off of the floor now :P This particular colour (white encase you havent clocked on LOL) is FREEEEE *does a booty shaker then recites lyrics to pass the dutch* Its that 4 letter word (although i made it longer... its part of the dictionary i swear! @_@) that makes ALL Second Lifers, men and women become weak at the knees. LOL You can effectively get a "taster" of certain designs part of the basics range by purchasing the white colour. Personally i think the designer has lost her mind selling such a powerfull colour for 0l but she wants to so im not going to stop her... especially becuase im buying them all anyways LOLZ
The belt from fri was just a finishing touch to bring out the pink tones in my makeup... worked like a charm it did :D
Now onto hair becuase this is the part people like me can relax, show pictures, give notes and watch all your crazy pigeons buy. Its relaxing for sure but DEFFINATELY not as relaxing as a pair of heels from a shop like Stiletto moody, Maitreya or even 24 Shooshoes omg no way... anyways back to the topic LOLL The following are NEW styles i feel would or cool look cute with this or... just look cute in general lolz
 The above is Jason from Truth in a golden colour i think apricot.
This is Roselle from Exile in cinnamon... i thought it was cute although i forgot to resize >,<
 This is Anthea from Truth in Apricot.
 And lastly one of my personal favourites, Sylvia in Apricot. The reason i like jason and sylvia is for the same reason stated in my "acceptable in the 80s" post... it has a nice lively flow and bounce that most crappy wodden looking hair doesnt LOL

My Outfit:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Project Tents Haiti Expo skin Eve in fruitsalad (500l per makeup, also available in tan)
Hair: Truth - Anthea, Sylvia, Jason AND Exile Roselle (250l per colour)
Dress: Oh Mai! - Basics one piece in reshbright and modernyouth packages (50l per package i believe)
Lace Vest: Ribbon - lace vest in karashi (30l per colour with 3 darling colours to choose from)
Necklace: YS&YS - Purple Pearls from the dressing room (70l i think for these pearls)
Belt: Fri - waist belt in fruit punch size medium (180l per pack with 3 colours in each pack)
Shoes: Adam and Eve - FREEEEEE in Library of your inventory, its a pair made for newbies

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