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Monday, 3 May 2010

Muted wonders...

Yes i know it is summer and muted fashion combos are like depressing to some degree rofl but these are too cute NOT to wear so hear me out kay? good! Firstly i want to inform anyone who isnt already aware, one really hawt clothing brand, clothing, accessory and hair brand closed down temporarily and will remain closed untill further notice. That store/brand is Pacadi/ Pacadi Jasha. So any items i have worn from their store you will have to wait to purchase or look for an alternative sadly. BUT i am dead sure they will be back around fall. Their stuff is too hot not to be on sale :D Anyways back to my looks... Check em out and leme know ^_^

This one features this lovely poofy skirt and pearls from Pacadi *does hand gestures to indicate she isnt not continuing lol then does the funky chicken*, The skirt comes with the belt attached to it however it can be purchased separately at the store. Pearls come in an array of colours its like one chunky rainbow its crazy lol. And whats good is that they are mod so you can get any and every colour incase its not sold there (highly dought that). Now onto the mysterious black top/bustiere looking thing. Its a beautiful strapless dress from khush... The outfit originally began with that dress then a skirt came on, a top went underneath and before i knew it you cant even tell khush was even used *sowy Liess i will buy you some doghnuts to make up for it pwomise*. The dress has an uber cute cut around the bust with a single grey stripe wrapping around the hips. Khush outfits are lush!!! I mean they are 100 times better than anything ive seen at Luck inc rofl (i appologise to any luck inc worshipers... this is only my oppion, You are free to make your own :D). Khush are like most of the best brands iin sl VERY precise with their textures and colours, everything just pops!!! Its great for nekos and club goers ^_^
Ma heels are from Perquita, the shoes are FULL colour changeable and resize able. The heels sorta remind me of something betty page would wear, i dunno lol. You can recolour the acctual shoes and the heel tip (the acctual tip of the heel part of the heel... i hope that makes sence @_@). The shoes at Perquita are dirt cheap and like HOC industries are only available for purchase in fatpacks :) Now the long sleeves that come out of nowhere LOL They are part of a wrap top from Paper.Doll!!! Wrap top v2 i believe in white :D wear it ontop of something or wear it under... perfect for any occasion. The wrap top is amazingly sexy yet classy which most designers are not able to capture in their designs... i mean take alook at how im wearing it. ITS CLASSSSEH and if i want the Britney Spears Im a slave for you look then i take it ALLLLLLLL off and wrap this baby around my two darlings loooooool 2 looks for the price of 1, this isnt a new article of clothing so this is sheer proof Paper.Doll is a brand to watch... watch closely *makes evil eyes and grabs her binoculars and looks for Zoey... Finds Zoey stepping out of her shower "damn she aint got no celulite like me sheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" pokes and prods at her celulite then eats some cake*
Now this is mama fhang time right hur... My sexalicious chocolate brown weave is from Exile. A new release from Kavar, what a wonder it is!!! its so pretttttttttttty. Its basicly a poney tail that has been somehow stuck to the head... sorta like the laqroki hair piece thingy but this is longer and glam. The colours it comes in? ooooooooooo child dont even get me started LOL there are so many colours to choose you will DIE rofl When you are done with all that head over to Enkythings dollarbie house and go to the "new designers" section... on one of the tables you will find what? My enkythings exclusive skin called Ciela :) Comes in two tones, Tan for all my beach babe lovelies and Light featured above.

This outfit i have been waiting to complete for ages... it kept changing and changing i almost gave up BUT i found this leezu top that completed me <3 This leezu top is amazingggg i saw it and nearly died, the good death like im dead by im smiling and holding firmly onto a bar of hershe's cookies and ceam LOL The top is FIERCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE couture in its highest form. Its has all these strings, beads on the strings and these little shells. then the neck piece had this beautifully detailed rose... omg AND then you have the draped material thingy. I thought i had died and gone to heaven!!! This is a new release too @_@ Each top comes in 3 sizes with 3 sizes within the main 3 to cater for all breast sizes. I am a medium v2 :3
Anyone up for some 50l hair in brown? me ME moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Posh are having this mini sale on all hairs in brown. If its brown its 50l. I picked up this hair and many others from that sale. Do check out other items though becuase thre are lots of goodies there in other colours too like blonde... and noir ;P This hair with my Lea skin from Fhang Candy make me look like a tanned version of twiggy when she was younger (twiggy, fashion icon... currently working with Marks and Spencer as a model... she is very old now... seriously if you dont know her you need help lol).
My belt is from nowhere but Coco... CO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hehe i bought it in silver but because i am a cheap ass bish i recoloured all the metal bits to white then increase the shine to max or medium. Hey! when she are tight on money we dont crazy things... so shadap im hawt and you know it lol
SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ!!! my lovelies are from Stiletto Moody, Bare Ginger... gingahh. They like all of the new shoes have this special thing where you can make the acctual shoe and bling full bright... forget the crazy colours messing with your shoes and making them look crappy. This feature will make you stand out in the crowd ANY day. Now these heels are old... LOOK AT THOSE TOES AND THE SHADINGS!!! shamefull if you compare it to the BRAND NEW fresh sculpts and textures Stiletto has been popping onto her shoes. This is proof for all you crazy peoplez that the NEW heels are so sexy, so detailed, so REAL and are NOT avoidable. These shoes are sexy none the less... i wouldnt have bought them if they werent rofl.
Was it her face that invaded your mind
Her kind that isn't that hard to find
She lets you think that you found her first
That’s how she works
Her sick and twisted gypsy curse *does some random belly dancing and then...*
Pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Pass that dutch, pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Come on pass the dutch baby!
Shake-shake shake ya stuff ladies!
*does a booty shaker untill she falls onto the floor and breaks a heel on her Stiletto Moody*
These Harem pants from LG make me go cwazyyyyyyy. The shape is disgustingly divine and fits my stiletto moodies as if it were made to be worn with them (probably was... you never know these days... eveything is some messed up mystery lol). They come in so many colours BUT be warned fullfigured, lups in the right place gals and barbie chicks (in inc in the barbie chicks catagory lmao) you will need to edit the heck out of the thigh pieces to make this baby fit. Took me forever to make it work but youknow what they say... Fashion is painfull LOL
Now onto the last item which you will need to search on xstreet for... my edge grafica bracelet. Its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in world and on xstreet so read these credits and hop to it gurl!

Outfit #1:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Cielia in Light (1L at Enkythings Dollarbie store)
Hair: Exile - Meridith in chocolate (250l per colour pack)
Skirt: Pacadi - in white
Pearls: Pacadi Jasha - in pearl
Shoes: Perquita - Stiletto in black with black tip (350l for 18 DIFFERENT colours)
Top: Khush - Strapless line mini dress (169l and ONLY in black)
Long sleeved bolero thingy: Paper.Doll - Wrapped top V2 in white (125l per colour with millions to choose from)
Outfit #2:
Skin: Fhang Candy - Lea in smokey gold (500l per makeup)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Ginger in black (just over 1000l... i got these at the sale around christmas for less i think)
Bracelet: Edge Grafica - BW bracelet (1L or FREE in Xstreet and inworld)
Belt: Coco - wide belt embrossing gold (i changed the gold to silver... but the belt is  per colour)
Hair: Posh - Oh Darling in coffee (50l per brown colour pack)
Pants: LG - Mangrovia in white (about 300l per colour)
Top: LeeZu - in champagne (NEW RELEASE only 370l per colour with 2 lushy colours to choose from!!! yes i own both ROFL)

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